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I was wondering if anyone has any experience working with their mortgage company to modify to a fixed interest rate on their loan.

We originally took out an 80/20 and will in the next 6 months pay off the home equity loan. In the mean time, we wanted to refinance to get our 10/1 year ARM at a fixed interest rate. Well, come to find out we are upside down on the mortgage by about 25,000. We are not having any problems paying our mortgage payment but would like to take advantage of the lower interest rates right now or just the craziness in the economy to get a fixed rate. However, we have 6 years left before the ARM is up. We are going to pursue a modification with the loan company but I'm afraid they won't even consider us because we are not in trouble. Just curious if any had any advice in how to handle this or any other ideas for us. Thanks.