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Generations OB/GYN in Knoxville?

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Has anyone used this group? Any recommendations for which doc in the practice is most natural/minimally invasive/supportive?
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I dont know about that group but there is a great birth center in knox. where I had my ds. It is called Lisa Ross Birth & Woman's Center. You can google the name and they have a web site if you are interested.
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Yeah, I know about Lisa Ross. I'd LOVE to go there, but I have some fertility issues that need to be evaluated. I was told that the LRBC would most likely decline me if/when I got pregnant, due to pre-existing hypertension and morbid obesity.

(Also, I work for Covenant, and for financial purposes, I'd like to stay within the network if at all possible.)

Thanks though!
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I used Generations for about 3 years of gyn care and the delivery of DS. The doctor who I saw has since left the practice and only does gyn now, though.

Overall, I liked the practice. My doc was receptive of what ever I did or did not want to do. She also made sure to explain anything/everything to me. I have friends who have used Dr. O'Kelley (part of the group that practices at Parkwest), Dr. Cottam (have said that they would follow her wherever she goes), and I think Dr. McCullum. One of my friends had a successful med free birth at Ft. Sanders Regional with Dr. McCullum.

For this baby, I couldn't talk DH into using Lisa Ross and my work location changed making Ft. Sanders harder to get to. My previous doc recommended a practice at Parkwest and I've been happy with them. It is Contemporary Women's Health and my doctor is Ceeccy Yang. She has been so laid back with all my care. I decided not to do a lot of the testing, ultrasounds, etc and have received no flak from her. She has 4 kids and her last one was born in May. She had a natural birth herself for that one and she is completely supportive and understanding of what I want to happen.

Hope that helps. I'll be having this baby at Parkwest sometime in the next 3-4 weeks and can let you know how that goes, too.
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