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cloth diapering twins

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these will be my first babies, my first time using cloth, etc etc, so i reeeeally need some help here. i've been doing a lot of research, and would love to get a handle on what i need.

what is a reasonable number of diapers to have in my stash? should i be especially concerned about having newborn-sized dipes because twins are often smaller at birth? what else can you tell me about cloth diapering twins?

i hope it's OK to post this here, and not on the diapering board... i really want input from mamas of twins!

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we've cloth diapered both our older kids since birth and are planning to with these twins also. we're planning on prefolds and covers. that is mostly what we've used with our other kids and we like it. it's also a cheap way to get alot of diapers and covers for cheap. with my son the small size were pretty big on him but they worked. he was 7 1/2 lbs at birth but skinny legged. i definately think we'll need some newborn size ones this time.
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I'm doing Kissaluvs contours and Thirsties covers. I don't have quite enough contours so I sub in with prefolds when needed. I have to buy a bigger size now for Ben and that sort of stinks.

At night they each have a wool soaker and my BF is making me a few more from recycled sweaters here soon. I have various doublers and a few other dipes here and there but I've mainly cleared out and pared down to a really simple system.
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We aren't using cloth at the moment (I can't even keep up with my clothes laundry due to a sucky laundry situation), but with our older DS we used exclusively cloth until 14 months, when I couldn't handle the laundry due to morning sickness. I really think prefolds are the absolute best until they start to get mobile, at which point I wanted something trimmer because my super chubby little guy was having trouble with the bulk of his prefolds. I actually used exclusively flats for probably 9 months.

Anyway that doesn't really answer your questions. I personally would not get many newborn diapers. Even when they're born little (and I had preemies) they won't be in newborn size for very long at all (I just moved my guys to size 3 disposables, if that tells you anything). Smalls really have a longer life. One of the benefits of prefolds is they fit a large size range. And I was able to make small Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers fit for a loooong time, over both infant and premium PFs (if I recall correctly).

If I were doing cloth I'd want about 35 infant prefolds and 6-8 covers. If you do want smaller ones, I really recommend the orange-edged prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers. Those are a non-standard size, good for little babes. You will go through a LOT of diapers at first. Just expect to be doing laundry almost constantly (especially if you also have spitters ) In addition to those, I'd probably want a dozen Kissaluv 0s or other fitteds (the KL0s are not too expensive and worked great for us) to use at night for easy changes.

Oh yeah, one other thing: we had an eco-friendly diaper service for a while when DS1 was little, and I highly recommend that route. I would definitely do cloth if there was a local diaper service. Also, I always got a better fit pinning than with Snappis, but get some of each to see which you prefer
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I'm watching this thread cause I'm planning to CD these twins and they'll be my first. I'm thinking of going the One-Size diaper route. It's more expensive, but I'll have family helping a lot, so I think they're easier for grandparents and such.

Has anyone decided to use disposables the first month or so? I'm thinking of using them at first, so I don't have to buy a newborn stash as well as a one-size stash. Also, the first month I want to concentrate on establishing breastfeeding.
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I used a mix of cloth and sposies until just recently. I finally feel like I can handle regular diaper laundry. But we also have a family of 8 and that for SURE played into my inability to keep up!
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Originally Posted by skybluepink02 View Post
I'm watching this thread cause I'm planning to CD these twins and they'll be my first. I'm thinking of going the One-Size diaper route. It's more expensive, but I'll have family helping a lot, so I think they're easier for grandparents and such.

Has anyone decided to use disposables the first month or so? I'm thinking of using them at first, so I don't have to buy a newborn stash as well as a one-size stash. Also, the first month I want to concentrate on establishing breastfeeding.
We went the disposables route for the first couple months. Partly because I didn't want to have to buy the newborn diapers that they'd grow out of so quickly, partly because I didn't want to have to deal with trying to figure it out and do the extra work at first. So we waited until we had things a little more under control and I was up and able to be doing more of the housework. I was afraid it would be hard to make the switch, but it really wasn't too bad and once we got into the routine of it, it really doesn't seem like a big deal now.

We decided to go with pocket diapers because I felt overwhelmed by the thought of figuring out pre-folds (and never really looked into fitteds, for some reason). Plus we were going to be having help from the grandparents and we wanted it to be easy for them. So at first we bought a variety pack so that we could get an idea of what worked well for our guys and ended up after a couple months getting a stash of all Bum Genius 2.0s. (one-size). We had 26 of those, and it was a good amount for us. Pricey, but simple and easy for everyone to do.

Because we had to do a load of diapers every day/every other day, the BGs wore out after about a year and we just got a new stash... I think we have 24 now(?)... of pocket diapers and also now some fitteds w/wool covers.

If I were going to do it again, I'd probably still start out with the disposables - to give myself some grace & a chance to get started when I'm ready. I would try different kinds of diapers, though, at first - pre-folds & fitteds as well as pockets, to see if I liked one style better. As for number of diapers - if I went with something on the expensive side like the pockets, I'd probably still get the same amount that I did. But if I was doing something less expensive, I'd definitely get more - nicer to have a cushion, and do fewer loads (which will help the diapers last longer, too...).

Good luck!
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I have 5 in diapers (1 is only in them at naps and bedtime) right now and we have always used cloth. For my newborn twins we use either fitteds or prefolds and covers. My fitteds are Kissaluvs, Heiny Huggers, and the rest I made myself. For covers we have Proraps and the rest I made. I only have a few newborn sizes because I sold most of htem after I had my daughters 2 years ago. But my boys fit into smalls pretty well so it hasn't been an issue. As they get older we'll transition to pockets because that is mostly what we use on the other kids. We have a lot of one-size diapers that they should fit into sometime in the next couple of months. As far as quantity, you could get by with 3 dozen diapers (fitted or prefolds) and probably a dozen covers. If you want to wash less frequently you would want more. I've always had more because I have older kids in diapers too and I like to wash every 2-3 times a week. One thing is sure, you will save a TON of money!
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Originally Posted by skybluepink02 View Post

Has anyone decided to use disposables the first month or so? I'm thinking of using them at first, so I don't have to buy a newborn stash as well as a one-size stash. Also, the first month I want to concentrate on establishing breastfeeding.

We use cloth after the first few months are over. For the reasons you mention, plus just not having the energy to deal with diaper washing when their pooping every feed!

We are using haute pockets (a one size) and fuzzi bunz here.
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we're using Fuzzi Bunz .... I use the at home, and use disposables at night, or when we are out and about.
I'm not sure how big my stash is .... I know I have at least 14 mediums, and maybe that many smalls ... not sure.

My boys can still wear the small FBs... had some small Blueberry pockets, but just sold those, as they were too small.
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I watch a 2 year old along with my 18 month old and both are in cloth while at my house, just extra laundry.
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I did Fuzzi Bunz with my twins, and with my singleton now, though I have a few fitteds with him & Happy Hempys with a wool cover at night. For the twins, I used FBs at night when I could and when they leaked through those, we just used sposies.

Fuzzi Bunz are pretty easy, have always fit my babies well and stand up well to a lot of use and washing. I honestly don't remember how many I had when my babies were tiny tiny things. Fiona had to grow into the extra small FBs I had and I think I did laundry every day and a half or every other day. With Ian, I had 21 diapers and could go every 3 days or so between washings, so may be you'd be good with 28 or so diapers for twins, assuming they don't poop every time they nurse.
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^^ i was thinking about buying a bunch of fuzzi bunz and calling it a day. they seem to get good reviews, look easy to use, and you can stuff them to add absorbency, which seems like a good idea. do you think 36 smalls should work out for both babies, all day and night? i'm guessing the smalls will last until about 6mos or so?

until they fit into the smalls, not sure what i'll do... maybe sposies, maybe buy some fitteds w/the easy velcro covers. i really don't want to do the sposies, but i also don't want to spend a fortune on dipes i'll only use for a couple of weeks. but then i guess there is resale value... i'll have to think about it.

i really want to just buy a set of diapers in gender-neutral colors and be done with it, honestly.....
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I have three small FB's and Ben is still fitting them well. He's a good sized 3 month old (not HUGE, but not teeny either).
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Mine girls were 5 lbs 14 oz and 6 lbs 10 oz at birth and needed the preemie size cloth prefolds. That was for a couple weeks, then we went to infant size, which they would still be in, but the first 5 months I had diaper service, and so when I started to do them myself, I bought a larger size that will last longer.
I think diaper service is the way to go at first. It was about $20/week altogether, as adding more diapers for the second baby doesn't add more than a few dollars. The ideal amount at the time was 140 diapers/week.
Now we have about 60 diapers and when we get more money, we'll buy more. We hang them on the line, so we are working on them about every other day, as we move slowly around here
Prefolds are cheap, and get the job done just fine. They really aren't hard to use at all. But.... if I had the moolah, I'd get fitted.
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cloth diapers

We use the mother ease one size. I think I have about 5 dozen diapers, because I didn't want to have to do laundry every day. They have lasted through potty training with the twins, and I'm now using them with my youngest. I bought some of the "stay dry" liner variety, and use those when we're out and about.

I've not needed the snap in inserts that mother-ease sells, because when I needed more absorbancy than a regular diaper I double diaper.

A toilet sprayer is a lifesaver.

I use a 5 gallon bucket as my diaper pail.

People thought we were nuts to cloth diper twins. "We'll see how long that lasts, ha ha." kind of attitude.

The other nice thing about the mother ease diapers is the help forum on their site. They've got laundring tips and such that can help make it work. Good luck.
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Mine were 6.8 and 6.14 at birth. We first used of the disposables that were gifts. From 3 - 8 weeks they were in preemie prefolds with preemie ProRaps covers. Then we skipped the newborn size prefold and went straight to infant prefolds with small covers. Those lasted until about 18 pounds which was a month ago or so. They went straight to premium size prefolds and medium covers.

Cheap and easy! I still use the preemie prefolds (2 dozen) for doubles, spit ups, etc.
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Mine were 5.12 and 6.2 and although we had the kissaluvs, I wasn't too crazy about them. Plus they leaked. We quickly sold the KLs and switched to Fuzzi Bunz and love them. I had a dozen xs (which start at 4lbs), which were great, as the smalls were too big since they start at 8 lbs. My girls were in the xs FBs from 3 weeks until 3.5 months! I only had one dozen, but I wish I would have had two. Right now at 6 months my girls are in Smalls and probably will be for another few months. We've introduced Bum Genius and Happy Heinys One Size, but FBs are still our favorite. And I don't think that BGs or HHs would fit a newborn twin without leaking. We have had about 30 in our stash and that seems to work for us fine. As they get older, they don't wet as much, so they don't need to be changed as often. I imagine I wouldn't ever have to buy diapers again, though I can't resist the cuteness and purchase 2 or 3 every few months.
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We use a variety of pockets now (FB's and Rumparooz), plus a few Mommy's Touch AIO's, but started out with my twins in (preemie) sposies until they were big enough to fit into Kissaluvs fitteds w/Bummis and Motherease wraps. After they outgrew those, we moved them into Fuzzibunz and other pockets (most of which were hand-me-downs from my dd). I agree that 36-40 is a good starter number for dipes. We're probably down to 24-30 that we use routinely now that they are two, but I also frequently use sposies at night. One of my boys is starting to show signs of PLing readiness, so I might get a few fitteds again, just so they can get used to feeling that wet sensation (moreso than in pockets). Oh, when my boys were born, my dd was also in CD's--so, three in CD's at once. It was really no big deal.
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cloth diapers for 10mos twins

We were on paper until 9 months old. My twin boys now are on cloth most days and on huggies paper at night. I tried cloth at night but leaks were interfering with the work to sleep through the night so for now this is a step ahead and good news for all of us.

I bought a "lot" of cloth on craigslist so I had a variety of styles and sizes to get used to... there are SO many opinions out there on different brands. There is no perfect answer, but I can tell you that cloth for twins is not a big deal at this age. I would have done it earlier at 3-4 mos in retrospect. And it is no big deal to do a combo plan to test the waters.

We are using both prefolds and wraps (I like bummis super whisper alot. We also have Litewraps and they are fine too.) At nap time I use all in ones (I have 8 of them and I wash a load of diapers everyday. I do 2-3 loads of laundry a day by the way... but we tend to use a lot of towels and dish cloths, etc.)

Regarding the sizes, I dont believe the all in one (AIO) one sizes are good for us at this age and the boys are almost grown out of the bumgenius 3.0 AIO... but they are wee bit over 20 pounds now.

If craigslist is active in your area.. mine is a great resource for used and good quality. I think I have 16 wraps and 3 doz prefolds + 6 bumgenius and 2 fuzzi bunz which I like a lot. Other caregivers will appreciate the AIOs and I like that the terry or flannel lining wicks away the wet. The prefolds leave them very wet, but we have had NO rashes. I am home with them full time and do change them more often on cloth (every 2-3 hrs as opposed to 4-5 with paper.)

Hope this helps! You can do it and feel good about saving some money and some landfill. But I would not say that it is my first priority : )
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