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Originally Posted by dividedsky View Post
^^ i was thinking about buying a bunch of fuzzi bunz and calling it a day. they seem to get good reviews, look easy to use, and you can stuff them to add absorbency, which seems like a good idea. do you think 36 smalls should work out for both babies, all day and night? i'm guessing the smalls will last until about 6mos or so?
I missed what size your babies are, but I don't think that there's any way my boys will still be in the FBs smalls at 6m. They are 4m now, and the smalls are already starting to be too small in the thighs. The babies are about 15 lbs now.
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We have been happily using 28 Bumgenius 3.0 one-size cloth diaper for the past six months with our twins. We used disposables until they fit well, around 7 lbs. They are expensive, but you only buy them once, no upgrade as they grow, they're so easy to use, launder and deal with toddler poop. (We tested them out on our two year old before buying a full set.) For our first child, we used prefolds and Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. Cheaper, but a little more tricky, especially for people who aren't familiar with cloth. The only complaint that we had with those is that after about six months the covers started to smell and after a years worth of use, began to leak.

Cloth diapering is worth the extra effort. Good for you!
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We just made the switch to cloth for our babies and I have a mixture of prefolds, fitteds, and mostly FuzziBunz. I bought 24 FB which is giving me one day off of laundry when I use them exclusively throughout the day. They are still on sposies for nighttimes-we have plenty of other things to work through before that change happens-but as we didn't cd our first born, I am finding the FB to be very easy to switch to. Expensive yes, but only once as opposed to buying sposies a thousand times before they are pottylearned. Good job and congrats on the babies. Oh yeah, our babies are now nearly 16 and 18 lbs at 7 mo. and we are using mediums with plenty of room to grow.
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If I could do it over, I would have started CD'ing my twins earlier. We started at 5 months. I have a HUGE stash, much bigger than we need. Remember, with twins, you'll have enough for a wash every night or two at the most. We have 4 dozen PFs and 3 dozen fitteds. Part of that is to stock my parents' house, and it is a luxury, but more expensive than I would have liked.

Best yet, consider starting with a service while you get the hang of cloth and what your preferences are. Younger babies are more patient with diaper changes, and will peacefully lay on their back while you learn to be fast with a PF. Then when they're a little older and flipping on their stomachs, you'll want something you can put on upside down.

Get a diaper sprayer! It'll pay for itself in no time. I love my Potty Pail.

Twin CD'ing can be done!
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We've CDed all our children, and most recently our twin boys. Here's what we used for them:

small prefolds with covers (bummis whisper wraps leftover from older ones, and some thirsties) until they outgrew these, then we used large prefolds and covers and I also use pockets (some from older ones, some that I purchased from other families) for overnight and outings. The small prefolds we now use for stuffing pockets and cleaning and wiping spills, etc.

This was really economical for us, especially in the beginning when we blew through 20+ diapers a day.

The boys were 5.5 lbs when they were born and the small prefolds were perfect even then. I see that paper premie diapers are disgustingly expensive! Another great reason to cloth!

Enjoy those bums!
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I found that I needed about 48 cloth diapers in the beginning (and I cd'd from day 1) and much less than that when they're older (so you should never need *more* than 48 IME). I preferred the size 0 kissaluvs for about the first 4 months. Lots of people say size 0 won't last that long but they were fine on my boys were weren't teeny tiny or anything (6.14 & 7.13 at birth and gained nicely). I had initially purchased the original Bum Genius dipes hoping I'd be able to use them for years but they just didn't work out on the boys back then so I sold them pretty quickly. Today my favorite dipe is the Under The Nile fitted diaper which is very thick and absorbant AND organic and priced lower than a lot of other diapers. I wish I had had those from the beginning. I've found that the way they're sized (I guess b/c of their velcro closure) I've been able to significantly overlap the sizes meaning that I could squeeze a baby 5 lbs out of the small weight range into a small and a baby 5 lbs below the medium into the medium (my twins got to be about 11 lbs different in weight so this came in very handy). Those would be my recommendation but I just love fitteds for their simpilicty and I like the UTN fitteds particularly b/c they're just one piece (a lot of others have snap in soakers or something and it was just more work and they'd bunch up funny on the baby, etc.). Of course with fitteds you need a cover. We have FuzziBunz too and they work well but I'm having lots of problems with skin irritation.
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We started cd'ing at around 2 weeks, once I was recovered a bit and the meconium poos were gone. I had bought newborn diapers (Mutts) but both babies peed through them in seconds (we didn't use covers) and I don't have the patience for that sort of thing.

The majority of our stash is OS pockets (Komfy Kidz, Haute Pockets and a few BG 3.0) and once the babies were about 3-4 weeks old (they were born at 5 lbs 15oz and 6lbs 4oz) they fit well enough. A little large, but no blowouts or leaks. We have about 30 diapers and do laundry every day. I do use sposies at night, I found that the babies will sleep a bit longer in them cause they don't feel wet. We use 2 each at night, then go back to cloth around the 4am feeding.
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Originally Posted by peacechief View Post
We went the disposables route for the first couple months. Partly because I didn't want to have to buy the newborn diapers that they'd grow out of so quickly, partly because I didn't want to have to deal with trying to figure it out and do the extra work at first. So we waited until we had things a little more under control and I was up and able to be doing more of the housework. I was afraid it would be hard to make the switch, but it really wasn't too bad and once we got into the routine of it, it really doesn't seem like a big deal now.

We decided to go with pocket diapers because I felt overwhelmed by the thought of figuring out pre-folds (and never really looked into fitteds, for some reason). Plus we were going to be having help from the grandparents and we wanted it to be easy for them. So at first we bought a variety pack so that we could get an idea of what worked well for our guys and ended up after a couple months getting a stash of all Bum Genius 2.0s. (one-size). We had 26 of those, and it was a good amount for us. Pricey, but simple and easy for everyone to do.

Or, that's the plan anyway. Except we're going with FB instead of the BG's. I've heard from several moms that the elastic on their BG's wore out pretty quickly..
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I use both pocket diapers (fuzzy bunz are my favs) and prefolds, and I know this doesnt help all that much...but...just have a LOT! I dont really want to be doing laundry all the time, so I alsways wish I had more of them....you can never have enough.

That being said, I have about 8 pockets and 8 covers and loads of prefolds left over from my son.
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I cloth diaper my twins, but I didn't start until they were 6 months. I wish I would've done it earlier.

Right now, I have about 4 dozen. About 2 dozen prefolds, and I use Bummis Whisper Wraps and Thirsties. 2 dozen pockets which include: Bum Genius 3.0, Fuzzi Bunz, Haute Pockets, Blueberry, Tiny Tush. I like the OS diapers because I can adjust the sizes to fit my boys as they have different builds.

That 4 dozen will get me through about 2 days or so before I do a wash.
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