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Pink, I did my first Lupron shot last night, and you are right, it didn't hurt! I was so surprised at how easy it was...except when trying to get out the air bubble, I pushed a little hard and wasted some (I hope it's okay).

Tara - good luck tomorrow and welcome aboard. It is always nice to have someone to share this with.

ABeecharmer - my last BCP is Nov. 1, and then stimms after the 7th (sono and b/w). I will have ER sometime week of Nov. 17. Hope that helps! There are so many of us now! Good luck with the list!
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Originally Posted by abeecharmer View Post
Tara - good luck tomorrow!!! :

Rockies - did you get your est ER/ET dates today?

Pink - yippee for getting that first shot out of the way!! it all moves so quickly from there!

over the weekend, i tried to figure out where everyone is in this process and who is still active on the thread. with over 100 posts, i got overwhelmed quickly. what do ya'll think of checking in w/your stats? anyone interested in keeping an update list?

Hey Sarah,

Great idea...

I started Lupron on the 25th, finish BCPs on Oct 29. Start the stims on Nov. 6 along with u/s and b/w. ER Nov 17-20, ET 22-25..

Texas and I are cycling really close!!!

How's everyone else doing? Let's stir things up ladies!
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will someone remind me?

am i supposed to get af after i stop my bcps? i'm still taking lupron.
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Originally Posted by samanthasmom View Post
will someone remind me?

am i supposed to get af after i stop my bcps? i'm still taking lupron.
Yes, you should get AF within a few days of stopping the bcps.
Mine was super-light and only lasted a couple of days, I dont know if that was a result of the bcps or the lupron. Either way, it was a welcome change!

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Thanks! i couldn't remember and was suprised this morning, lol.

and you're right, its a much 'nicer' af....

onto my supression check tomorrow!
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Hi ladies (and welcome to the new ladies!)

Got my massive delivery of meds this afternoon...: I really should take pictures of this stuff before I start blowing through it tomorrow.

Is it typical to have the Lupron vial filled about halfway? I swear, It looks like I will use the whole thing in one day.

Also, they sent me about 3 million of those insulin syringes. I'm definitely going to have leftovers. I'm terrified of the grey IM syringes. They look horrific and THICK. Ouch.

I have my baseline u/s and bloodwork tomorrow -it all seems so REAL now!

So, assuming that everything checks out at my appointment tomorrow, I start my first injection of Lupron (10/29) at 5 pm...then start stims 10 days later (11/7), then my hCG trigger somewhere between 11/15-17...then egg retrieval is likely to be Thanksgiving Day (11/20) and then we'll try to do a 5-day transfer on 11/25...if not, then we'll do a 3DT on 11/23.

Can't wait to see who is our next BFP!
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Can I join in?

I start my BCP tomorrow Lupron on 11/10 Suppression Check on 11/20 Stims on 11/22 with ER on 12/2-12/5 and transfer 12/7-12/10. This is my first go around with everything. I am very nervous, excited, emotional, just a ball of feelings. I am also doing acupuncture 2 times a week for 4 weeks starting this weekend.

The whole process still amazes me. Question on the BCP's does it matter what time of day I take it. I have alway taken them at night, but I don't know if it matters now.

I always told my dad that if I wasn't a mom by the time I was 30 I would use a turkey baster. This mind you when I was like 12, now its kinda coming true, and around Thanksgiving. Hope everyone is doing well. I am sure I will have lots of questions in the next little while.
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Leah- sounds like things are moving along. I remember that box of meds was scary freom the first round of IVF. I did have a bunch of leftover syringes.

Krissy- Welcome.

My insurance approval should be coming through today, then the Dr's office can finally order my meds so we can get this thing started!
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Leah - yes, its normal for the lupron vial to only be filled halfway. you'll be surprised by how little is actually sucked into the syringes. i was on lupron for approx 20 days (10 units at first, then 5 units per night) and didnt use all of the 2nd vial. i took a picture of all the meds before i started too - it seemed really overwhelming at the time! the IM needles do suck. my strategy was to avoid looking at them at all costs - i had dp do those injections & i kept my eyes closed!!

Krissy - welcome!! no, i dont think it matters what time you take your bcps, just take them at the same time every day. i took mine in the evenings, after work.

seems like everyone is off & running!! we are going to have SO many bfps soon!!!

- sarah
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Hi everyone!

Welcome Krissy!

I was listening to Oprah and Friends on XM radio last night and Dr. Oz had a lady named Dr. Domar on from Boston IVF. She said some really interesting things about IVF sucess rates. In general, its about 35%. However, she said that the emotional/mental health of the women going into the process is so important. Women who are less stressed WILL have a better chance of getting pregnant. She talked about how relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga, acupuncture and healthy eating habits all impact individual outcomes. On her website, she also talks about how having a support group is so important. In my case, we aren't discussing this with anyone IRL so I am seeing a psychologist to help me work through this time.
She also mentioned eliminating or at least drastically cutting back on alcohol and caffeine.

So girls, relax take care of yourselves and remember that part of the process is what goes on in our minds and how we handle this stressful time!
I am trying so hard to cut out all other stresses in my life right now, be good to myself and look forward to the day that I get a BFP (and hopefully you all will too)!
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Alright ladies, below is my attempt at an update list. I can't do this every month, but I thought I'd get us started. Maybe we could rotate the responsiblity? (who me? a type A personality? nooo... )

I only went back 2 weeks in the posts, so if I've missed you, let me know & I'll add you. Of course, let me know if I got something wrong & I'll fix it.

Looks like we have a lot of people cycling together for some early December BFPs!!



Waiting to Start:
wtg4miracle – starting IVF in next few months

Rockies5 – started bcp 10/17
Kittykorat (Marie) – on bcps; waiting for insurance approval to start stims
Samanthasmom- started lupron 10/19; suppression check 10/29
Pinkfriend – started lupron 10/25; stims 11/6; est ER 11/17-20; est ET 11/22-25
TexasHopeful – started lupron 10/27; stims 11/7; est ER 11/17
LiamsMommy (Leah) – starting lupron 10/29; stims 11/7; est ER 11/20; est ET 11/23-25
KristinaMarie (Krissy) – starting lupron 11/10; stims 11/22; est ER 12/2-5; est ET 12/7-10

On Stims:

Waiting to Test:
Baileysmom03 (Tara) – testing on 10/28 any updates?

Preggos Cheering Section:
Abeecharmer (Sarah)
eLisabeth (Lisa)
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Wow, Sarah. Thanks so much for compiling all that info! A lot of us are only a few days apart...hopefully we'll all be holding August babies!

So, I stabbed myself. I was so anxious to get it done that I put DS in front of the TV (DH was driving home from work), drew up the Lupron, iced my belly, pinched an inch, and jammed it in. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I was so excited that I actually did it that I stood there for a few seconds staring at the syringe hanging out of my belly. I finally pushed the plunger and it was over. SO easy. Seriously...if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. It didn't even hurt at all.

I celebrated with two Kit Kats. Yum.

Kitty - GL on the insurance approval. It was the one thing that completely stressed me out to no end. Our insurance company (United Healthcare) had no idea about anything and I would get a different answer every time I called. Thankfully, everything went through (I'm assuming, since I have my meds!)...hopefully your experience is a lot less stressful.

pink - I totally agree with you. I am a psychologist by trade and have done lots of research on the effects of stress on medical procedures. I, too, am trying to eliminate many of the stresses that plague me.

Everyone else - how YOU doin'?
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had my supression check today. or "hippo check' as my dd calls it. she was very interested in seeing my blood drawn. and she got the stickers! lol

anyway, all is well. i continue with lupron today and tomorrow. then decrease dose, add follistim and the one that starts with 'm'. i can;t remember right now. (i'm at work) then my next blood work and u/s on november 4th.

great job sarah. easier to keep track of everyone.

any morning sickness out there? with you or lisa?

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So I got my box o meds today. I am super excited, its becoming real. Even better was that the insurance company paid all but $180.40 of the meds. I thought I was going to have to pay almost $2200.00. They have actually paid for almost everything so far. I am sure it will come to an end at some point. Hope everyone is doing great today!!
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Thanks for adding me to the roster. I will be watching you gals on the sidelines. I am wishing the best for all of you. I totally feel for what all of you are going through. Eventually, I will be needing all of your support when we come to this point in our lives.
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I am having a frozen embryo transfer. I went through IVF in July and I was very active in the July IVF thread here. I was overstimmed and a high risk for OHSS so I couldn't have a transfer. My estrogen was dangerously high. So I am finally getting my transfer December 4th. I started Lupron yesterday in preparation. It's been a long road and I hope it ends in a BFP!

Good luck to you all!!! :
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Welcome Sri! I remember reading about your story over the summer! I hope you get your long awaited BFP too!

Baby dust to you!
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Quick question:

Did anyone get unbelievably sick while taking Lupron? I started my injections 3 days ago and last night and this morning I could hardly move or talk because I was/am SO nauseous (which explains me being awake and posting at 6 am on a Saturday!) I *NEVER* get nauseous. I also have a wicked sore throat and the chills. Just wondering if this is a side effect or I caught some random virus and it's a really unfortunate coincidence.

Thanks, girls. :
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I have not started Lupron but I couldn't read and not give a from afar incase it is just some radom virus. I am up at 6 am as well for my first acupuncture appointment.

I have to do acupuncture for 4 weeks twice weekly. Thankfully I found someone who has saturday appointments because we have to drive 3.5 hours for it. I just keep telling yself that "It will all be worth it in the end"

Hope everyone had a great Halloween, we didn't have one trick or treater.

Have a great Saturday!!
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Hi Leah,

I started Lupron last Saturday and have been having a little nauseous and a headachy. On Friday I also had the chills. I thought this was due to the fact that I had a flu shot on Wednesday. So yes, I too am not feeling that great but not as bad as you. I wish I could help, but all I can say is I feel your pain girlfriend!
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