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Originally Posted by pinkfriend View Post
Hi everyone!

Welcome Krissy!

I was listening to Oprah and Friends on XM radio last night and Dr. Oz had a lady named Dr. Domar on from Boston IVF. She said some really interesting things about IVF sucess rates. In general, its about 35%. However, she said that the emotional/mental health of the women going into the process is so important. Women who are less stressed WILL have a better chance of getting pregnant. She talked about how relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga, acupuncture and healthy eating habits all impact individual outcomes. On her website, she also talks about how having a support group is so important. In my case, we aren't discussing this with anyone IRL so I am seeing a psychologist to help me work through this time.
She also mentioned eliminating or at least drastically cutting back on alcohol and caffeine.

So girls, relax take care of yourselves and remember that part of the process is what goes on in our minds and how we handle this stressful time!
I am trying so hard to cut out all other stresses in my life right now, be good to myself and look forward to the day that I get a BFP (and hopefully you all will too)!
Alice Domar's book "Conquering Infertility" is all about the mind/body thing and I have found it very useful.

Originally Posted by Sri Radha View Post
I am having a frozen embryo transfer. I went through IVF in July and I was very active in the July IVF thread here. I was overstimmed and a high risk for OHSS so I couldn't have a transfer. My estrogen was dangerously high. So I am finally getting my transfer December 4th. I started Lupron yesterday in preparation. It's been a long road and I hope it ends in a BFP!

Good luck to you all!!! :
Hey there!! I've been wondering where you were at in the process. I started bcps 3 days ago, already crazy. I start the suppression spray on either day 14 or 22, confusing info from the clinic. Hope you're well!!!
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I spent half of last week on the phone back and forth with my insurance and my RE, but approval came through today. Yay:
I should be starting stimms this weekend.

This thread slowed down... how is everyone?
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Originally Posted by kittykorat View Post
I spent half of last week on the phone back and forth with my insurance and my RE, but approval came through today. Yay:
I should be starting stimms this weekend.

This thread slowed down... how is everyone?
Yay!! Congrats on the approval! Let the babymaking Begin!
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I'm on BCP now, will begin Lupron next week. Estrogen a few weeks later.
Transfer scheduled for early December:
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The lupron is starting to take a toll on my body and I feel sick sick sicker!
Nausea and a non-stop headache. Yuck!
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Pinkfriend I hope you start to feel better soon. I start my lupron 1 week from tonight. I am excited, but nervous about the side effects as I work with the public all day long, and I don't know if I am nauseated I can stand some of their "odors" Right now I have menthalatum at my window for the smellier ones and that doesn't cut it sometimes.

I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it. Hope everyones November is getting off to a good start
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i started my stims on friday. follistim, lupron and menopur. my blood work and ultrasound were this morning.
right side 11 follies measuring greater then 10, and 5 smaller ones
left side 5 follies with just 2 large ones.
no wonder i feel full!
so tonight no follistim (oh darn, only 2 injections tonight!) and recheck tomorrow morning.

i'll keep you posted!

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Oh, pink...I feel ya on the nausea. Why did I not know about this side effect before beginning Lupron? Ugh! I lost 6 pounds over the weekend because I just couldn't eat anything. I am able to eat now, though...and I gained it all back. Blah.

Chris - WTG with the stims! Your egg retrieval can't be far away now. :

kitty - I am in the same boat...I was on the phone with my insurance company (and still am constantly hounding them) for the past 2 months. Nobody knows what is going on at that place. I can't get the same answer twice. I hate that part.

Rockies - GL with the BCPs...you're almost there!

crazy - how are you doing? Did you start suppression yet?

Kristina - I think Lupron affects everyone differently...the most common side effects are headache and hot flashes...which I NEVER experienced! GL!

AFM, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for AF to show up. I have never had a 14 day LP in my entire life (except for when I was pregnant.) So, after reporting all of my symptoms to my RE (fatigue, nausea, stuffy nose, sore breasts), my RE tells me to take an HPT. BFN. Duh.

So, I just started spotting about an hour ago...I've never been so excited to see AF EVER! Off to take my Lupron...
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Pink - sorry to hear you've been feeling sick with the Lupron. The BCP was way worse for me. I hope you feel better soon!

Liams- congrats on af. I'm still waiting for mine since last BCP was Saturday...does it matter if I have an AF afterwards? I'm still on Lupron which I blame for not bleeding.

samanthasmom - congrats on all the eggies....wishing you lots of baby dust!

Sorry I haven't been checking in lately... I've had a really scratchy throat and loosing my voice, which stinks when you have to teach kids, but I probably got it from one of the kiddos I teach... anyway, I go in for bw/sono and should start stimms Sat., but I'm worried that because of not feeling well, RE will delay or cancel my cycle...even though I don't really feel that bad. Have any of you had this happen before? Also, question goes out to you all about AF. Am I supposed to have AF (even if still on Lupron)? Just curious.

Good luck to everyone! Lots of follie wishes for now! BFP wishes later!
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well, i'm still a follicle machine. i had another bld work and u/s this am. i has 11 on the right about 12-13 and the right side had 7 greater then 10.i feel so full that i pop my pants in the car! lol i can't even finish my dinner! i forgot feeling like this but my dh remembers!!
my estradol was 1586 and lh 1.53
not sure what that means but i go for another u/s and bld work tomorrow morning.

the lupron gave me a few hot flashes when i was taking 10u, no problems on 5u. the bcp's made my feel crappy though. i don't think they will cancell a cycle if you're not feeling well. i don't think a cold would affect anything.

am i the only one on stims right now?
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Thanks to you all for 'feeling my pain'. The last few days have actually been ok. Texas- I did get AF a few days after I finished my BCPs and the nurse told me that it may or may not show up.

samanthasmom- I'm starting my stims tomorrow after baseline b/w and u/s in the morning. Here we go!

Hope everyone else is doing well!
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WOW! would you believe i have 22 follies! i have another u/s and blood work tomorrow morning. i may trigger fri or sat night.

i'll keep you posted....

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well, not sure who is left here...

but i did my trigger shot tonight. only a half dose because my estridol level is high and my final count is 23 follies! i have my egg retrieval sun morning and transfer wed or friday.

wish me luck!!

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Yay Chris! Congrats on triggering! Best of luck.

AFM, I finally got my Lupron AF. I spotted for the first few days and then it actually showed up. So, I have my suppression check on Monday and hopefully I can start stims that evening. So, we sat down a few nights ago and went through the itemized list and figured out the cost of this whole shebang...with assisted hatching and cryopreservation of embryos, it will cost $17,000. Thank goodness for insurance.
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Hey Chris! I am still here! Congrats on your trigger and best of luck to you in the days to come. Keep us posted!
Leah... looks like you're right on track... I had my suppression check on Thursday morning and started the stims on Thursday evening.

The Menopur HURTS like $@** going in... does anyone have any advice on how to make it hurt less? Last night, DH mixed it a little early and let it sit for a while which was supposed to help, but it didn't. Tonight, I think I'll ice the area before.

How's everyone else? Is it just me, or is this whole process going by really quickly?
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Hi all, I guess it's time for me to jump in and introduce myself...

My husband and I started TTC in June '07, but nothing happened, despite me having perfect charts. We finally got him in for an SA last June, and discovered in July that he only has about 200-300,000 sperm per ejaculation. This puts us directly onto the IVF track. After taking a few months to figure things out, we've scheduled our first consultation appointment for December 5th.

So, although I'm obviously less then thrilled to be here for these reasons, I'm very happy to be here with all of you! I spent a lot of time on the TTC boards awhile back and I love the community here.
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Welcome Ladylaura!
I am on day 5 of stims and I must say, its been a difficult road, but not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be! Keep us posted on how things are going for you and we will do the same.
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Welcome LadyLaura!!

I start my lupron tonight. I am so excited that this is actually happening finally. I slept horrible last night due to dreams about injections. Everytime I rooled over it hurt becaue I was either rolloing over on the needle, or just the site.

Has anyone noticed with acupuncture that your dreams are very vivid? I can't wait until acupuncture is over so I can get some sleep.

Pinkfriend...hopefully the stim road will get easier.
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Originally Posted by pinkfriend View Post
Welcome Ladylaura!
I am on day 5 of stims and I must say, its been a difficult road, but not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be! Keep us posted on how things are going for you and we will do the same.

I'm hoping that having taken the past few months to really digest what's going on will help me in the long run... What I'm really worried about is the BCPs... those wreaked havoc with me when I was last on them, ultimately resulting in nasty, nasty migraines.... yeesh.
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Welcome Laura! Keep your eye on the prize:

well. my BCP did cause migraines and the other meds and other stressors cause something else......


It is not only for the elderly, even though over 70% of causes are in the over 60 group. ah well. IVF is cancelle until I heal. We're psuhing off retrival and transfer at least 3 weeks, so it will be 2009 before I do this again. I wil have to stay on BCP for that time.: but I will keep my eye on the prize

Just wanted to share. I've cancelled a class and had to find back up until my doula clients get their titers checked for varicella immunity.

Keeping the spirits up isn't hard. It's a delay, only. It's an opportunity for growth and patience and solidfying the path.

Wishing you all well, but I'm out.
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