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Kristina - what does your resistance mean for your schedule? I hope all goes well at your next appt.

Kitty - how did your appt go? Lots of big follies? When will you have ER?

Pink - Funny enough, I am scheduled now for Wed too. I too am disappointed, but its only one more day, right? I have about 23 follies ranging from 22.5 to 11. They want me to stimm for one more night, then go in tomorrow for ANOTHER bw/sono appt. I look like a druggie! I have needle marks all over my stomach and in both arms.

Is anyone having trouble with weird feelings in the ovaries? I feel like there is just a lot of pressure there. I still haven't gotten completely rid of the cough, so everytime I get a fit, I feel like I have to hold my stomach or I am going to pee myself or something.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I guess I'm just getting anxious. Glad to know I'm not the only one though. I'm not sure how I will handle the 2ww! I'm going crazy just waiting for one more day.

Lots of baby dust to you all!
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Hey Texas,

I'm not sure how many follies I have (less than 23) but mine all range from about 15-22. You seem to be a lean, mean follie machine! I am having cramping on and off in the ovary area and am feeling a little like a human pin cushion right now. At least I am now over my fear of needles! I'm like, bring 'em on baby! Whereas before this process, I used cry and freak out at the thought of a needle, let alone three or four a day! And no, you are not the only one feeling anxious...I am scared, nervous, excited and according to DH a little on the crazy side these days. Oh well. He's been great. I really haven't lifted a finger since it all started. Tonight, he's making pizza for dinner while I rest on the couch.
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TexasHopeful- The resistance was known before I even got my protocal, so as far as schedule I don't think it will affect it. I will have 3 more sessions of acupuncture for a total of 8 in the last month, plus I will have accu. the day of ER, prior to transfer, and after transfer. Those will be done at the clinic, so not with my normal gal.

I spent the entire day "nesting" as my hubby calls it. Fixed the fence, installed new front and back doors, laundry, just busy work. My sisters hubby is in the ICU so I am trying to keep from obsessing with that as well.

And to top it all off my mom whom I love dearly (in very small doees) wants to come to the hotel were we will be staying for the transfer and hang out for a couple days so she can baby me. Mind you my Dr told me that I am going to be on bed rest for 2 days following transfer. Oh joy..:

Sorry about the little mini rant.

Hope everyone is doing great on this beautiful sunday. I have a feeling that this is our last nice on before the snow starts to fly.:
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Oh and... have you all decided how many embryos you will be transferring back? If so, how did you come to your decision? We are really torn. I want to do as much as possible to have it work the first time around, but don't know if I can handle carrying twins and all of the stress that a twin pregnancy would bring. Your thoughts?
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Pinkfriend- We have been trying to figure this one out as well. For us we have decided to see what the quality of the blasts look like on transfer day. I think the big thing that led us to this decision is that we don't have anything that we know of that would prevent a pregnancy.
The reason we are doing IVF is because I have had one pregnancy that ended in a ruptured ectopic, so I lost that tube, and the other tube is blocked. The Dr doesn't seem to think that its going to be an issue as far as getting pregnant and staying pregnant. But of course all I can think of is the worst case scenario..

Twins would be a blessing, as would a singleton. The max we would do is 2, and hope for the best.
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Hi everyone!

Samanthasmom: I also looked pregnant during my IVF cycle. I couldn't even fit in any of my pants. I had to buy a pair of sweatpants that were stretchy to fit my belly into. They got 26 eggs at ER. It got worse after the retrieval. Good luck. : How are you finding the progesterone shots? They are my biggest fear with this cycle. Do you do them once or twice a day?

I started estrogen a few days ago to grow my lining. I have my u/s to check my lining on 11/26, and I hope it is good. :

Hi CrazyRunningMama! How is your cycle going???
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Hey girls...

Just a quick update - I'm out. My RE oversuppressed me because of my previous OHSS with Clomid and this cycle I only produced 4 follicles. Oh, I am so pissed.

So, hopefully my e2 levels are good enough for my RE to convert this cycle into an IUI. If not, I have to wait until January to start cycling again. I'll find out this afternoon.
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Oh Leah... So sorry to hear that you've been over suppressed! It may be a blessing in disguise IF they can turn this into an IUI and you get a BFP without having to go through the whole IVF process... Keep us posted.

Kristina- Thanks! I think we've decided the same thing. Wait to see how the blasts are doing on transfer day and then decide for sure.

Hi Sri.. nice to hear from you! Its funny because I have about 14 follies all growing really well, but haven't been very bloated. I just feel really full and crampy but other than that, nothing has really changed in that area for me. I guess it's different for everyone.

I got the go ahead to finally trigger tonight and ER is scheduled for Wed, morning. Now if only I could get rid if this darn cold that I picked up from the munchkins at school! Arhg!
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I am so sorry Liams! That totally stinks! What did you find out this afternoon?

Pink - I am not sure how many we are going to transfer either. I'm thinking no more than 2, I just don't think I'm prepared for that risk. I guess it will depend on how good the embies look. Sorry I can't help more. Its funny how similar we are. I've had a cold from the kiddos at school too, and my ER will be Wed morning too. Strange hu!

Kristina - I had to laugh hysterically at your comment regarding your mom. Mine is exactly the same, but lives far enough away that they don't want to drive in for a 7am appt. (about 2 hours away) Good luck with everything!
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Hey Texas...My ER is Wednesday!
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Texas- The bad thing with my mom is that we live about 9 hours apart right now, but all of my IVF is happenening about 3 hours from where they live, so she would be willing to come and visit. I have had to lie about the timing of stuff so she isn't constantly asking questions.

LiamsMommy-Sorry to hear about your oversuppresion. When will you find out about IUI?

Pink- Good luck on Wed

AFM just waiting for my withdrawal, last BCP was Friday, Starting stims on Sat and super excited. I have acu tomorrow and thursday, my suppresoin U/S is on thursday as well. Its at 8 am so we have to leave the house at 4..ewww

Hope everyones monday went well.
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Hi Ladies...
Just got home from the clinic and the ER is all done. Thank goodness! We had 19 eggs retrieved. I'm having a bit of cramping now, but other than that, the whole process wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Texas- I hope your ER went well too.

For all you ladies stimming and waiting for ER--its not that bad! If I can make it through you can too!

A big hello to everyone! Off to watch soaps and relax for the rest of the day!
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Well ladies, I am back from ER. I only got 17 eggs, which is a little disappointing considering I had about 23 follies. Anyway, I am really sleepy and cramping some, but otherwise doing okay. Will find out how many fertilize tomorrow. Good luck to everyone, I'm back off to bed!

Pink - glad to hear everything went well for you today. I said a prayer for all of us this morning before we went in. Hope to hear you have lots fertilize!

Does anyone know how many eggs usually fertilize when using iCSI? I know everyone is different, but I am getting really nervous!
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Texas... Congrats on your 17 eggs!
I have read that with ICSI there is about an 80% fertilization rate. But, like you said, every situation is different!

Take care.
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So I am so very depressed! We just got our fert report, and only 4 fertilized out of 17! They said it was possible for 6 others, which doesn't make sense to me! Also, they changed us from a 5 day to a 3 day. How do they make that decision? I am so confused and sad. I have broken down at work a couple of times already. I just want to go home and cry!!! Transfer looks like it will be Sat. now, which was supposed to be one of my family thanksgivings. ARRGG!!!! I am still cramping and sore from yesterday, things just don't seem to be going well at this point now.

Sorry for the rant, I hope things are going better for all of you.
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Oh Texas... I am so sorry that things aren't going as well as you would've liked. However, four healthy and strong embies can be a really good thing. You were thinking of transferring just one or two at the most right? I will pray for them each day.

I too have been crampy and bloated. Our fertilization report came back pretty good. 17 out of 19 eggs were mature and 16 out of the 17 fertilized as of this morning. DH and I are really happy, but it still seems like there is such a long road ahead. Oh well.

Hope everyone else is doing fine.

Please take care of yourself Texas... I'll be thinking of you.
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Texas, I am so sorry that you only had 4 fertilize. Now that they have changed you to a 3 day transfer are they going to transfer more embies? The six other, could those just be slower growers? Take care of yourself.

Pink- those are some numbers to be happy about.

AFM I had my supression bloodwork and U/S this morning. The only nice thing about it being 3.5 hours away one way is that by the time I get home the clinic has the results, and they are on my answering machine. I got my go ahead to start stims on Sat. I am excited but scared for DH as he needs smelling salts when he has blood drawn, so I am not sure how he is going to handle doing the injections.

Hope everyone is doing good, and remember to take care of yourselfs.
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Texas: Many clinics only do 5 day transfers if they have closer to 10 embies to work with. The theory is that during 5 days many embies will not make it to blast in an unnatural environment. So if you start with 10 and lose half or a little more it isn't a big deal. But if you only have 4 and lose all 4, then you have nothing to transfer. Also my clinic generally does 3 days and they told me there is no conclusive evidence that 5 days is better than 3. They have a very good success rate with 3 days.

So please don't be upset! I know this is such a rollercoaster!
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Texas-Did you have your transfer today? How is everything going?

Pink- how is everything going?

I hope every one else is doing good.

I woke up this morning early so that I could do my first injection of stims(repronex). Suprisingly it did hurt like I thought it would. It didn't hurt at all. Just a little drop of blood, and thats it. I counted on my calender and until a BFP or BFN I have 42 injections left, and I have already done 13. I am going to be a pro when this is over

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Hi all!

Texas... I hope your transfer goes well today. Let us know how you are doing!

Kristina... I did the same thing and counted how many injections I had left almost each day! I can't believe I don't have to do them anymore. It all goes really fast and seems like a blur! You'll be all done before you know it.

Sri- how come you didn't make it to the ET last time around? I think I remember reading why back then, but forgot. Just curious.

I went to work the day after my ER and think I over did it, because I was in more pain yesterday so just took the day off. I still feel crampy, bloated and a little gassy (sorry TMI). As of yesterday, we had 15 embryos that divided and twelve of those were graded as excellent quality and three were a little less than that. We are still waiting for the call with today's update.

Hope everyone else is doing well... we sure have quieted down! Keep us posted!
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