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Thanks to everyone for all of the support. We had 2 Grade 1A (the best you can have) embies transfered. After the procedure, I had to pee so badly I started tearing up. They brought me a bedpan, and when they went to remove it, they spilled it on the bed. EWWWW! So I had to lay there for 1/2 hour in my own urine. Sorry if that is TMI! They did lay down some sheets and such so I didn't feel it though. I am feeling a little crampy, but DH is taking great care of me. I hope all is going well with all of you! Best of luck! Wishing for a BFP, and off to the 2ww! Beta will be 12/3.
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Hey y'all. I haven't been following this thread very closely, but just wanted to send : out there to everyone. I am on the run up to a FET and I feel weird at how few meds I'm taking, like I stop and think once in a while "did I miss shot, should I be taking a pill right now?" I can tell AF will start today or tomorrow and then I get my schedule for when to start estrace, then two weeks later go for an ultrasound, then.... plan ET. And wait. And Christmas..... Sigh.
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sorry i haven't been around. trying to keep my mind off things during my 2ww. of course that didn't work, so i caved in and did 4 hpt's. 2 regular and 2 digital. and they all said BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
my blood test is on monday....

my only advice is to take it easy, take care of yourself. let the housework go! relax....and drink alot of gatoraide! it really helped with my ohss. now that i am prego i finally don't look it. i'm sure that will keep everyone guessing at work!

+++++++++ thought to everyone!
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Hey Samanthasmom... Congratulations on your hard earned BFP (trust me, I know!).:: I hope that Texas, CRM, Kristina and myself are able to join you soon!

Texas- Glad to hear your ET went well and that you had some fabulous embies to transfer! Baby dust to you!

CRM- Thanks for the baby dust and right back at ya!

I am all set for my transfer tomorrow.. I can't wait. I am really thinking this is going to be it ladies!

Have a great night!
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first off, congratulations samanthas mom and good luck to everyone else!

i am a fellow TTC'er who will be starting the IVF process in 3 weeks.

my question is to the fellow teachers...how much time did you/are you taking off for ER and ET? would you recommend 2 days for ER (day of and day after) and 3 days for ET (day of and 2 days after)? is this too much, too little or just right? (even if you aren't a teacher please feel free to offer advice.)

i teach first grade to a group of high energy/very challenging students and i am trying to predict how much time i should take off. i want to make sure i don't go back to work too soon.

thanks for the information and i look forward to hearing about all of your BFP's!!!!!
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It has not happened for me yet, but I plan on taking 3 days for ER day before and after, and 5 days for ET day before and 3 after.My clinic requires 2 days bed rest after ET. We live about 8 hours from our clinic so we have a day travel time in addition to everything else. I am a bank teller so I am on my feet all day long so I don't want to over do it.

I would imagine as a teacher there is alot of up down, round and round, so you might be a bit sensitive to go back right away.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Started my sitms on Sat and really don't feel any different. My tummy hurts a bit from the Repronex injection, but this to shall pass.
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I am a school teacher to special needs high schoolers, and I frequently have to push wheelchairs and get up and down quite a bit. I only took the one day for ER, and was a little sore, but managed. I had retrieval on Saturday, and have taken off Mon and Tues (before the holidays) to rest. I think I may actually get out of the house today as I am going a little stir crazy sitting here all the time. I just keep reminding myself that it is all going to be worth it. If you have to choose when to take extra time, I would do it after the ET.

So we heard back from embryologist today, and it doesn't look like we are going to have any to freeze, so it looks like this could be it for us. I just keep praying and talking to my belly telling them to hold on tight!

Anyway, so I have a question. When does implantation occur with a 3dt? I have tried to do some research, but have not had much luck. I have been crampy since the ET, and I wasn't sure if that was a good sign or not.

Wishing everyone here the best of luck, and try to update when you can!
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Hi everyone,

We had our transfer today and transferred one AA embryo. The embryologist said that it is a perfect embryo...the type she doesn't see very often :.

Snowbell..I took the day of ER off and then went back to work the next day and was really sore. So I took the next day off to heal and really needed it! I am off today (day of ET) and tomorrow and will be going back to work on Wednesday. Hope that helps!
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Congrats on the ET pinkfirend.

Just a quick question for all you who have BTDT. Did your stomach muscles hurt like you have been doing stomach crunches? Mine have been that way for 2 days now. Hurts to laugh, cough, sneeze, ssit up from lying down. I am doing all three injections in my stomach (repronex, gonal-f, and lupron) They are all sub-q injections, so I don't get why it hurts. Maybe just coincidence??

Hope everyone is doing good. I go for my first u/s today so I can't wait to see how many follies I have.
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I didn't really have the type of sensations that you are describing. I just felt bloated and a little sore at the injection site. My guess is, everyone is different and what you are feeling is probably pretty normal.

Samanthasmom- Hope your blood draw confirmed your HPTs yesterday!

Texas- What have you been up to? I think the worst part of this whole process might just be the bedrest! Man, am I sick of daytime television!
Can't wait to get to work tomorrow (I will be taking it very easy though).

How's everyone else?
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So I had my u/s today. She said that there were 4 on the left and 5 on the right. 1 measured more than 10mm, and all the others were smaller. I got home and there was a message from the clinic that my E2 was 340 and they want to see me on Friday. Uggg, that means a 9 hour drive on Thanksgiving..My hubby isnt too thrilled. I will update more when I know more. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble
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Hey Kristina... Yeah for your follies! I hope they grow big and strong with lots of eggs (not too big though). Sorry you have to travel on Thanksgiving. It'll all be worth it though, if it means that next Thanksgiving you'll have a little baby to be thankful for!

Keep us posted!
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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop in and see how you all are doing.

KM - My stomach muscles did not feel like I had done stomach crunches. My ovaries hurt but that was pretty much it. Wait, I also felt neausous, this last ivf, I was on 450 of follistim. That was putting me over the edge.

Hope you all have a great thanksgiving and be really good to yourself, as this ivf business is stressful.
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Glad to hear everyone is going good.

I talked to my IVF cordinator today and she let me know that there we 17 follies total of which 8 were in the 8-10 mm range 1 at 11mm and the rest were smaller than 8. We are leaving in the AM to go to the big city. I have an appointement of Friday, then possible trigger on Monday. So we will be up there for about a week. My stomach still hurts, but not as bad, so maybe I just twisted wrong. Other than that I am seriousley knocking on wood saying that I have not had any side effects. I am on 75iu of repronex, 150iu of Gonal-F and 5iu of Lupron.

Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. I will be in and out in the next week.
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Good luck Kristina! Keep us posted!

I am driving myself crazy thinking that I should already be feeling different and am not...I just had my transfer on Monday! Someone, please put me out of my misery and tell me that you didn't feel anything this early after an ET and then ended up with a BFP... ANYONE...

To all of my American friends... Have a great Thanksgiving!
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So we went to the Dr today and they found 20 follies, 10 which are 15mm and 10 that are at about 12mm, so they figure I will trigger on sunday for Tuesday ret. I am so excited. Hubby and I are going to the cost tomorrow as a getaway before sunday.

How is everyone doing? Hopefully we will all have our BFP really soon. Until then, hope everyone remains sain. Have a great weekend.
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Kristina - Congrats with the counts! Must be nice to get away for a while.

Pink - sorry I haven't been on in a while. I am so glad to hear that your transfer went well. I think I have had the same problem as you for the past week, I keep over-thinking every little cramp or symptom, but it can all be explained by something other than actual pregnancy. Are you still having cramps from ER? I am, they are getting better though, which kinda scares me, cause I'm supposed to be feeling the implantation right? ARGG! This 2ww is torture! Luckily we had Thanksgiving this week, and were out of town visiting family, which kept my mind occupied a little, and made the time go much quicker. Funny thing was though, that DH wouldn't let me carry anything in (luggage, pillows, etc), everyone that knows about it just said "go sit down, go rest, or something along those lines.

Anyway, I started thinking...ONLY 4 days till BETA!!!! I think I may break down and POAS. I just pray that this works for all of us! I am so excited and scared to death! Best of luck ladies, and please keep in touch!
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Okay, here's my btdt, I did not "feel" that I was pg. There is too much stuff going on in your body right now for you to discern what's what and even people who are ttc without ART don't always feel implantation, early symptoms, whatever. Try not to make yourself crazy. Futile, I know.
: to all.
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Okay...I am terrified. I woke up this morning, POAS and got a bfn (which I almost expected), but then when I wiped, I got brown spotting. With the two combined, I am scared to death, and DH is at work! I could really use some re-assuring. I am 8dp3dt, is it possible at all that this could be implantation bleeding?
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Oh no Texas! DH and I just had the POAS conversation this morning and decided against it. Its just too hard and too unpredictable. The brown spotting could be a good sign. I'm not an expert but don't many women experience spotting early in a pregnancy? It could also just be some left over blood from the ER... think about what they did to your insides to get those eggs out right? Its all out of our hands now, so all we can do is wait right? I woke to some AF-like cramping (very minor, but none the less cramping) but no blood. Just have to wait and see. This is the hardest part for sure. I feel a little helpless, but just keep telling myself that there is nothing I else I can do.

CRM- thanks for the info! You are an IVF pro and you advice is much appreciated!

Kristina- Good luck with the trigger tonight (hopefully?)...
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