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Please help me decide!! Ergo vs Beco...

Poll Results: Ergo or Beco baby carrier??

  • 37% (10)
    Ergo is the best
  • 59% (16)
    Beco is the best
  • 3% (1)
    They're both equally good
27 Total Votes  
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Ok, I am totally new to babywearing etc...

I have an Ergo organic baby carrier on order, it seems like a very good carrier.
But now I read about the Beco baby carrier (eta: just to be clear: I mean the Beco Butterfly), and that seems awesome too... and I've found a place where I can order it (I'm in Belgium) so I'm trying to decide which one to get!! (I can probably cancel my Ergo order if necessary, or send it back).

Which one do you prefer overall, and why?

How do they compare in regards to..

- quality of the fabric? softness etc.
- healthy for baby's back/neck/pelvis...?
- ease of use? (easy to put on/take off/put baby in/out)
- ways to use it: front (facing out?), back, hip? Also for very young babies (say, 1 month old)? If I understand correctly, with the Ergo, the child can be worn on the hip, but with the Beco, the baby can face in OR outward when worn in front?
- bulkiness, could I put it in the diaper bag?
- ETA: Breastfeeding: is it possible to nurse the baby while it's in the carrier?
- sleeping: is it comfortable for the child to sleep in? (The Ergo has a special hood or something,?)
- ETA2: comfort! For baby (are the leg holes big enough etc?)? For mama?
- other things you can think of?? pockets etc to you can maybe put a diaper, or your keys, phone etc? Anything that makes you totally love the Ergo or the Beco?

It's primarily for "city use", I don't go hiking often or anything so probably for shopping, around the house, etc.

Thanks very very much in advance for any answers :
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Hope you get some replies. I've never used either of them, but I've heard lots of good things about the Ergo.
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Heh, I couldn't wait and decided to go for the Beco instead... I googled loads and in Beco-Ergo comparisons, the Beco usually comes out as more popular.
I also prefer the look of it, I guess

They seem very similar, I'm sure they're both good
The Beco was slightly cheaper too (than the organic cotton version of the Ergo + the Ergo infant insert in organic cotton), so I canceled my Ergo order and ordered a Beco

But any answers are still welcome!
I hope I won't regret my decision to change my order...!
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If you haven't already, check out
Pretty exhaustive
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i've not tried either, but have heard much better overall reviews of the Beco.

don't know if this kind of thing matters to you or not, but i believe the Beco is made in the US and i know the Ergo is made in China. i also know that Ergo is trying to get a patent on their design and has been kind of nasty about it towards other babywearing vendors, which is quite counter to the general spirit of the babywearing community (like many vendors post their specifications and even directions for DIY'ers on their websites or on thebabywearer even though it might mean fewer sales because it encourages babywearing). so i would personally not buy an Ergo because of that.
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I also voted Beco because I do not like the way Ergo has treated their smaller retailers. I haven't used an Ergo, so I can't compare the carriers themselves. DH absolutely loves the Beco, but I think I'm just not cut out for an SSC. I'll take the mei tai over the SSC any day.
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I'm a mei tai girl, but I adore my Beco! The Ergo seemed really bulky to me and looked funny on me. The straps are like over-stuffed sausages and the waist band is really stiff and huge. And the back is not as high as the Beco. The Beco is just right (and FWIW, I hike a lot in the Beco and it's awesomely comfortable!). The fabric is soft and supportive and holds DD nice and close so as not to hug on my shoulders. I can wear my 40lb 4 1/2yo in it if I need to for a decent length of time. I can wear my super petite 2 1/2 yo in it indefinitely with absolutely no discomfort. I can also wear her on the front very comfortably as well. I have never tried the facing out position, so I can't speak to that. I don't know if it would fit in a diaper bag since I don't carry one. I usually just leave it around my waist when I'm out and DD2 isn't in it.

That said, I used the Beco in the front carry with DD2 and crossed the straps in the back, and in so doing, lost the chest strap. I ordered another one from Beco and it took absolutely forever to get to me (six weeks) and I got no responses to my inquiries about my order until I threatened to cancel the order and then I got a standard reply without an apology and it still took a few more weeks to get it. I think that they are trying to stay a small company, but the Beco has been very popular for quite a while so they need to get on the stick about stuff like this. Moral of the story is: Don't lose your chest strap!

And yes, Ergo's business practices have really turned me off to them as a company. They are just very nasty.
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Hands down Beco. I dont agree with Ergo's business practices.
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Hmm I didn't know about Ergo's business practices, that doesn't sound nice, it's a shame really cause I'm sure the ergo carrier is a good product... But I think I made the right decision in ordering a Beco, thanks for your replies!
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Have any of your husbands been willing to use the Beco Butterfly? I am looking for a carrier we can both use. The online reviews for Beco are very positive, but our local retailer states that the ergo is more popular with men. Any advice?

Danielle :
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Originally Posted by DanielleZ View Post
Have any of your husbands been willing to use the Beco Butterfly? I am looking for a carrier we can both use. The online reviews for Beco are very positive, but our local retailer states that the ergo is more popular with men. Any advice?

Danielle :
Beco does make a plain unembellished version. I think they are espresso brown and black.
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My Beco came today and I love it so far and so does my baby! :

In regards to it being used by men: I think it's a little more "beautiful" than the Ergo, but not overly so.

And like the PP said, the Beco also comes in plain black and plain dark brown and in those versions it's very gender neutral I think! (And a lot of the prints are also not too "girly" at all - my boyfriend was ok with me ordering the Avery design (although I'm sure I'll be the one using the Beco 99% of the time so maybe that's the reason he didn't mind!))7

The "shape" or design in itself is neutral too, I think.

Only when you put it next to the Ergo, you'd probably consider the Beco the "girly one" and the Ergo the "manly one"
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Can anyone explain more about Ergo's bad business practices? Treating small retailers badly, etc. How have they treated small retailers, for instance?

I'm deciding myself between a Beco and an Ergo.

Thanks much.
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From what I gather, Ergo has, for a while now, been trying to get an exclusive patent on all buckle carriers, which would put Beco and many other businesses out of business. They are very aggressive. And apparently not so nice to deal with. Like requiring certain things from retailers (like, perhaps, making the retailer agree to not carry any other buckle carriers). Just not cool.
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yeah - Ergo has been MEAN to small businesses, etc. and has sued a lot of people over the Buckle Carrier thing and honestly even if they do have a case, there is enough business to go around and treating small mom-owned businesses that way just reeks of big business mentality.
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That is really not cool if that's how Ergo treat their retailers and competitors!! It really goes against the "spirit" of babywearing, I feel.

I've had my Beco for almost a week now, and I've used it every day so far, I think. I've even gone into town to go shopping with my baby in the Beco and it is sooooo much easier then going on the metro with the stroller, having to find an elevator to go up to street level etc

My baby loves it too, well she usually sleeps all the time, cuddled up close to mommy

And people on the street all go "awwww" "omg look theres a tiny baby in there" etc
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I have an ergo, and I love it. I have heard a little about Ergo's business practices, but I already owned my ergo. I was a little put off by what I heard. However, I still recommend the ergo as it works really well for me and is cheaper than the beco (this is a factor for a lot of people I know). I think the beco looks great though ( so many fabric choices)
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