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Low platelet count / Thrombocytopenia

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I had to go to the ER a few weeks ago and it was discovered that my platelet count was down to 142 from 160 at my initial prenatal screen. A subsequent screen that I got at the same time as a triple screen (negative!) showed a count of 145. "Normal" range is between 140 and 415 and anything below 140 is cause for concern, for the possibility of hemorrhage during birth, as well as complications in the administration of an epidural or during a c-section. So, I'll have to get continuously screened for the rest of my pregnancy and possibly see a perinatologist or hematologist.

Any of you veteran moms have experience with this condition? All of the information that I've read is pretty vague on treatment for thrombocytopenia, so I'm wondering how the condition was resolved. Or, is anyone currently dealing with the same thing?
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Jenny~ I had Thrombocytopenia in my 3rd pregnancy. It caused me to find a new Dr who I love & would still be seeing if I was still in Houston. I just kept eating the Brewer diet & if I remember correctly(she is now 10 1/2) that as long as it does not go below 100 you can still get an epidural(not that I wanted or needed one )

Not sure if that helps but at least you know now instead of wondering what is wrong~ s to you!

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So, couple questions!

Was thrombocytopenia the actual diagnosis? Who made the diagnosis? Your OB? Because a hematologist is a much better person to diagnose a blood disorder/clotting disorder.

Any chance your platelet count was just low because you have "sticky platelets"? Did anyone mention that possibility? (my labs said "platelets clumped, can't read")

That's what I have-- it's nothing more than a weird genetic mutation that causes the platelets to clump so that they can't get a good read on the actual number...which means no epidural for me (and sadly that was the reason I transferred last time and still couldn't get one! I had no idea!)

Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there.

Definetly get a second opinion and/or get your OB to send you to a hema. to make sure.

Each time I went thru this, the OB/midwives/nurses (whoever I came in contact with it seemed) was worried about it but the hemas. (I've seen two different ones as I live in a new place than I did when preg with DS) explained it as "absolutely nothing to worry about".

Good luck and let us know what you find out!
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I have taken care of several patients with what is called ITP of pregnancy. The ITP stands for Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. A fancy way of saying low platelets of unknown cause. My son had an acute episode at 16 months with a drop down to 32. He was treated with Rhogam actually. If you google it, I know there is a lot of info out there, I would try ITP of pregnancy on your search though, since you haven't had this before pg. Also, if your platelets get really low, you will know b/c you'll have terrible bruising just from normal activities. But one of the women I've cared for in the hospital did bleed a lot more than normal after birth, and then passed out on me in the bathroom. Women with ITP usually have heavier periods. But, remember that your platelet count is still pretty good compared to what is typical in ITP. It definiely is worth following closely, but in the 140's, you would be fine during and after birth. Anything over 100 most of the docs I work with are not too concerned. Hope that helps a bit. Keep us updated!
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OK, to clear a few things up, I've not received a diagnosis of thrombocytopenia. The condition was brought up at the initial screen where we saw that my platelet counts had dropped. At this stage we are simply monitoring. If they drop further, I will have to see the hema or perinato. I've actually always had a problem with excessive bruising but never got it looked into so this may not just be a gestational thing. Again, at my levels, they're not overly concerned, but are keeping an eye on it to be safe.

I'm not so concerned about the epidural, as I'm not intending to have one, but I definitely don't want to bleed out.

What I'm looking for is simply information, so I know what I'm dealing with and what modifications I can make via diet and/or supplements to try to reverse it without "medical" intervention. I'll update once I talk to my MW again.
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My MW suggested I take chlorophyll for low platelet counts...mine was 141 at my 8w appt

Here is the document she gave mre RE: Chlorophyll. She recommended a brand called "World Organic" - they have 100mg gel caps. She recommended gel caps or the liquid.
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bumping b/c i edited my post above for more info
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Jen, thanks! Since your 8wk, have you had your blood screened again, once you began taking the chlorophyll? Admittedly, I haven't read the document yet but I'm about to. I'll ask my mw about it.
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I just tried to look at the doc but it's "not found."

I'll do some sleuthing for information...thanks for pointing in that direction.
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oops - i just read that you can't just "publish" a pdf on google docs. I can "share" it with you though if you PM me with your email address.

I have not had my platelets rechecked, so I can't give you first-hand experience on it. Sorry!
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Thanks Jen - got your email but don't have time to read it right now. Def will when I get back though!
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I have always bruised easily and monitored my platelet levels, which have been around 145 for the last 5 years. I am 28 weeks pregnant now and last month they dropped to 68 and by 1 week ago were 34. I went to see a hema and she put me on steroids to bring them up. I didn't want to have to do this, but felt I needed to do something to bring them up right away. I had them checked yesterday and they were up to 46 which is definitely an improvement, but I will still need to take steroids for a bit.
I was curious about the chlorophyll and Brewer diet that was mentioned because I really don't want to stay on the steroids and want to avoid further tretments before my delivery.
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Shaller - thanks for chiming in!
From what I understand, Chlorophyll is the closest thing to blood found in nature. It can actually help to make it! I'm not sure what properties it has but many naturopaths suggest taking it to combat this condition.
I for one would much rather try it than steroids. There's always got to be something found in nature that can help, and I would rather go that route than "modern" medicine, plus steroids make me extremely ill.

I still haven't heard back from my midwives regarding further screening.

I do get the craziest bruises though, and I have for as long as I can remember. I guess because it's always been that way I never really thought about it - I mean, I did but I guess I figured that if it was a real issue other symptoms would have presented. I'm glad to know it now though.
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Originally Posted by shaller View Post
I was curious about the chlorophyll and Brewer diet that was mentioned because I really don't want to stay on the steroids and want to avoid further tretments before my delivery.

Chlorophyll is something that we should all take I had it recommended to me by the Farm midwives who felt it could help my weak placentas. I tend to leak/PROM early so this is a suggested preventive. It was also recommended that I take liquid calcium.

The Brewer diet can be found here:


if you want more just search for brewer diet

Hope y'all are doing better
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