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AK~VBAC MAMA'S Talk to me!!!

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Hey ladies.. so here's the deal. I my son (riley) is 18 months old and for some reason I'm not feeling so up to stuff ~ going tomorrow to see about getting a pregnancy test. But onto my reason for pulling you over here.

I had a Csection with Riley - I live on the peninsula and I know the whole schpeel about not being able to deliver with a midwife (which I am hopefully planning on hiring one from out of state) My natropath said he will do my prenatals for me during that time for my midwife.

I'm a slope wife - and although I want my hubby to be here who knows if it will happen yk? So what do I do to prepare myself for a VBAC? What books should I read? How do I prepare myself for *Big Gulp* Unassisted!!! Yikes - really scares me only because my confidence level is very low but I have control issues naturally so maybe it will come out fine. I also live I believe over 20 minutes to the nearest hospital which my midwife told me we had to be within 20 minutes.

Most of my family around me believes in mainstream I'm sure I could call my MIL to help me if I needed to although she would be pissing herself the moment I would call her to inform her as well which is something I dont need. But she's the best I can think of. My BIL is going to school to be a paramedic is he a better option just in case although hes not too sure of the natural route but he doesn't debate the subject with us.

I just need help - any and all information would be really helpful! If I forgot to ask something that you think could come in handy just throw it at me. Any help would be appreciated mama's.

Hope your enjoying our rainstorms... We had thunder tonight BIG Thunder!

Green Blessings ~ N
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Hi Nik-
How exciting that congratulations might be in order! Are you going to use the traveling midwife that we found last summer? I met her in Oct/Nov last year at a neighbors HBAC. I REALLY liked her and am DEFINITELY planning on using her when we get that far. Good luck!
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Hey Mtn. MAMA,

Yes I'm a littler nervous! Hubby is coming home today from the slope (woohoo!) and then there's this haha.

Yes I do plan on getting in touch with her. I did call her and speak with her last year, she is very nice! I'm also plus-sized (hopefully not so much in the next few months) and am dealing with PCOS - which she has experience with! She just birthed a woman last year while I was talking to her who had PCOS. Very exciting!! Lastnight I tossed and turned dying to know!!!

Wish me luck - off to clean house... Have a beautiful day...
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You can do it!

She emailed me recently that she just got back from an HBAC in Italy...

the bummer for me is that she wants me within 30 minutes of a hospital.

I know that makes sense, but it means I don't get to be home.

Hmmm. Maybe if the weather looks good and we can have a helicopter on call?
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Wow, a traveling midwife? She sounds awesome!

Well, I did have a UC birth with my last pregnancy. And I have to tell ya, doing it that way was surprisingly easy! LOL
I did have my DH there at the pushing stage but you could easily do it alone or with a good friend (it would be helpful to have someone who has at least SEEN a vaginal birth be there)

I'll think about this more and get back to you.
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The MW you guys are talking about seems fantastic but I know of some other traveling midwives if you need it.

I would hire a doula if you can find one. She can help this stay normal

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Thank you so much for the response ladies - well... the verdict is...

the first test....PREGNANT!!!!

the second test..... PREGNANT!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! I'm so freaking ecstatic but with morning sickness and a whole lot of not feeling so good going on. I'm going to call our natropath to see about him taking other tests to make sure - but I'm pretty sure its a hit because of my signs!

So now what to do next - read, read and then read some more huh.

road family - thanks for the inspiration of being able to do UC but I don't really know anyone with this experience - I didn't have a doula my last birth because I didn't think I needed one (uneducated) now I will be hunting one down. I think once I have a home birth UC might be the next step..

mtn. mama - i know! I want to be home... im within 10minutes of 2 firestations with paramedics does that count!?!?! I need to start getting ahold of her and start picking her brain..

onyx - thank you! Yes i wouldn't mind the references you have if you could share pm me~ do you have personal experience with them?

If there is anything else ladies i appreciate it - i will definitely be checkng out the info i have for sure. typing with fidgetty 18 month old in my right hand.

you are all wonderful for taking the time to chime in and for that i truly appreciate you!

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I am doing a VBAC too. Also a "slope widow" here

I am reading "birthing from within" and I totally recommend it! I would also read "Spiritual Midwifery"--the midwifery bits in the back, I mean. Go on the Unassisted forum too and ask them for recommended reading.

Best of luck
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