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So who lost power?

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Hi, my power just came back on late last night, was off since Sunday from Hurricane Ike (Tropical depression with hurricane strength gusts by the time it hit Ky). Who else had the lights (and fridge, and all that) go out? For how long? Were you prepared? How'd you make do?
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Oh yikes. I didn't lose it but I feel for you. One time we lost it an entire week back home in North Carolina. The week I happened to have AF...it was dreadful lol. I'm glad yours is back on.
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We're in Colorado, so no loss in power! Dh's uncle is in Houston though. We haven't been able to get a hold of them yet. I'm glad you guys are okay.
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We lost power in Pittsburgh from winds from Sunday night to Thursday night. It was horrid because morning sickness came on full force this week too. It was a very long, hard week. We are soooo happy to have power back.
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I hear ya Cook, my m/s was and is barely beginning but boy was I grumpy. It does make you appreciate the normal things when they are gone a while. We pulled out all our camping stuff, so we were fine for light and cooking. But the city ran out of ice for a while and many stores were closed. Most people ate out but we can't afford that. Colorado Mama, I hope your Texan relative is doing alright. Did they evacuate from there?
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I still don't have power at home. It went out sunday. Its really starting to wear on me. I can't cook, I can't shower, do laundry, I can't read after about 8.30. We lost all our food that was in the fridge. I have some things in the cooler. It's not really helping anything.

I'm in Ohio and the winds RIPPED through. The gov declared the state an disaster so we could get emergency help. I think there were 200000 in the area w/o power on sunday and now it's down to 75000 they project that by this coming sunday 95% will have restored power. I hope I'm in that 95% it's depressing to not have power at home.
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North Houston here. We just got power back on this afternoon. All is well though. Our whole neighborhood came out alright actually. It was pretty scary riding it out though.
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