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So who else is having twins this time around?

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I keep seeing that there are a few of us here...just thought it might be nice to check in with each other to see how things are going.
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Am I the only one with nearly no symptoms? I didn't have morning sickness or anything. I spent most of the last two months freaking out, convinced that i was going to lose them because I don't "feel" pregnant. I think I'd rather be sick.
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I'm out. We lost baby A between 10 to 11 weeks. Good luck to all of you ladies!
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I've had some bad symptoms, but I wouldn't get too worried if you aren't. A friend of mine had twins and DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT until she was about 15 weeks!!! How on earth does that happen?? And the kids were born healthy!

This twin pregnancy is so much more involved than I would have ever imagined...basically because I know absolutely nothing about multiples. I just got my copy of the Barbara Luke book that everyone recommends, so I'm hoping to be able to ease some of my anxiety.

My OB is not seeing me again until 10/7? Does that seem strange? I know for a singleton pg that would be normal.
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I'm here, too!!!!!!! These two are my first

I think I'd rather be sick.
Um ... that's what I thought when I didn't have very many symptoms at 6.5 weeks . Then all-freaking-day-long morning sickness kicked in. I'd GLADLY trade you for no puking!!!!

I'd love to keep this thread going as a place for us to check in. I'm overwhelmed!
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Have any of you thought about baby gear yet? I need to get cracking on the research so if you have any advice on what's good for twins, I'd love to hear it.
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Well, we're co-sleeping, so i think I'm going to get a crib to set up as a side-car. I'll probably set up a nursery just so family will be happy, but I doubt we'll use it much.

I am looking at Amby baby beds. Does anyone have an opinion about these?
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I was really interested in the Amby beds after I had DS1, but we never bought one. We had a papasan swing that we got for our shower, and that worked just as well. Eventually he moved into our bed (around 3 mos. old). For DS2, we set up an Arms Reach co-sleeper next to the bed, but since I had a c-section it was easier just to have him in bed with us.

How are you guys doing with nutrition? I'm trying not to worry about it since I know I'll be able to make up for it in the second trimester, but I've been really trying to eat even though I don't feel like it most of the time...
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As for nutrition, I'm still struggling with nauseous feelings and eating is very hard

I'm eating tons of fruit because it goes down the easiest. I do try to eat protein as much as I can. I figure I'll eat a more well-rounded diet when this stage passes. And I pray it's SOON!

As for sleeping arrangements. We'll order cribs but they won't use them for awhile. Still trying to decide what to have them in while in our bedroom. Probably a cosleeper.
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I'm working on protein, protein, and more protein. I've got some whey protein powder (not soy, since it tends to be estrogenic) and I mix it with vanilla yogurt and frozen fruit to make smoothies. It helps me get my protein requirements in and isn't too meaty, which I have a hard time with right now.
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