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Pedi Dentist in OKC?

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My sweet lil guy (3yo) is in need of a dentist! I've been trying to find one who will be willing to work with me on alternative treatments (healOzone, CLO, bone broths) and will help me monitor the situation to make sure the things I'm trying are working. Does anyone have any reccomendations?
I would be willing to travel if necessary. DS has SEVERAL cavities and I would hate to have to use GA!
Help please!
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I don't know any pedis, we use a regular dentist (Dr Darrow) and he's been really great with my kids, just filled three fillings on the 11 yo and 5yo...no GA. This sounds weird, but you might call the autism center at the health science center, they have some great suggestions for dentists who are used to working with sensitive people, even if they don't have disabilities.
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Sorry, I just saw this thread -- you probably have someone already, but I really like Dr. Lee. He is in the same office as Dr. Haskins -- both Ped dentists.

I don't know about alternative treatments -- but he was gentle, the office allows parents back for all procedures (and I was shocked at how many don't) and very respectful of Cora. He actually only talked to her for the first 3-4 minutes he was in the room (chit chat to make her comfortable).

Good luck!!
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