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VERY cranky

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Is anyone else an absolute emotional mess with a bad temper?

I keep snapping at poor DD. She was SOOOOOOO good for me this morning at the midwife's office, then she started getting cranky because she was hungry, and it all went downhill. I really don't mean to yell at her, and I'm not screaming or anything, just very short tempered and stern, and that is so not me.

I know its the early pg hormones, and the fact that I need a nap desperately right now. I just don't know how to change it right now!
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Ugh, me too! My kids have colds. So they aren't sleeping. So I'm sleeping poorly--or not at all.
I am mean mommy! I feel so bad, but I just loose it before I can think or stop myself. I hope this goes away soon.

I understand.
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I am tremendously cranky. Which sucks because I am so super, unbelievably happy about being pregnant and I really just want to bask in it. But, I am so grumpy and irritable.

DH, who is the best DH on the planet (no, really, he truly is) is hella sick. Like, knocked on his ass, looks like death warmed over sick. He usually dotes on me in general and he also is the cook in our household. Well, yesterday, he stayed home from work and slept all day (as he should have). I didn't know yet, though, just how bad he felt; I just thought he had a bit of a cold. When I got home from work with dd and he was asleep and there was no dinner made, I flipped out. I kept it pretty internal, but I was pissed. Actually, I didn't keep it so internal. I was seething silently, but it was still pretty apparent I was seething. I felt like crap, I was beyond exhausted and I had to start dinner at 6:45. And make dd's lunch for the next day (DH usually does it) and get her off to bed. Had he given me a call and let me know he was going to be out of commission, I would've been much, much cooler, but as it was, I was so. not. happy.

But, once I got dd to sleep, I took a long bath and calmed down. Then I felt like an ass for being so pissed off when my poor, wonderful husband is so sick (it became more and more apparent throughout the night that he is really, really sick).

Today I've been grumpy because work sucks and is super busy and I just want to have pregnancy and baby daydreams all day. DH is still just as sick and I have to do everything again. But, at least I know to expect it tonight.

I'm thinking dd and I will go out to eat.
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Awe, s to you both for being in the same boat as me.

A bit better here, but that is because DD passed out after she ate her dinner. Yes, the child went to bed at 5:30 pm. I really hope she does not wake up at 3 am wanting to get up, but she started freaking out when I tried to keep her awake. She is getting over being sick, and I think with all the excitement of running to the midwife, running to the hospital for blood work, school 3 times a week for her, etc., she is just worn out.

Add a cranky, worn out 3 year old to a newly pregnant, nervous mommy, and we have fireworks. Added to all of this - DP was supposed to come home from NY tonight, but his mom fell down the stairs 2 nights ago and broke her patella. She is having surgery tomorrow in the afternoon, so he won't be home until very late tomorrow night.
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It comes in waves, but YES! Poor ds... Today was a good day, though, so maybe I'm learning to manage it. Haha!
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you aren't alone, only mine doesn't go away till about 8 wks pp. At which time I usually apologize to DH for being a psychotic B*&^$. I get paranoid, angry, bitter, and just all and all nuts when pregnant. I try so hard to stop feeling and acting this way but it is so hard. I'm not too bad w/ DDs, just DH gets the brunt. Maybe its the whole "You did this to me" thing. Even though we were TTC I'm nuts.
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I'm doing okay now, but the day before we found out I was pg, I almost killed the staff at the local Subway for not having the bread I wanted.
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Originally Posted by AustGirl View Post
I'm doing okay now, but the day before we found out I was pg, I almost killed the staff at the local Subway for not having the bread I wanted.
That was my first sign of being pg, lol. I flipped out on the guy at Walmart for trying to make me go through all my bags because the stupid alarm went off when I went to walk out. I literally had bag piled so high I couldn't see over the cart : The damn alarm went off and they guy started walking towards me going "Mam,?" and I flipped. I started yelling that if they thought I was going to take out every one of these bags so they could find their stupid little sensor, than they could take all $300 worth of groceries back. The guy backed off real quick, lol.
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