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I'm spotting

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I was spotting last night pink-ish little/no cramps and it only lasted 30-45 minutes and stopped. DH thought it might have been because I moved a heavy and awkward little type merry-go-round. But I'm at work now and I started spotting again This time its brown, again with little to no cramping. It started after I got back from the store with some groceries and a gallon of water.

So I don't know if it could be from carrying stuff or????? I still haven't been seen by anyone and I have hospital related PTSD so I don't know what to do. Also there's the fact that I'm at work, 40 miles and a train ride from home.

DH doesn't think there's anything to be worried aobut since I feel ok but I dunno.............
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how far along are you? spotting can be totally normal...i wouldn't think carrying groceries would do it though, however if you moved a heavy piece of furniture it might be related. can you go in for an u/s to ease your mind?

i hope its nothing...it's good you are not cramping...: i know your worry though....hang in there, i would go get checked out though so you don't make yourself crazy with worry....i'm sorry hon... it's no fun to be in the dark at times like this..
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I've also had spotting, well actually quite a bit more a week or so ago. Right now it's just spotting. Both time I've been checked by my provider with u/s and just told to take it easy until it let up.

As far as today's spotting, I was told not to worry about brown at all, since that's old blood. It's the pink and red that can cause concern. Good luck and I hope it's nothing at all, like mine was.
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sorry, I know how worrisome it is. I started spotting last night and am freaked out, despite that fact that I spotted with one of my other pregnancies and bled heavily with another one and ended up with a healthy baby both times. I've also hear not to be worried about brown spotting, as it's not new.
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Do you have a midwife that you are comfortable with seeing? If you are worried, I would give her a call and she what she says. Try to relax (hard, I know) and take it easy.
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I would call a reliable OB in your area and see if they can't get you in, just explaining the situation and how you intended to go to them once you were further along but are now worried, etc... just to get in and get a u/s to put your mind at ease.

I really hope everything is OK for you!
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I had frequent spotting early on. After sex, after exercise, after mowing the lawn, after just doing normal everyday stuff. Each time I'd just stop, put my feet up & try to relax, and not do whatever it was I had been doing for a couple of days. There wasn't a whole lot anyone could do to help me. When I did get to see the Dr., he said that was what he would have told me to do, although he also said there was no clinical evidence that it would help. He ordered an u/s, we saw the flashing heart beat.

I never had cramps with the spotting, either.

It went away, and everything is fine at this point. I had an OB exam on Tues, and no spotting from that even. Sex is fine now, as is exercise. (I'm telling you this as a way to look at the bright side).

Good Luck, and I hope this resolves itself for you, or that you find a nice, caring OB who is gentle, kind & reassuring. There must be one somewhere.
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. Is there a birth center/midwifery in your area that doesn't have a hospital feel? Ours is in a 1920s era victorian style house. I love it. Big, cushy couches, hard wood floors, fireplace, etc. Big beds with quilts on them. I hope everything's okay.
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I'm sorry mama You've gotten lots of good advice, but I'll throw in my 2cents.

Honestly, there's nothing that anybody can do besides offer you an ultrasound to make sure there's a heartbeat & see if they can find the source of the bleed (usually you can't). So unless you want to take the plunge & go somewhere for an u/s, you should just wait & be kind to yourself (eg don't go on bedrest, but probably moving merri-go-rounds isn't a good idea).

I'm sorry you're going through this
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how are you feeling today?
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I ended up calling the bc yesterday. I went to one of the hospital's satalite offices and got an u/s. Everything is good. Baby measured right on at 11wks 3 days strong hb, and wiggles all over
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What a relief! Awesome news
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Originally Posted by Azreial View Post
I ended up calling the bc yesterday. I went to one of the hospital's satalite offices and got an u/s. Everything is good. Baby measured right on at 11wks 3 days strong hb, and wiggles all over
So glad!
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i'm so grateful for the good news in this thread, mama.
be careful mama and good luck! i hope you have a great day today.
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Yea!!! What great news!
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