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Natural alternative to Lotriman AF?

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My husband gets this recurring rash type thing on the back of his neck just below his hairline. It looks like severely dry skin that is red & inflamed. He gets it every few months and the Lotrimin takes it away in a few days. I have finally convinced him to stop using that junk, but he needs to put something on it and I am at a loss. Any ideas?
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I saw this the other day about Grapefruit Seed Extract being used to treat thrush. If the rash is something Lotrimin has been been effective for in the past then this might be worth a try!

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Is it a yeast based rash? If not try shea nut butter. You can get it at natural stores. We use it on all the kids rashes, mostly eczema and it works great. It's very high in Vit. E.
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So why is Lotrimin bad?
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I do not know of a natural cure for a yeast rash.However ,
if it is yeast and he is only using it for 3-4 days that is probably why it is coming back.It will disappear easily, but it needs to be treated for 14-30 days to totally get rid of it.If he has used it for 3-4 days a few times it will probably be hard to get rid of.
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I agree with the previous two posters. Are you sure you are not confusing Lotrimin with cortisone? WIth cortisone, though small dosages are generally safe, I would be concerned about using it all the time. With Lotrimin, it seems that your dh does not do the full course, although there would be no harm trying the alternatives on this rash.
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Hmmmm, I didn't realize that a full course was several weeks long. He only uses it for a couple of days until the rash starts subsiding. Maybe he should have read the instructions! Grrrrr!

Thank you for all of the suggestions, we will give them a try.

How would I know whether or not it is yeast based? Just because it is recurring, does that mean it is yeast?
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