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Two Positive Tests...

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Wow. I have a six year old son, and just took two positive tests. Less than an hour ago. I'm in shock! It's a good situation, but I'm blown away!
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Congratulations and Welcome!

I am in the shocked club too though I tested on the 7th and still cannot believe it.

Lisa Marie
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Welcome and congrats
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Congrats! My oldest son is also six years old.
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Welcome and congrats!!
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Welcome to the club : congrats!
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and Congratulations.
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congrats!! and welcome!
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Thanks girls!

Thanks for all the congrats! It's not sinking in yet! My SO is pretty excited (he's a recent addition to the family of me and my son) so it's pretty cool. I just didn't think I'd get pregnant so quick! The first month we didn't use BC it happened! How long until it sinks in?!:
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