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Planting a fall garden in Phoenix

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Am I too late? What do you plant? Is there somewhere to get my soil tested to see if I need to add anything to it? I really want to do this and haven't been very successful finding specific info online.
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I'm in Tucson, not Phoenix, but I think we're currently in planting time for winter crops like greens, lentils, peas, lettuce, etc. I got seeds from Native Seeds SEARCH... they preserve and sell seeds that are native to the SW. Look for them online!
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Now is the time to plant for fall, Check the calendar on the back of the seed packets they are usually very helpful !!!

things that do well for us in Arizona are
Bell Peppers
Green Onions

We use seeds and usually till the soil with the compost a week before planting and water daily in the beginning
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This time of year, you can only plant 'cold season vegetables'
So example, no tomatoes, squash basil melons.
In the winter I usually plant
-onion/garlic pods(they will produce greens throughout the winter, then next fall they will produce the whole onion)

Here is a link to a website I have found useful http://ag.arizona.edu/pubs/garden/mg...ble/index.html

Also, the most amazing gardening book is called, "Vegetable Gardening for the Arid Southwest" It is out of print, but is the most useful gardening book I have ever had. My copy was ruined, so if anyone has a copy or knows where to get one, please PM me. They use to carry it at Native Seed Search, but I believe they no longer do.

Let me know if you have more questions, I have gardened here for the past 5 years, and have done A LOT of research.
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We planted our first seeds 3 weeks ago (and consider it a little late, but not too late). Our next batch of seeds is going in this Saturday. We do plant squash in the winter - gourdes, butternut, pumpkins.... and also we did some experimenting this summer and it worked out good becausee we still have tomatoes!!!!! and some plants are young and will hopefully keep produceing for a while. we also plant (in the fall) beets, carrots, chard, spinach, greens of any kind.... also our pepper plants are still going and our leeks (which we planted last march)...

I think if your soil 'looks' good you can take a chance but if you have had anything growing in it recently or if it is that dull tan color you will need to turn in some composte and maybe some peet... its worth the money for good soil otherwise your efforts and money on water and seeds will be for naught. We buy soe composted dirt from Home Depot and also the miracle grow dirt is good.

Good luck,
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Wow! Thanks for the replies.

My former neighbor said that I would need to have my soil tested and would probably have to add something to it. I can't remember if she said that the soil was alkaline or acidic, but she sounded like it was bound to be one or the other.

Maybe the soil does need something, but all that has been in it is bermuda grass that grows very well. We don't use anything on our grass besides water--no weedkillers or fertilizer at all. I understand that the composition of the soil is in question here, but is it really that big of a deal for my little starter garden?

I figured I'd just till up the soil, add some compost, and plant my seeds.
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