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i don't know if i really belong here, but my recent weight loss has been really bothering me. i'm 5'9" and usually about 140-150. i loved that weight! i could have handled being a bit fitter, but really usually liked the way i looked. i got pregnant and only gained maybe 15 lbs the whole pregnancy... still really healthy though. i delievered at 35weeks and was back to pre-preg weight almost immediately. i was kind of proud of that at first, but now it feels like the weight just keeps on dropping. none of my clothes fit. i'm eating like a horse, but it doesn't seem to help. i'd love to start exercising again, because i'm losing muscle tone along with the pounds, but i don't know how i could even eat enough to keep EBFing my 8 month old daughter AND do some exercise (more than the brisk walks i take right now, anyway).

anyway, any suggestions? i'm vegan, so i know that does affect the kinds of fats i can take in, but i eat a lot of protein and fat every day (i.e. yesterday i had 2 tbsp almond butter, 2 ish cups beans, 6 tbsp veg oils, 1 cup full-fat coconut milk, 1 cup soymilk and 1 avacado and a handful of nuts as part of my intake). i think i need to go to the doctor too... any ideas of what i should be asking? i agree, no one seems to take losing weight seriously. someone at our playgroup complemented me on my appearance the other day, and i could just see the disbelief on everyone's faces when i commented that i wasn't happy with it.
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I'm 5' and about 94 lbs right now. I wear a size 1 in pants. I was wondering, those of you who are similar sized- where do you find clothes? I am in a pretty small town so I think I need to go online probably. I need pajama pants mostly right now. Have any of you found any good pj pants that don't drag on the ground for you?

HOLLISTER.  I'm 5'3", 100 lbs. and they are the only jeans that fit.  You'll need to have them hemmed (they run long).  Size 0 is the way to go.


Speaking of the myth of "skinny = in shape" (HA!)... DH ran a fundraising 5k the other day and so many people told him "I can't believe your wife isn't here."  If I "ran" a 5k, it'd take me an hour and I'd end it with a heart attack.  Okay, not that bad, but still.

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Thanks! I will check them out online :)


I don't know if this qualifies as healthy enough for other people: but a snack that's been helping me is an english muffin with some butter on it and then lots of peanut butter on top of that. I think it's good.. maybe that's gross to other people?  Anyway.. it's a good quick way for me to get some extra fat and protein in.  Oh also avocados.

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Random note - if people don't know, a GREAT place for bras is figleaves.com.  I'm a 28D and it's the only place I've found that size.They start at 28AA and go up from there.

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Yay! joy.gif

I've put on weight!
I'm vegetarian and have never been able to put on weight, even after eating mountains of food.

In the spirit of sharing, here's what worked for me:

Several handfuls of different nuts and seeds, like a handful of walnuts, a handful of pistachios, a mixed handful of pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and sunflower seeds, a tablespoon of canola oil every day. (I've since reduced the tablespoon to a teaspoon of oil, in order to maintain weight wink1.gif ) and half an avocado every 2nd day.

This was complemented by 10 mins of yoga specifically aimed at aiding digestion, followed by the corpse position (to absorb the benefits of the exercises).

If you've just had a baby I wouldn't recommend these types of yoga moves yet...
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congrats :) I haven't even been thinking about weight, more like.. just not being hungry all the time. I have developed so many allergies it's hard to find things to eat. That's awesome you figured out something that works for you :)

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I don't know why, but for some reason what you wrote, made me think about something Audrey Hepburn said. Back when she was living in war-time she couldn't get enough food to eat, so in order to get through the day she would sleep more (I wonder if that was why she wanted to help starving children later in life?)

Anyway, back to the topic - do you eat Tahini? Apparently it is considered to be a low-allergenic food.
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I'm in the same boat. 5'8" and now down to 122 lbs, when I was 135 lbs before my DD (2nd child). I'm so sick of hearing, "you're so THIN!" and what's worse is seeing people's eyes look me up and down when I'm "not looking". It's depressing and although I feel great, I wonder if something is seriously wrong. This thread has been extremely helpful, just knowing there are others like me trying to make sense of the weight loss. By the way I am nursing my 14 month old, perhaps too much?

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Its not about the size, its about being healthy

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I don't know why, but for some reason what you wrote, made me think about something Audrey Hepburn said. Back when she was living in war-time she couldn't get enough food to eat, so in order to get through the day she would sleep more (I wonder if that was why she wanted to help starving children later in life?)
Anyway, back to the topic - do you eat Tahini? Apparently it is considered to be a low-allergenic food.

Tahini is sesame seeds and unfortunately I seem to have a problem with all nuts and seeds at the moment.  Since my last post I've learned a few more recipes. I am focusing on bone broth, lots of vegetables except potatoes, some fruit, eggs, chicken. Those things all seem to be safe. I'm pregnant so it's even more important now. I am going to try some avocados soon, they seemed disgusting all throughout the first trimester for some reason.  Chicken bone broth with vegetables and egg seems to be safe at the moment so I am eating a ton of it.

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Any tips for gaining while pregnant (and nursing a toddler). I am 6 1/2 months and have gained only 6 lbs. My goal was to gain 15 by now. I am 108lbs, began at 102, and I'm 5'2.

Doula mama to my nursing toddler Noah
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Is it possible there are any medical reasons behind you not gaining much? I think when I was eating a lot of things my body doesn't digest well, like wheat, I was losing weight. I know this wouldn't be the case for everyone- but maybe it would be worth finding a good doctor, maybe a functional medicine doctor that could help you figure out if there are any reasons nutrients aren't being absorbed or maybe your metabolism is off or something? 


Anyone know where to find tiny maternity clothes? XS is most brands is just huge. I swear XS's have continued to get bigger. I know I have changed size in a long time and XS shirts in a lot of places are definitely bigger. 

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OMG! OMG! OMG! There is a skinny mama tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always been thin but it was because of always being in sports or otherwise active but after having DD#2 I got crazy skinny and not on purpose. Just forgot to eat or was stressed, and I am a stress non-eater. Anyway, I am suppose to be gaining 20 lbs. but I also have to add a ton of muscle in my upper legs because of crazy knee problems which means lots of strength training. I am already tired of reminding myself to eat. It doesn't help that I am a slow eater.


Anyway, that is my story. I am going to go back and read through the thread now.


edited to add:


I am 6' 0.5" and got as low as 135 when DD#2 was around 6 months old and now I am up to 145-146ish.  I have been trying to add potatoes potatoes potatoes to my meals and also drinking milkshakes (which I dislike, but I don't have to sit down to eat them).

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Originally Posted by hollytheteacher View Post


Subbing...no time to post now but will add later...

Do have a question though...for those of you who are also really tall (with long arms and legs)...where do you find jackets with long enough arms???

I live in VT where it is cold and whenever I buy a new winter jacket, I have to buy a size large so that the extra width of the jacket makes the arms go down a bit farther.

btw i'm 5' 9.5" and 120 pounds ish (might be a few under right now though)

I don't. cold.gif I live in MN. I usually buy coats that I think are cute but end up wearing my husbands because they cover my arms. It is frustrating......


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Originally Posted by rebirth View Post

I'm glad to find this tribe! I feel horrible complaining about my pregnancy weight loss when so many are glad for it, and I am made to feel guilty of whatever. I have been in tears every day, I know this is not good for me and my baby. I began at a really good weight- 114 looked hot on me, and I felt so good! I'm now 9 weeks and 104.5, A 10 lb loss is scary, especially b/c my morning sickness is only getting worse. And I know it isn't water weight, my face and arms look noticibly smaller.

I'm eating lots of high calorie items, but with food aversions and vomiting it is hard. I'm eating rice pudding as we speak. I have decided that if I get below 100lbs I'm going to the hospital. I hate it there, but I know I will need it if this gets much worse. I am not yet taking a 'script for nausea, but it is getting close....

This loss is making me nervous to be able to maintain a healthy weight and not wither away while BFing.

I as vegan/vegg for a long time, nearly 5 yrs, and this struggle to maintain weight brings back that time. I was tiny then, sometimes nearing the low 90s, and I do not want to go there again! Eating meat is essential for me for many reasons, and right now I'm having a hard time with that most of all, and I think that is connected.

anyhow- I'm glad to have somewhere to vent about being too skinny. It is so crappy that some people don't recognize that this can be as big an issue as being overweight.

This is why I am gaining weight (trying to anyway). I was 145ish with DD#1 and had Hyperemesis G. and was an all around miserable pregnancy which ended with her being stillborn. I am not sure if the 2 were connected because they never could find a reason for her being stillborn, but I was up to 160's when I got pregnant with DD#2 (gt pregnant 7 weeks after DD#1's death) and had a great pregnancy. I am hoping to "put some meat on my bones" so that I feel more confident about being pregnant and having a toddler to take care of. I do have to agree that the comments are soooooo annoying. When I am not pregnant I am skinny and get comments about how I look, then when I am pregnant I always gain 50 lbs, show really early, and all out in front, and I get to hear how big I am. F-off people!!!! Geeeez....

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I'm also pregnant and am SO happy to be gaining weight (I gained 25lbs with my DD and was happy to reach the minimum recommended weight gain). Ladies seem downright confused and are always silent when I tell them that I would have loved to have kept my pregnancy weight.

I know what you ladies mean about heavier friends saying they would love to be naturally skinny like you. My best friend (other than DH) is tall like me, 6' 2" and is probably 75 lbs heavier than me and I think she is gorgeous. She is so pretty and really curvy and all around great. AND she has a butt! Which I only have in my last trimester of pregnancy....

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One last post for today...I think I am caught up now. Has anyone ever had avacado on a baked potato? I am thinking about adding it to my before-bed baked potato with some olive oil and my usual sour cream. I think I have only had avacado in guac.

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I see you can eat sour cream, so if dairy is ok with you, try full fat mozzarella as a before-bed snack. Two 4 oz packages are a nice way to get some calories for the night. If it's too salty, you can slice it and soak in water for an hour, the salt will leech out.

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WOW, I can't believe I started this thread in 2008 and it is still going!!!


I have kind of an out there question for everyone. How do you exercise and NOT lose weight. I would love to start walking but I have heard that exercising kicks your metabolism into overdrive. I am finally over 100 and maintaining, I really don't want to go back into the double digits.

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I'd recommend swimming. There's some research that swimming alone, without dieting, doesn't make people lose weight. It's a great full body workout. And after swimming you will have APPETITE! You'd be hungry like a wolf and if you eat accordingly that will compensate for extra calories burned. When I had long swimming workouts, I made a snack break in the middle, and ate some high-calorie food.


PS. A note for the above link - a while ago, I used to swim in a very heated pool, and I was still HUNGRY afterwards.

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