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PWC Ped recommendation?

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We're moving from DC out to Montclair, near Woodbridge, later this year.

We'll need a ped out in those parts (will drive if necessary, but closer is always great).

Most important to me is that I don't want to have to fight a fight over vaxing. Our daughter is currently (very) selectively vaxed, and although we plan to give more as she ages, she bleeds into her GI tract if she consumes some of the ingredients in some vaxes orally (pork from gelatin, etc), and I'm certainly not going to inject them into her in that case. Also just am not ready to do Hep B, Chickenpox, etc. Will follow a delayed/selective schedule with baby number 2 due to arrive in Dec/Jan. I just don't want to have to deal with the lectures, etc, as our ped in Atlanta (where we recently moved from) was no pressure and I'm spoiled in that regard -- I've done my research, and I'm the parent, etc.

I'd obviously also like a doctor who is a good doctor, one who knows how to treat (ie, leave alone) an intact boy would also be a big plus.

Truly pro-bf also something I'd love, and have been completely spoiled regarding!

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Hi there, I use Dr. Peacock with Prince William Family Medical, 703-257-8090 I think thats the number... I have not vaxed my 16 month old and my son is intact... I cosleep, breastfeed on demand, he is very good at letting the parent decide about these things..He will give you his opinion but is not pushy. I forgot to say they have offices in Manassas and Gainesville if thats not to far... good luck
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Lake Ridge Pediatrics is great. All of the moms in this area I know use them. We see Dr. Caplan and so far he has been fine with our delayed vax schedule. Also he has been very supportive of BFing. Good luck!
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