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question about PP cycle length and testing...

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I know there are a bunch of posts like this, but...any help would be appreciated!
I got my PP AF back at about 10 months, but it was VERY irregular (talking 3 months before the next one, then 6 weeks, etc.) It just started to get "regular" in the past three months.
So, 4 months ago, it was 31 days long.
3 months ago, 24 days
2 months ago, 24 days
1 month ago, 26 days.
Now, I am on day 28. We had unprotected sex on day 8 of my cycle, and pulled out on Day 16. I am getting nervous, but don't want to test until it would be a definitive answer-as in I don't want to buy 10 test for the next 10 days
When should I test? Could my cycle still just be regulating? Obviously I will have the answer soon, but I have been exhausted all week (although my dd is not a good sleeper, so that could be why, although this has been pretty extreme), and I have tons of CM, which is unusual for me. I have just felt "off" all week, weepy, tired, out of it, although this could be AF showing up too. Any input? I have tried temping, but dd still wakes up several times at night, so it wasn't very reliable.
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Hard to tell if you haven't been charting. PP cycles can be weird. If you have "tons of CM" now, it probably means you're fertile now. You can mostly rely on CM for fertility signs. If your CM dries up, consider yourself to have ovulated around peak day (last day before significant drying up) +1. Wait until P+4 to consider yourself infertile, and if AF doesn't come within a couple weeks after that, you might consider testing. If you're temping, you might get some additional info from that, even if your dd is waking up too often. You might be able to see at least some kind of temp rise, even if there are a lot of disturbed data points. If you want to test now, you can, just to be sure, but if it's negative, I would wait a while and see if your CM clears up.
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well here, I thought I O'd on the 12th day of my cycle, judging by a *very* slight rise in temps, which were all over the place to begin with though. This was really just a guess though, going by the idea that I should O around day 14.
I am now on day 32 and no AF. I had a BFN this morning though. I don't know if dishcarge is different than CM, but it is a clear discharge that I am still having. More of a "wet"feeling, so I keep checking for AF, but nada. I am going crazy wanting to test more this week, but am trying to hold out for next week. I get really dissappointed when I see the BFN even though we were planning on waiting a few more months to TTC again.
How long should I wait until I go get a blood test or something? My dd is nearly 18 months old, so I have had a PP Af off and on for a good 8-9 months, which just started to get regular (25ish day cycle) over the past 3 months.
Thanks again. I know I am obsessing
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Discharge and CF are the same thing unless you have an infection or the discharge is semen. Without charts it's hard to know what's going on, even if you don't have any other issues. It's normal for every woman to have an anov cycle about once a year, too. Clear CF and a wet feeling usually means fertile. If you don't want to get pregnant, I'd be very careful right now.
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PP periods can definitely be a little weird, especially if you're still nursing. I got my period back at 11 months PP and have had 2 periods since then, the first cycle was 31 days and the second was 34 days.
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