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Hi All! Joining the May group! I'm due the very end of May, so you will all probably have your babies and have no time to be on the computer by the time I have my little one! I've been on MDC since August 2005, joined when I was PG with my son who is now 2.5.

I have mixed feelings about this pregnancy - my son is very high-maintenance, and I really feel like I was just getting "myself" back after two years of nothing but baby, baby, baby....and I'm not sure what life will be like with two. My son is my little constant companion, and it will be weird to have a new person in the relationship!

Looking forward to getting to know you.
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Welcome! I'm due toward the end of the month but I will stick around to cheer you on! I'm actually really glad to be due toward the end of the month rather than the beginning because I missed out on seeing all the babies born while I was tending to my own newborn last time.

My DS was also really high needs and is now very high energy. I keep telling myself that everyone says #2 is easier, and that my son made me into a very strong, resilient person because of his temperament and I know I can handle anything this time around. Hang in there!
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Hi! I'll be right there with you too, due May 31! Welcome!
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Hi! I'm new, too - due around May 29. Welcome!
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hello there

my due date is may 27th, but i'm guessing i'll give birth sometime in june

i'm nervous about changing the dynamic of our happy little family too. we planned on this pregnancy, and i feel as "ready" as i think i ever could, but i love my high need daughter so much... i'm scared that she's not going to get enough after baby comes.

i'm sure these are normal fears that every pregnant mama has felt over the history of birth... but still... it's new (and slightly terrifying) to me!
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Me too!! I just found out TODAY and according tot eh due date calculator, I'm due May 31st 2009.

DS just turned 4 in August and was a very high needs baby, this was as soon as we felt brave enough to have #2. I'm so excited to give him a sibling!!

We're going to tell him tonight
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Welcome! And your username is making me drool. I bought a bag of apples just to make a crisp with! If only I had the energy to make it
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Originally Posted by lotus.blossom View Post
Welcome! And your username is making me drool. I bought a bag of apples just to make a crisp with! If only I had the energy to make it
I bought some yesterday for the same reason. Apple crisp sounds so yummy right now.

Welcome ladies!
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Welcome and Congrats!
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My first was a very high needs kiddo too. Having his little brother was the best thing that every happened to him! They have a great relationship and it taught M so many things about sharing, compassion and all that other stuff that only a sibling can teach. Some of it was kinda rough, but really not until G was old enough to grab toys!
It'll all work out, I promise!
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Welcome and many congrats! Will also be here with you, not due until the very end of the month!
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