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Well my spotting over the last two days has turned into bleeding this afternoon. I'm still dealing with fairly bad nausea, is that a sign that this could turn out ok? Ugh, this really sucks! I'm grasping at straws. My midwife is out of the country, but I put a call into her backup; although I know there isn't anything she can do.
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yeah, esp since you're not cramping, everything might be okay. I really hope everything's okay.

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oh i hope it's all okay. can you get in somewhere for an u/s?
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oh mama. I'm sending good vibes your way.....

I second the U/S suggestion.

I hope everything will be okay for you.
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. Thinking of you.
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How are you?
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i've been thinking about you all day and hoping you are feeling better...let us know mama when you can..
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i hope everything is ok. id say the nausea is a good sign. keep us posted
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Everything tapered off again, like it has the last few days. This morning, just a bit of old blood. It's been in the afternoons that I've seen new blood, hopefully I'll avoid that today. I spoke with the midwife and I may go in early next week and try to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. I had major nausea again this morning, so maybe it will be ok.
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