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Hello, I'm Tammy

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Hello Everyone - My name is Tammy and I live in mid-sized city in Southern Ontario (Canada). I have never participated in an online forum before, but after finding out we are expecting twins I knew I would need to somehow network with others (I hardly know a single person with twins!). A little bit about me:
- I'm 34 years old and have been married to my DH for 11 years (he is 51...and I still love him despite the fact that he loves Supertramp); he is a teacher so works great hours and spends the entire summer with the kids
- We have 2 spirited daughters who are 3 and 6
- I work full time outside the home at the Director level in a hospital that is about a 30 minute drive from my home...I love my job.
- We made the big decision to go from two children to three and were *shocked* to find out at 12 weeks that we were expecting #3 and #4
- My first daughter was born in hospital (planned home, but she didn't co-operate....which is SO like her!), but my second was born at home with the loving guidance of two awesome midwives (she was 9 lbs. 14 oz)
- I breastfed both my daughters for over 2 years...no forumula, no bottles
- we are expecting DI-DI twins (both girls) around January 24/09
- I love to cook but have been extremely sick with this pregnancy (just like my others...9 months long...ugh) so not much time is spent in the kitchen.
- I do like to scrapbook, but I'm having a little too much scrapbook-guilt these days to even open my books...
- I have an extreme love of shoes, and while I do own a pair of birkenstocks, I also love high heeled pumps in red patent leather!

So, I have no idea how this all works (hey, I'm over the age of 30...I don't even know how to text message!), but I'm willing to give it a try (and I've been lurking since the day we found out about the twins).

Looking forward to participating a little more once these girls arrive!

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Hey Tammy!!! I'm Elizabeth from Portland, OR. I can tell we're going to get along great as I only recently learned how to text message. (and have yet to do anything with the MP3 player I've been given, though I ask the occassional question about it to friends.... ) This was my first online forum, and I still don't know what all the abbreviations mean. I think DH means "dear husband", but I'm not quite sure. It took me forever to figure out that "lol" meant laughing out loud.
Anyways, I really have enjoyed this board, it has helped me so much! I thought we were having one baby as well (as did most here), so the twin thing really rocked our world. Our first was a planned HB, and our first kids sound similar-- she wasn't on board for a HB. But, we were able to have the twins at home, and it was the sweetest birth, just absolutely amazing. We have di/di twins as well. They are now five months along.
Welcome to you, and please feel free to ask about anything and everything here. Really lovely mamas on this board!
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Southern Ontario mom as well with twin girls age 26 months. I was 37 when my girls were born and I also have a 15 year old. Pregnancy doesn't suit me either, planned on a natural birth in hosp as I am high risk in pregnancy but my dominant twin to this day turned overnight when in for induction and a bad bit of advice got me a cesarean. I'm actually speaking out about that experience this weekend in London, hoping to encourage other moms to take back their power as mothers.

PM me is you would like any advice etc. It's been tough but easier than the imagination can create, that's for sure!
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Welcome and congratulations!
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welcome and congratulations! ::
i, too, have yet to experience the text message.
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I was born in Ontario but my parents came back to the UK by the time I was 5 years old. I have citizenship though and I visited again when I was 16. Beautiful, beautiful place.

Am now UK based.

I'm almost 30, and a technophobe too.

What does NAK mean !?! that's one that has me stymied.
Is there a page anywhere on mothering that gives explanations?
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Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I have no idea what NAK means, though I have been able to load my MP3 player...I actually do maintain my own family website which stretches my technical skills, but is fun in a weird way.

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Welcome! NAK means "nursing at keyboard" which I know because I'm doing it right now! Similar story here - 34 years old, central ON resident, almost 6 year old, 3 year old and went for #3. Our twins are 3 months now. We're done . This forum was great throughout my pregnancy and continues to be now.
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Hi Tammy! My twins are numbers three and four too - we were also expecting just number three and got a big surprise. Welcome to the board!
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Hi Tammy! We wanted #3 and got a #3 & #4 special as well, also discovered at 12 weeks.

What are you thinking of doing for the twin birth? Home with midwife? Or?
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Originally Posted by Mama to one View Post
Welcome! NAK means "nursing at keyboard"
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Hi Tammy! My twins were SURPRISE #5 and #6 and I'm loving every single second of it! Welcome!
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Hi Tammy, congratulations on your twin pregnancy, are you going to have them at home too?
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Welcome, Tammy!

For those new to the online abbreviations, here's an acronym decoder page that on MDC. I reference this quite a bit

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Kara, thanks for the decoder page!!!!!
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Now we all have to try more out

LOL. I've never seen sooo many. Thanks Kara.
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Originally Posted by nethead View Post
Hi Tammy, congratulations on your twin pregnancy, are you going to have them at home too?
...sigh...I wish. I was under the care of our only midwifery group in town but they do not deliver twins at home (not even in hospital) in this community (and pretty much not in any community in Ontario as I understand it). So, my care was transfered to an OB, who I saw for the first time today. It didn't go well, and he's supposed to be the most progressive guy in town! So, here's the deal - birth has to be in the OR (on an old stainless steel OR table)...no siblings present. They insist on an epidural being in place...he tells me this is consistent with the Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology of Canada (SOGC) Guidelines...all "just in case" they need to do a breech extraction...and to top things all off they will NOT let anyone go past 38 weeks wiht twins.The midwives can be present at the birth for support and to assume responsibility for the babes if all is "well".

I feel dejected...I feel like I just want to give up on my dream of a somewhat natural birth for these babies. I'm sad that my two older girls will not witness this wonderful moment. I'm not even sure what to do at this point. There is the opportunity to have a consult with a larger centre about an hour down the road where apparently they are more lax about the epidural rule, but I don't think the midwives would be able to attend the birth at that hospital as they don't have privileges there.

If anyone out there has encountered something similar, particularly if you live in Ontario or Canada (since our health system is a little different from those of you in the USA) I would love to hear from you...I just feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath me...
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Oh My!!!

Hang in there - something will come up if you search around.

Your body. Your babies.

This is the fun bit of having multiples, right we get to build ourselves some BIGGER characters through the pregnancy so we can take on the challenges ever afterwards, God willing

Do you have independent midwives in Canada, or could you afford to ship one in from somewhere for an 'oops - it was too quick at home' type scenario?

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okay, first of all, big hug
second, deep breath!

Now, I don't know about the Canadian system or your feelings 'bunking' the system, particularly since you work in a hospital, but here are some thoughts...

Is there any negotiating with this OB? For instance, why does the birth have to be in the OR? Do they have any L&D rooms close enough to the OR 'in case of emergency'?

An epidural 'just in case' of breech extraction seems mighty preventative to me - have you actually read the guidelines the OB is quoting (to be sure he is not misrepresenting them/taking the most cautious approach)? In any event, I could understand that suggestion in case of emergency C-section, not a breech extraction. I had a breech extraction without any pain relief (as have other mamas on this board), and it was definitely bearable. However, the need for breech extraction (limited) is a whole 'nother conversation The only 'good' I can find in this part of the OB's talk is that at least he'll attend a breech birth.

And the not 'letting' anyone go past 38 weeks is, IMO, silly. Some other ladies around here can likely provide you with links to studies that suggest that inducing a healthy twin pregnancy is not necessarily beneficial or necessary. There are many of us who have gone past 38 weeks. I carried my mono/di twins to 42 weeks, and they weighed 6.15 and 7.3 when they were born - imagine how little they would have been had I agreed to to induce prior to 38 weeks!

Do you have any options as far as privately practicing renegade midwives who would attend your birth at home? I understand that would mean paying out of pocket, but it might be worth it if you can swing it. Then, you could always see this OB for any monitoring and not mention HB plans... and then not show up for your pre-38 week induction... just thinking here that perhaps there are options for a different birth... you might try posting in your 'tribal' area here on MDC and asking if anyone has any advice.
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Midwives are regulated in my province (Ontario) by the College of Midwives of Ontario - essentially there is only one kind - A Registered Midwife (unlike in the USA I think where you have different kinds)...they are covered under our universal health care system (i.e. we don't pay). Most have privileges at their local hospital(s). I have never heard of anyone "shipping" someone in...sounds like an expensive option as it would have to be from the US (and with the thought of having 3 children in day care a year from now I'm a little overwhelmed on the budget side of things!).

Sheesh, if only I lived in Norway...
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