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Micro Preemie

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My sister gave birth to her DS three weeks ago today at 23 weeks gestation. She lives near Paris, which is so far from us. How can we be supportive? Anyone have a similiar experience? She very unhopeful, so we're all hoping for her.

Sorry this is so choppy...typing with my own new born in arms.
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wow, 23 weeks. My boys were born at 25w4d and just came home at the beginning of this month. Your sister has a very long and difficult road ahead. Being so far away, the best thing you could do is make sure she knows that she can call you anytime. All of the odds are against the baby. There are going to be a lot of ups and downs and one of the best things was having a few close friends and family that I could talk to anytime. I'm not sure how far she is from the hospital but if you can send money for transportation to and from the hospital or for food while she visiting the baby, that would be super helpful.
Also, there's a good sticky thread about what we wish our friends and family knew about the nicu.
Congrats to your sister! Remember to celebrate, her baby may have been born really early but she gave birth and it will probably be nice for your sister to feel celebrated. Send a congratulations card or a nice preemie outfit (even though it won't fit for a long time) or a nice micro preemie shirt from here http://www.preemie.com/Preemie%20Yums_bymfg_10-1-1.html
I bought 2 micro preemie shirts shortly after my boys were born, they were huge on them for a month or so but the nurses put the boys in their clothes and it made everything more "normal: for me.
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I agree with PP. Lots of emotional support. $$ is helpful for food and travel, perhaps a calling card to call you whenever.

You said she had the three weeks ago. . . how's he doing?
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If she is overseas, is the 23 weeks gestastation 23 weeks like in the states or btw is it more like 26 weeks?? Just checking btw!
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At 23 weeks she will have a rough go.. Many ups and downs but tell her not to lose hope I think the pp gave some good advice. Offer her whatever help you can.
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