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The Official Guess the Sex thread... updated

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I am thinking we are having a BOY.... that's what my body is telling me... I want another little girl though.... so we'll see.

Post your guesses and we'll keep track to see who was right... and who guessed wrong~ :

Official List! Name Guess confirmed sex
peacelovingmama-girl or boy?? Girl
birthangeldoula boy
filiadeunda girl? GIRL
nuwavemomma girl
freestyler boy
puffnstuff clueless
JillyD girl
L&K'smommie girl
hippiemommaof4 girl
devaskyla girl
baileyandmikey boy
hollin boy
ilovebabies boy
candynut girl GIrl!
Aly22681 girl BOY!!!!!!!!
lanielayne girl
jdubbelewe girl GIRL!
clumsysugarplum boy
3forme boy
mom2tatum girl
keirasmommy boy
liberalchick boy
starlein26 girl GIRL
fuzzypeach boy BOY
mrstmb girl GIRL
amj'smommy boy
pnwmama girl
cpeckys girl
hillaryjudd girl Girl!
divdedsky boy boy twins
mama2mygirl ? Girl
xiaguan boy
liliaceae girl
daneleb boy girl twins
she2dancer girl
jldunmm boy
toddlermama16 girl
cyrusmama girl
lemongrass girl
mel rak boy BOY
texanheart BOY
lila2801 girl
marieangela girl GIRL
conchobhar girl
twokidsfarm girl GIRL
rocknrollmama GIRL!
2goingon2 girl
squeekybuddha girl
nomadmama boy
malva girl
kohlby girl
jojobean girl
amydidit Girl
K&Jsmama BOY
motherto4 BABY!
dachshundmom BABY!
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I think mine is a girl. I have very mixed feeling about it though. We lost a little girl in February so a part of me wants another girl... and yet I realize that this is a different little person and so that shouldn't really matter. My DS really wants a boy and a boy would round out our family nicely.
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I think Boy, but everyone else says girl! We'll find out in a couple of weeks!
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I can't decide. I really, really, really want a girl, and sometimes I feel it is a girl. Other times I get this nagging feeling that it might be a boy, just because I would be ever-so-slightly disappointed if it isn't a girl. Does that make me a bad Mommy-to-be?
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I had a dream two nights ago that our family was swimming and it was me, DP, DS and a little person in a pink one-piece bathing suit with shocking red hair. DP says he can see me allowing a boy to wear that if he really wanted to! And I don't know what to think, because she looked a lot like a friend's daughter IRL.

But I'm going to guess girl, for the record!
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I think boy! We'll hopefully be able to catch a quick peek at my appointment next week. I'm always wrong with my guesses though, every time.
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It's weird (maybe?) - I have absolutely *no* hunch whatsoever!
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I really don't have an idea either! Last time, I knew I was having a girl but didn't really let myself believe it until the very end (filliadeluna - I felt similarly to you and I think it is fine to have a preference!).

This time, if i HAD to guess, I would say another girl but I almost just wrote boy so who knows!?!?!? Obviously, not me

By the way, I find it really strange to not have a hunch one way or another.
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I really don't know...my dd tells me it's a girl and I kind of feel like it's a girl, but I'm not really sure.
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boy and I have never felt this strong about it but i feel sure...lol but it will prob end up being a girl lmao I have two of each already anyway so it doesnt matter to me in the end.
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Girl. Although the feeling was a lot stronger a few weeks ago. I was right with both boys, but part of me wonders if it isn't just wishful thinking. This is probably my last one & I would really, really like a girl.
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Boy. I'm basing my guess on the fact that I saw his penis on ultrasound.
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I will make an updated list when I get a chance.... let's see who's right!
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I'm feeling boy.
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I have no idea. I didn't know with DS, although I had a bunch of dreams with him and they were always boy babies. No dreams this time, I've been sicker, and have more freckles (which my Mom always has claimed happened to her when she was pregnant with me). So, maybe girl? But maybe I'm just hoping. I would prefer a girl, although I think DS would prefer a brother and I would be happy for him (and us after a small, initial disappointment - I'll admit to it here to get it out of my system, but I won't say it anywhere else).

So...I guess I'll guess girl. I'm afraid to press submit because I don't want to jinx it. Ok. I'm going to do it....
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Well, I would have SWORN it was a girl, every since the HPT came back I just knew it was a little girl, DH felt the same way. We even started referring to it by our GIRL NAME. DH kept saying that he wished it was a boy though, and I would laugh and say, "sorry honey its a girl." HAHA. Well low and behold, IT'S ACTUALLY A BOY!! So please put me in the WRONG category HAHAHA!!!
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I am saying girl. I think I will know on my own in another month's time so I may change it but I have felt girl so far.
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Is there any way to make this a sticky, so we can all come back and update easily if the board gets really active?

Since the very beginning, I've felt girl.

I thought I wanted a boy because I'm a somewhat feminine tomboy - I like to look pretty and all but have no qualms in ending covered up head to toe with mud and miscellany - and my number one fear is having a pretty little princess of a girl, because I have NO IDEA what to do with one!!!! To be totally honest, though, I don't have a preference at this point. I just want a good baby!
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My dh's family is nothing but boys, and I've already had one boy, so I think boy. I'll eat my shoe if I have a girl (but I'd be thrilled!).
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Initially I thought boy, then I had a dream and someone was holding a baby. I was trying to get a look at the baby to see the sex and saw that the baby was wrapped in a pink blanket. So now I think girl....I usually have more dreams as the BIG ultrasound nears and I've always been right. I'm excited for either at this point!!!
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