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Hawaii Mommies

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: We will be heading there next summer. I was wondering what the "scene" is on Oahu as far the birth community is concerned, crunchy moms, etc...

Also, how are the midwives? I will need a preceptor while I am there, any recommendations?

Is living in HI really as great as everyone says it is?

Thanks girls!
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Its wonderful!!!!I have met more ladies who have had home births and UCs. No one blinks if you are nursing in public and children are really very much enjoyed here.
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great midwives and quite a few who don't have apprentices.

PM me - I'll invite you to our local board to prepare you for moving here
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Hi KailuaMamatoMaya,

My husband's job will likely be moving us to Kauai after the first of the year. I'm trying to make some connections with local folks with respect to midwifery/homebirth. I am just finishing up my training under direct-entry midwives and am hoping to meet other like-minded folks out there.

Could you also invite me to your local board? My email is chloe.r@knology.net.

Chloe :-)
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