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I found a good doctor!

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Just wanted to post here because this has been a LONG search and I always looked here for insight.

Jessica Baker DO, in Media. She takes our insurance, is fine with no vax/selective vax, and even commented on how great it is for my son that he's still nursing at 2 1/2! She's holistic and has accupuncture in her office. We're really thrilled.

Hope this info is helpful to others ...

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Hi Sarah, I didn't know you were an mdc girl...cool! well, this is great to know about this doc...I am calling her immediately to see if she takes medicaid. I really hope so.
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can you post her phone number and address, please?
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I just googled her and her info popped up...however I see only Aetna listed. Boo. I will still call her though to be sure on Monday.
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Thank Sarah04-
I called the office and was told that they couldn't schedule a "meet the doctor"appt. until I actually transferred my dd's records to her office! Did this happen to anyone else? I'm not going to transfer until I know we "click", but she looks great on paper!
I'd love to hear your experience!
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Here's the link, I should have included it in the first post, sorry about that!

I didn't have any records transferred. I made an appointment just for myself (didn't want to put my kids through another lousy appointment). I did bring my kids with me, though, and when Dr. Baker was finished seeing me, I talked with her about seeing my kids.

As for the insurance, we don't have Aetna, we have this random private insurance and they took it with no problems.
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She doesn't accept medicaid. No one does. I have tried multiple doctors and no one will accept it unless we are existing patients. Makes it hard when we've been trying to leave our ped office for almost a year. Guess we just won't see a doctor unless its for an emergency at the ER. That's ok, too. What the heck do we need a well visit for anyway if we're not vaccinating? Peace of mind is all. Ugh. Back to doing nothing about this.
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I always like to hear of good docs in case we make the switch.... it is a hike for us but it may be worth it! Why are so many people having problems with medicaid?
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just me I think. Because doctors will not accept new patients with it (so far, in my experience calling around). They will only "deal with it" if it becomes the insurance for a current patient. Makes it seem impossible to make a switch.
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