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Originally posted by naturegirl
I remember telling a friend of mine that I wanted to have a baby or at least a big belly by Christmas of this year.
i told my husband this last year at christmas time too. now i don't dare think about next christmas.

ttc#2 for 12+not-counting-anymore months
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Hi Again -

I'm now 10 dpo and starting to worry about AF coming. Just have that bad feeling, though really nothing to justify it other than the usual can't get pregnant problem.: If AF does show up, it'll be right at Thanksgiving, when we are having 8-10 people over for dinner. Wouldn't that just be great??

How is everyone else doing? Busy for the holiday, I imagine. Hope this month is a success for you!!

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Hi everyone- Thanks for this thread. I was in such a state of funk until I started reading the posts!

After the difficult decsion, at 41, to decide to have another child I recieved terrible yet postive news at the same time. After just finishing the clomid challange my Dr discovered during the office hysteroscopy that not only has my fibroid gotten bigger but that one whole section of my uterus is covered in pollups. They don't want me to even bother with the IUI and instead want me to have surgery to clean me up. I am so depressed after the rollercoaster emotions of clomid only to discover it wasn't worth it. Yet the good news is my uterus should be in prime shape for the next cycle! My surgery is shceduled for 12/15 so after tht I can enjoy the holidays and then look forward to a new cycle in January.

My thoughts and prayers to everyone else out there. Lets think happy, fertile thoughts!
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I would like to join you all if you'll have me. I really need to be able to vent to people who "get it" once in awhile and I'm very attracted to all of the positive energy here!
The short version about me is that I have a beautiful, intelligent, loving, and funny daughter named Carrie Elizabeth. She is 33 months old now and she still nurses, although not more than a few times a day. I think we will wean soon, but that's another thread. I lost twins at 6 and 9 weeks before having her and went through around 2 years of ttc. It took clomid and progesterone, along with God's grace, to get Carrie to us.
I always thought she was such a little miracle to us, I wouldn't be upset if we didn't have another one. I was wrong!!! Baby fever gets worse every month. I am encouraged that I've had two periods, with relatively normal days between.
The neat thing I really want to share is that today my DD was playing with the phone, pretending to call grandparents, etc. She started talking to Grandpa Leon, who died last month, and I thought it was really sweet the conversation she was having with him. She hung up the phone and told me she had called heaven. Carrie then made another call and when she hung up, I asked who that was and she told me her baby sister Lilly, and that she was fine and would be coming soon. I got goosebumps!! Carrie has been telling me lately she wants a baby sister, as a friend from church has recently had one. However, after seeing the baby in the hospital, and me holding the baby, she told me she just wanted a puppy, a chocolate lab to be exact. Since the baby wanting seemed to be over for her, this just floored me today. I so want to believe it's a positive sign. And after reading the great posts here, I think I will.
I hope everyone here has good news soon. There really isn't anything more wonderful in this world.
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Hi Folks,

Glad you found us. I hope Lily get's here soon.

I'm having a weird month. I binged on Amazon on CD 1, and got 3 fertility books delivered on saturday. I finished two by Sunday, and am working my way through the third , Whole Person Fertility program. It brings up all sorts of stuff that is only part way worked through.

I'm feeling less optimistic about this being my month, I think partly 'cause I can't really deal with the whole christmas thing. If I get pregnant this month, I would not only be pregnant at Christmas I'd get to tell my family in person. Last year we thought we might be, and we were sure we'd be by now, so I think I'm just trying to keep my eye on the regular holiday balls. Shopping planning etc.

On top of everything else DH and I have been having non-ttc related spats lately. I think that maybe TTC is a little like getting married was for us-I feel like I've got to get things sorted out now, before the baby so it raises the stakes somehow. It doesn't help that I'm having these monster headaches, and unexplained nausea. (yeah, I checked, BFN)

I will get my attitude readjusted soon, and rejoin the obnoxiously positive. I didn't leave completely. I am more sure that we will have a baby, just less sure about when.
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hi girls,

kelly, i'm thinking of you and hoping your panties are white and you'll be getting a big HUGE positive in the morning. lots of positive thoughts are being sent your way.

gonnabeamom, i'm sorry you are feeling a little discouraged right now. it is only natural to have periods of down in the dumps about ttc. big and i'm glad you're here!

Pamela, wow, what a great story!! i'm hoping Lily is just around the corner for you!

hi hollybearsmom, i'm sorry that you got news you wished you hadn't. december 15th is coming right up though and then onward and upward- or out (as in belly popping out!) for you!

hey cheryl, how are you? where are you in your cycle now?

astrid, thanks for the compliment on my new signature! i like it too! it's adina's attitude rubbing off on me. how are you?

hi jenn, not to worry, next Christmas you WILL have a new baby in your arms or in your belly.

as for me, i'm on cd 15 today. yesterday my temp jumped way up to 98.5 but then this morning it was back down to 97.6. we'll see what tomorrows does. i had a negative opk today. 2 days ago it was questionable but i considered it a negative until the temp jump. so confusing. still bd'ing like crazy.
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HollyBearsMom and fairymama

gonnabeamom I know exactly how you feel. ttc after this long is a horrible rollarcoaster ride where you slowly ride up for weeks and do the huge drop in a matter of seconds (if that makes any sense: )

Last month I was feeling good about it so I was quite devastated when af showed up. This month dh parents were visiting so not much time to bd and I wouldn't be suprised if this wasn't our month. I am still hoping but I don't think I will be as broken hearted as last month if af does show up.

Here is for everyone here to be for Christmas
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ladies. Sorry I haven't been around here much. I have been trying to stay away from the boards a little and have a non-obsessive cycle. Didn't really work though...

Had a huge temp drop today (below cl) and have had some light spotting for the past 3 or 4 days. Looks like I will soon be "officially" infertile. You know ttc for over twelve months. : THIS SUCKS! (Sorry PMS )

I am going in for testing next month with a naturopath. I hope she can help me get pregant soon. In a way I feel like a failure and in a way I just want to let them do what they need to get pregnant. I also feel like I am giving into western medicine. I have such faith that our bodies are capable of self healing, reproduction, growth, etc. without interfering. Why can't I? :

And if one more person tells me to relax! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Sorry, in the process of the huge drop. I so wanted to have a baby/be pregnant by Christmas. It is the ONLY thing on my Christmas wish list.

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repeat after me

12 months is a guideline! 12 months is just a goddamn guideline! 12 months is just a stupid guideline!

One of my fertility books talks a lot about the negative language of Western medicine, and the hurt that inflicts on many women. Don't submit to medical hexing!

Say: MY body is having trouble conceiving, and I am going to take care of myself, and do what I can to help support my body is conceiving and carrying a child.

12 months bites the big one no doubt, but your faith in your body will be rewarded!
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12 months is just a guideline. 12 months is just a goddamn guideline. 12 months is just a stupid guideline.

I have the power and health to carry a baby full term and have a healthy birth. I can do it!

Thanks Gonnabeamom


P.S. didn't show today, still hanging in there.
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Chrissy, Astrid, Gonnabeamom,
Thanks for the welcome. I really hope to hear about Lilly's arival soon. I too would love to be pregnant at Christmas, along with everyone else here. I work part-time and the job entails doing some counselling type work with at-risk teens. In the last week three of them have told me they're pregnant. Uggggh!! It's really hard to not want to shake my fist at the heavens, but I know that is just the way life is sometimes.
Cheryl- it does really stink to know that AF is on the way when we are desperately hoping not to see her for a long, long time. With PCOS I don't temp, as it's just too darn frustrating to think about temping day after day with no change. Just reinforcing in my mind I'm not functioning right. I am somewhat optimistic with the last couple of months of having periods, so if it happens again I might get the old BBT out of storage.
It's day 14 for me and I seem to have EWCM on day 20-21 if the last two months mean anything. DH will be pheasant hunting a state away next weekend, so that will be perfect timing, not!!
Anyway, ladies here's to hoping we all have a new little baby to be thankful for next November.
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Pamela, Dh are always leaving during O time! Don't they understand! :LOL Hope your O comes early or late so DH can be with you and do his part!

I am starting a new cycle today. showed once again for the 12th unwanted time...

Feeling good that I may get some answers from my naturopath soon and be able to move on again.

How is everyone else?


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I am really emotional. I just finished Inconceivable in almost one session. Great book, very helpful,hopeful.

I still continue to believe that I'm gonna have a baby sometime, and to be scared of beleiving that this could be the month. I've even been feeling pushed to start getting DH to talk about parenting styles, and feel like I want to get certain things clear before the baby comes.

I'm CD 13 and just got my second "high" from my fertility monitor which is good news as I'm Oing earlier in my cycles.

I told DH this morning "I know this is going to happen, but I want to forward to the end, where I say it was really hard, and we had to wait for X, but it was all worth it to have our baby now" The waiting just feels like sooooo much.

In the meantime, I'm going to picture all of us at a reunion somewhere with babies, and toddlers running around, and all of us hassled and joyful, talking about how it seemed we'd never get here and here we are with our babies.
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i feel like crap. should be arriving today or tomorrow. i was really hoping to be pregnant by christmas. now i just want to stay inside, avoid all the holiday parties with those pg women, and feel sorry for myself.

i remember during the parties last year i had to avoid any wine because the 2ww. now i can drink but i hate drinking when i'm depressed.

i think i need to move on. i'm tempted to burn all my charts and toss my bbt thermometers. i need to get on with my life.

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to Cheryl, jenniferB and anyone else who needs one.
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for Christmas BFP's

for everyone have a rough time with the holidays. (me included)

I have news, but not sure if it is good or bad at this point. (leaning towards bad) I woke up this am and decided to POAS (temp was up still and my period was "lighter" than usual) Well it was BFP! I started my "period" on Saturday and have had both bright red and dark bleeding. I am still bleeding some today and think I will wait until it is over and if it doesn't get really heavy will test again to see if he/she made it.

I am scared, sad, and a little excited. At least I got a BFP but I think I will lose this one too. I am starting to really wish I hadn't even tested this morning...I hope it doesn't take another 12 months to get a BFP.

Chrissy, gonnabeamom, Astrid, fairymama, jennifer

I hope we all get sticky BFP's for Christmas or very soon there after.

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Cheryl I am so happy for your BFP and am praying for him/her to be sticky What a wonderful Christmas present that will be! I am sure you have heard this before, but lots of women have light bleeding early and go on to have healthy babies. Sending you lots of
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Cheryl, big to celebrate and to comfort you! How is your temperature? I think I read in the 2ww thread that your temp is still high. I would say that is a very very good sign. I wonder if you could have your progesterone checked. If it is low, they could give you suppositories to help the pregnancy stick.
I also wanted to tell you that I had several bleeding episodes during my pregnancy with Noah, one was even kind of heavy and bright red and he was born happy and healthy and huge at 40 weeks. I am soooooooooo happy for you! Spread some more of that babydust lady!

JenniferB, I am so sorry you are feeling down. I sincerely hope that you are wrong and that AF does not show. I know of many many a woman who was sure her period was coming only to get a BFP. I'm so hoping that for you!

Had my blood drawn today for a 7dpo progesterone check to see if I really ovulated. Will find out tomorrow.

Definitely holiday bfp's for us all!!!
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Get that progesterone tested ASAP!!!! I really believe it can/does make the difference. I have a 33 month old dancing in the next room to prove it. She just came in and told me her "words are very important", then she waved her purple wand and told me Bippidee Boppidee Boo!
Jen, I'm really sorry you're feeling so down. I hope it stays away for you.
I have had a down couple of days myself, don't really think it's all ttc related, but it doesn't help. I should be taking metformin, but I can't seem to remember 3 pills a day. I don't know why that is so hard, but it is. I have decided to just do 1 1/2 pills morning and night and hope that works just as well. I would love to feel like my body was really ovulating on its own, kwim?
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