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NonVax and Raggedy Ann

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Beat you didn't know there was a connection.
Read this article.

Those of us who believe in non-vax need to re-introduce Raggedy Ann as a symbol. We need to start giving the to our children, grandchildren and friends. And just general spreading the story so that the symbolism will possibly be brought back and could spark conversation.
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Oh, neat~thanks for that link!
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Moving to the Vaccination forum, as FYT is for geographically specific info only.
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Wow. Great information.

I actually still have my Raggedy Ann. I got it when I was 1 (which makes the doll 37 years old) and she became a blond when I cut her hair at age 6. All we had was yellow yarn.

I've thought of changing her hair back to red, but it's a fun memory.
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There is a thread on Vaccinations started by Fyrestorm a couple of years ago about this very subject.


Yes, I knew about this. Little Marcella Gruelle had a reaction about the same time my favorite Aunt had a reaction. My Aunt lived, and my family has not vaccinated since. We learned the first time.

John Gruelle, Marcella's father, was an illustrator. He was asked to do an illustration for a drug company that made vaccines, and he refused ten years after her death. He focused on the Raggedy Ann and Andy series for his livelihood instead...

It just goes to show you that vaccine reactions of all kinds and dishonest doctors have been around a long time. There is nothing new under the sun. The first vaccine law suits are over one hundred years old.

A Supreme Court Case, Jacobson versus Massachusetts 197 U.S. 11, 25 was heard in 1905 challenging a state public health law from the 1870s regarding smallpox outbreaks.

This is a very old fight. Your great-grandchildren will be still guarding their bodily and immune integrity from government intrusion fifty years from now.
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Thanks for posting this... I'd heard something about Raggedy Ann being the "mascot" for those against vaxing but never got around to finding out why.

Does anyone know anywhere that sells Raggedy Ann dolls handmade or at least not made in China?
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There are kits available for making them. And there is an ad on this page for getting them at Target.
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