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Cool, Modern Baby Boy Fabric?

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We just found out we're having baby boy #3, and while we really don't need anything for him, I was really hoping to do some fun quilting and sewing for this babe.

Does anyone know of any good links to cool fabric that is not super girly? I'm a little tired of "baby blue", so maybe some fun stripes of greens and browns, or reds and oranges, or just creams... I like Amy Butler and many of the newer designers, I just don't know where to look. Also, good spots for flannel, super fine fleece and minky would be great too.

Thanks, Amanda
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I'm a big fan of fabric.com Their clearance section is usually pretty awesome!
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Originally Posted by frogger View Post
I was going to recommend these too!
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What I would have suggested has already be said, but wanted to offer up suggestion for using Batiks or batik like prints for making a baby quilt.

A friend of mine made ds one when he was born that is beautiful and not "typically baby", which I love. Since he's a boy she used 4 sq's and backing in med blue/dk blue, center sq and edging in med green/dk grn, 4 sq's light marron/dk marron, and trimming between the squares is a soft yellow/med yellow. All of those colors are in jewel like tones.

Picture of said quilt in use.
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Reesecup - you little guy and the quilt are adorable, thank you for sharing!

ktlady and frogger - I love the shopkumquat site, so many cute things to inspire me. I'm having a little trouble with the sewzanne one, all I keep getting is a webhosting site? I'll try again in the morning when I'm on the faster school computer.

Thanks too, fyrestorm, I had forgotten about fabric.com (duh!)

I'm so anxious to begin on something that isn't rattles, bottles, puppies and trucks! I just dug our old bouncy chair to find that during the bigs rains this summer it must of gotten wet in the basement. The cover is stained and a little mildewy, so I think I'll make a new cover, maybe something in soft cocoa minky from fabric.com. And he'll need a warm bunting or snowsuit, since my first 2 boys were summer babies. And then I think its time for some new rec. blankets, extra big, and a new cover for my nursing pillow, and maybe embellish a few long sleeve Ts. Its going to be so much fun!

Thanks again, and please keep other suggestions coming. Are there any etsy shops you love for little boys?
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Much better - thank you! Off to peruse the site!
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I have an almost 3 yo ds and ds2 on the way. love using Japanese fabrics like the ones below, but I buy them through co-op:


these fabrics I've found to be perfect weight, yet soft and durable for wear (cotton and linen mostly)
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Wow- p.s. Thank you so much, that was exactly what I was looking for! I'm so excited, and I'm going to be so broke! Thank you thank you thank you!
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Another vote for Sewzannes! She is so helpful and her shipping is really fast.
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Yet another vote for Sewzanne's! I'll also add that the quilting section of Joann has had some very cool prints in both flannel and cotton broadcloth.
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This website ships internationally and does boys aswell as girls fabric and is super super cute!

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Here's a pic of a simple quilt my sister made with a great collection of fabric. She actually made it for my daughter, but we picked out the fabric not knowing the sex of the baby. It works for both, I think.


I just saw it on a website and will have to try and find it again. I know that strawberry patches sells it, because she got it all there. You might try ordering from them at http://www.strawberry-patches.com/
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I know this is an older thread, but I've been searching for some more modern baby fabric too and have come across some pretty great sites and etsy shops. Here are a few of my favorites.


Some of their fabrics are a little pricey, but really nice!
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Thank you! Those are awesome! I'm just about done with the first round I ordered, so now I'm ready for some more fabric! Yeah!
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