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Moving to Chicagoland

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My family and I are moving to the chicago area in October and I have questions about several things.
1. My husband will be working in Oak Lawn. We would love to live within about 15 minutes of his work but we know nothing about the area. We have 2 very young children and need a family friendly, safe, fairly walkable neighborhood.
2. Are there any preschools-elementary schools that are really good and not all that expensive? I like Waldorf and Montessori, but I would prefer to spend less and I would also like the school to be near home.
3. Any pediatricians to recommend? We do vaccinate, but prefer a less rigorous schedule than is standard and I don't want to fight with another doctor!

Thanks! I am feeling so overwhelmed with this move- I don't even know where to begin with researching neighborhoods and towns.
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I am originally from Chicago, I now live in Maine, moved here 6 years ago. However unless things have changed drastically there isn't too much crunch factor/AP style to my knowledge in Oak Lawn or the suburbs near there. Oak Lawn is just south of the city, I believe it borders Evergreen Park. I actually spent my HS years on the southside about 20 mins from Oak Lawn.

My guess is the closest area where you would find what you are looking for is to live in Hyde Park (a neighborhood in Chicago) and have your dh commute to work.

Hopefully some of the Mamas who are in Chicago now may be able to weigh in with suggestions.

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I live in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood of Chicago which is just north of Oak Lawn. Its not too crunchy here but the people that live here are pretty nice and its family friendly. I have always personally liked Oak Lawn and would have no problem raising a family there. We actually see a pediatrican over in Lincoln Park, he's fine w/ delay vaxing and really really nice. We don't agree on non vaxing but I'm willing to put up w/ it b/c we agree on pretty much anything else.
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How about Beverly? My brother & family live there & it's very family friendly with many walkable neighborhoods. It's about 15 minutes east of Oak Lawn down 95th. I don't know how overall NFL the area is, though. They're "mainstream USA" in that household!
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beverly, evergreen park, etc are more pricey imo for homes. if you can go a little further to crestwood, oak forest...you will get pretty good schools and a home for around 200k? we used to live in oak forest in a condo. we could walk everywhere...park district, library, stores, banks, etc.
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