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Sudden potty accidents?

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My ds has been 100% potty learned since January of this year, he only had a couple accidents after he potty trained.

Well last weekend and again today he had an accident! I don't know why. He always tells me right away that he peed in his underwear and is very upset by it. He wasn't engrossed in something else at the time, he has unlimited access to the bathroom...he has lots of liquids but hasn't been asking to go potty more often than 'normal'

I didn't make a big deal out of it either time, I reassured him that it was okay, everyone has accidents...he was pretty upset by it both times, but not to the point of crying or anything...just a little sad.

It's not really a big deal that he's had the accidents, it's not a huge deal...but I do worry about WHY he's all the sudden having potty accidents

Any advice?
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I think accidents occasionally occur when kids are growing very fast. Since she trained, about a year ago, there are times when our DD unexpectedly has several accidents over a few days, and then she adjusts and goes back to her normal potty trained behavior. I actually wonder if the sensations that warn her that she really needs to go are changing, or her muscles are not catching up perfectly with more capacity in her bladder or something like that because it matches up so closely every time. She'll start sleeping constantly, eating like a horse, and being ever so slightly short tempered (yeah, right, just a tiny bit...) and often those times she'll also have an accident, or, usually now she just will leak a tiny amount and then stop herself before she has a full accident and ask to go to the potty.

Especially if it's upsetting him, I think the only thing you need to do is clean up and reassure him just like you've been doing and he'll be fine. I think its a normal process of 3 steps forward,1 step back, yk?
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I would rule out physical causes first, UTI, etc. Also has he started drinking anything recently that acts as a diuretic, such as caffinated sodas, or grapefruit juice.
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