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Im 38 weeks today

After talking to my *new* OB (yup, thats right you heard that correctly, I have been switched to ANOTHER OB at 38 weeks ) and getting her to listen to me about my real due date (I said "Believe you me, I KNOW when I ovulated AND had sex" word for word ) I said I was tracking ovulation, which wasn't necessarily true but I did feel O "pain", but said I had intercourse on Jan 14th, which IS true, and she said by that my due date was October 6th, not 7th because of leap year this year. So I am now closer to my October 7th edd.

And I go to see HER (I have never met her before, just talked to her on the phone) tomorrow at 1:30 and she will check me for dilation/effacement, which I will consent to. Then I am going to ask her why she is pushing for an early induction before my EDD anyway. But I might allow DH to DTD with me on Oct 1st because his parents are here from the 29th to the 11th. DTD is what started heavy ctx that made DS preemie so : who knows. I know I am not the biggest fan of my ILs (::: MIL) but I do want them to be able to spend time with Thierry for more than 3 days... So as much as I WANT the 7th as a bday, I will not be that selfish as to not try to naturally induce myself with *ahem* DTD that his grandparents couldn't be there for him. But I want to express to new OB that I will not be having pitocin to induce me...

Sorry Changed for breaking our October 7th pact
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^You haven't broken a pact yet! You may actually GO on the 7th...you just never know!

Busy day today. I have a chiro appt at 12:30, wax appt at 2:30, clients from 4-6, and Bradley class from 7-9ish. I'm thinking I won't be able to get anything done around the house today. Oh well. At least I got a lot done yesterday.
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JMarie, I hope your back feels better. That sounds awful.

lee, good luck in changing your + to a -. I am anxiously awaiting my results. Ugh, I really don't want to deal with a +. I am taking all of the supplements already JIC, but I won't do antibiotics, so it may limit my choices a little during my homebirth.

I am glad you didn't go into labor yet, Changed. Even though all those contractions sound annoying. I have been having them every 5-10 minutes every evening for a couple weeks now, but I can basically ignore them. Sometimes they kinda take my breath away from the pressure though. I figure I won't have any idea when I go into labor until I am much further along, which is a good thing IMO considering this is my first baby.

Mandi, I hope you can further heal your relationship with your DH (if that's what you want). That must be such a tough situation.

AAM, We are finally moved!!! And I am officially 37 weeks, so my homebirth plans are on! I am soooo excited! Now, this baby just need to stay in for at least 2 more weeks (preferably 4) so that I can get everything done in here. The house is still full of boxes, but we are absolutely in love with it.

My midwife says that the baby has dropped really low, so that's good news. I can tell because I am peeing 20 times a day now, and it feels like he is stretching my pelvis out. I am so sore. Walking is so hard now. And I am so tired from the move, but so grateful that we did it.

I had maternity photos done last week (for free from a friend who just finished photo school), and they came out pretty cute. I will post when I get them. The only problem is that she was using me for practice, so they are a little more her style than mine, but they're still great. This Sunday is my mother's blessing and the girls are going to be henna-ing my belly. And my Mom is coming to visit this weekend to help me unpack, yay.
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Sorry, I can't respond to all that's in the thread.

Mandi- I'm glad things are going better now that he is back home. You have been in my thoughts too.

Jess- congrats on the new house! Don't overdue. The boxes will be available whenever you can get to them. DH had only five shirts for the month after DD was born (read 2 months after our move) b/c we just didn't get unpacked. And, we survived.

How funny that Time Traveler's Wife is the book you bring up. It was my first book club book for my 2nd book club, and is now our October 22 choice for my first book club. (if that makes sense) I'm glad to have the chance to read it again. But you're right, what an emotional roller coaster.

A pp mentioned Maeve Binchy. I love them all, except for Quentin's-- her first after retirement book. I think The Glass Lake will be in my bag to take to the MW's house.

Today is my endocrinologist appt.-- the last before the baby. I met him when my DD was a month old, and he questioned why my OB had had me on the meds she made me take during the 3rd trimester. I think he'll say that my thyroid numbers are good, but my skin feels hyperthyroid still. We'll see. The whole pregnancy has been great considering how the last went with this condition.

Tomorrow is my first weekly with MW. I'm 36 weeks today! On my way to read up on what to increase my Polly Jean dosage to.

Have a great day, everyone.
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Tara - Are you waxing down there? Ouch! My BFF gets her armpits waxed....the most I can do is my eyebrows. I couldn't imagine.
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Just trying to catch up on how everyone is doing! I don't know how you all keep up with these threads. Sounds like everyone's bodies are doing their jobs getting ready for the next few weeks. I really can't believe that it won't be long before there are baby announcements popping up everywhere.

I'm officially 37 weeks, good to go for homebirth, and no more bedrest/pelvic rest instructions. Woohoo! Time to catch up on my chores and get some lovin' in before the baby comes. Had my baby shower on Sat, which was nice. Now all I have left to do is buy a carseat and we're set!
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Originally Posted by audsma View Post
A pp mentioned Maeve Binchy. I love them all, except for Quentin's-- her first after retirement book. I think The Glass Lake will be in my bag to take to the MW's house.
That was me! Yeah, Quentin's and Whitethorn Woods didn't do as much for me as some of her other books. I have nearly everything she's written, though, and I re-read them all the time. I just re-finished the The Glass Lake (one of my favorites) and I'm currently re-reading Circle of Friends, LOL.

Someone else mentioned Pride and Prejudice--yay, another Austen fan : She's another one that I re-read, LOL. In fact, I usually prefer classics. Just haven't been in the mood for one lately.

(yes, I'm a huge bookworm with a HUGE GoodReads list, LOL.)

--------> adding a few of these for my 3 yo who is quite tickled by this smiley : : :
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Oh Mary Ann- I'm so beyond thrilled for you that you've made it to full term. I don't care what day your baby is born (or mine!) as long as they are healthy and cooked. With all you've got going on,each day spent inside is a day less he'll spend in the NICU and I just know being full term will mean less time post op in the hospital and more time spent nursing at home recovering.

Truthfully, as long as I make it to October, I'll be happy. I'd be even happier if he waited until my mom gets here. I'm so happy and grateful that I've had an easy and healthy pregnancy having made it to term without any blood pressure issues- couldn't ask for anything more. :
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I've been reading mostly birthing/nursing books lately, but I have a lot of theology and history texts I'm working on too. but I don;t plan on getting much reading done this week, because I'll be


I plan on making bothe beef and chicken stir fries, and then freezing them. That way I can make rice, or noodles, and defrost- instant dinner!

I will be finishing my chili- add cornbread, reheat, etc.

Mixing ham loaf, which I'll freeze and then thaw and bake later.

I think I'll be able to get our BR vacuumed, and the cosleeper set up today, and then I'll feel almost ready!

I'm getting very excited! :
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Changed- So you have 9 days till October! (right?) You're gonna make it!

Mandi- I hope your DH can cooperate until you figure out what's what. It's got to be tough, I can't even imagine.
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Originally Posted by janasmama View Post
Tara - Are you waxing down there? Ouch! My BFF gets her armpits waxed....the most I can do is my eyebrows. I couldn't imagine.
Yes, waxing down there. I've been doing it for almost 3 years every 4-5wks. My aestetician is AMAZING. Maybe I just have a high tolerance for pain? I don't know. I'm having maternity pics done this Thursday and lots will be nude so I'm happy my appt scheduled worked out to be this week.

ETA: The nurse from my OB's office just called. My GBS swab is NEGATIVE!!!!! HOORAY! I'm beyond thrilled! YES!
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Originally Posted by TaraRae82 View Post
ETA: The nurse from my OB's office just called. My GBS swab is NEGATIVE!!!!! HOORAY! I'm beyond thrilled! YES!

I should get my results today too. I'm really hoping it's negative (not that anyone is hoping for a positive!).
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^I didn't know the nurse was going to call me with the results. I assumed I'd have to wait until my appt on Friday unless something were wrong. I was a little afraid when I saw the office's name come up on my caller ID! She said she thought I'd appreciate the call and boy did I!
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Tara, excellent news on the negative result! Woo hoo!
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Yes, that's awesome news Tara!

Yep, 9 days until October 1st. My mom gets here on the 4th and we're getting pedicures that afternoon. Maybe that'll start things up? Never know!
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Hooray for the neg. GBS results, Tara!! That's great news...and one less thing to worry about, huh?
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I got my Moby D wrap today and it's gorgeous! I tried to put it on myself but it wasn't quite working with this huge belly. So, I had DH model it with a stuffed bear. He said it's too "hippie" for him and wants a guy one with straps!

Dh is working on the yard today and I'm trying to have a normal day. Glad everyone is doing well for the most part!
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i adore my moby! It is perfect for newborns!!!!! Your DH sounds like mine! haha.... although he did wear it a few times, but I had to put it on for him and put the babe in it So it must not be too "hippy" I actually could tell that belly had dropped earlier today, but now it looks high again...what gives?! I guess the baby moved while I was taking a nap.... I enjoyed the idea of having a lower belly...breathing was easier!!!!
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I just wanted to b*tch about something. Yesterday during my maternity photos we went into my backyard for about an hour to take pics, and I realized today that I have like 100 mosquito bites on my back. I can't reach them! They itch!

So annoying.

/end rant.
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I am so proud of us both Changed It feels wonderful being 38 weeks! I have a couple pains here and there but nothing hurts more than how great it feels to carry this babe longer every day!

And, has anyone used a gypsy mama bali baby stretch? I really like how they look more than Moby and have heard that they are longer than Moby too. I really want this one print but it is out of stock. Any input?
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