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Chapel Hill/Carrboro Schools

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My dd is currently at Emerson Waldorf for Pre-K. We are districted for Estes Hills Elementary for K-6 and I have always intended to at least try our excellent public schools before switching to "something else" if it seems like what my child needs...

But I don't know anyone in this school? Anyone have any experiences, personal or anecdotal to share?
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I on't right now. I know someone who will be there for K next year, but that's not much help. I know folks with kids at Carrboro, Seawell, Ephesus and I think FPG, oh and Scroggs.
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She is due to start K in 2009 well.
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We're not at Estes Hills but my boys are in the CHCCS and so far we've been really happy. A few kids on my ds's baseball team this past spring go to Estes Hills and their parents always spoke highly of the teachers there.

My ds3 will start K next year, too.
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