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Music for labor

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What music are you going to play during labor?

Slow music, fast music, strong rhythems, or calming melodies?
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During my first labor I listen to my favorite cd at the time, Death Cab for Cutie and also Pcabel's Canon set to water waves. Very different. I have no idea what I want to listen to this time, but since I will be at home, I can just tell my husband to put on whatever strikes me in the moment.

Music was very important to me in labor, btw.
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Last time I just wanted silence. This time I'm thinking about putting some stuff on my MP3 player but I'm not sure what yet. I like a lot of Enya stuff so maybe some of that, and some soothing nature sounding stuff. But probably also some of my all time favorites that are upbeat and happy.
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Probably nothing. Last time, I needed complete silence. I was even "shhhing" the dr. and nurse when they were whispering while in transition/pushing. I am one of those "zone" mamas. Even now, with the cramps and contractions, I get into the zone when they are really uncomfortable.
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I like "Shamanic Dream" by Anugama- I've played it for clients and it melts nicely into the background while creating a soothing yet powerful vibe. I'll probably give that a try.

Also, this is just one song from a Putumayo CD but I have it on my "Birth Mix" playlist and love it so much- the song is "Quingauiit" and the artist is Tudjaat. It's a group of Eskimo women singing, and it's just so full of female spirit and power.
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This is funny but lately I've been thinking I'll want to hear some Dire Straits while in labor. Don't know why... I didn't listen to music either time I was in labor before.
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My list so far is pretty short. I need to work on that. I don't know that I'll end up remembering it during labor (I didn't last time).

so far I have -

Don't Be Shy, Cat Stevens
Firefly Theme, from, well, Firefly
Defying Gravity, from Wicked
Hard-Headed Woman, Cat Stevens (apparently I'm having Cat Stevens' baby??)

And, of course, what labor/birth playlist is complete without Johnny Cash and Ring of Fire?
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Patchfire, I LOVE your playlist!!!LOL And who wouldn't want to have Cat Stevens baby?
Ring of fire, I LOVE it!!If I actually thought of that song last time at that moment, I'd almost loose my focus!

During my LOOOOONGest labor we ended up playing Bob Dylan's time out of mind, the whole album-NOT a good choice!!!!!It seemed fine at the time, after 10 hours of labor,but hearing it on the birth video is so not a happy birth vibe...

I like Adaawe,some yoga stuff,Jimmi Hendrix,U2,early on, maybe some Joan Baez...Odetta...but I doubt I'll have anything playing.my mood changes too fast, and nothing would seem right about 1/2 way through....

Maybe NPR!
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I have no idea if I'll want total silence or something to kind of help me get into a rhythm. I could see myself listening to anything from Bach to Roxy Music to Yeasayer to Mariee Sioux. I guess I'll have to...play it by ear.

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I plan on listening to siquor rose (sp?) Probably just everything on the CD because its toooo peaceful
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I bought a cd at Target (in their section where you can preview the CDs). It's called Celtic Music for Stress Relief. I really really love it. It's nice because I like all the songs on it and don't have to pick out ones that I don't like for labor.
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I made a playlist at playlist.com for my labor music. I've included Rusted Root, Van Morrison, Enya and some Bob Marley... that's as far as I've gotten so far.
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Thanks mommas, i think i will go to my itunes now and make a few different list, i want one up beat and one calming and i think i want a few specific songs for pushing, baby emerging.

what a nice way to procrastinate doing homework,
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DH and I make playlists for one another as an 'I love you' thing so he has been loading up his iPod with playlists for me and being all secretive about it Ahhh he is soooo darn cute! Anywho, he has good musical taste so I am looking forward to a surprise.
As backup I am making some playlists on my iPod with all-female vocals (Some Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Annie Lenox, Ani Difranco, Sarah McLachlan...etc.) in the hopes of channeling some femme power
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Originally Posted by AugustineM View Post
This is funny but lately I've been thinking I'll want to hear some Dire Straits while in labor. Don't know why... I didn't listen to music either time I was in labor before.
Yes, YES!!!!! OMG I am laughing so hard!! Among others, "Alchemy Live" by Dire Straits is coming with us as well as "Brothers in Arms". Mark Knopfler's voice can put me in a trance and I really can zone out to "Telegraph Road" on Alchemy Live. When I was in Jr high and HS I used to listen to Brothers in Arms to fall asleep, especially side 2.

Augs I feel like I could hug you right now :

In early labor my doula and I are planning on rocking out together to 80s music because we both obviously were the girls in school who could sing along to every song in the mirror, using our hairbrushes as a microphone. I just need to find a good 80s CD.

My DP and I both love Dar Williams, so quite possibly some Dar (but not the songs that make me bawl, like "The One Who Knows" or "February" which is my personal classic break-up song), some Indigo Girls, some Dixie Chicks, etc... eta: dude! yeah! darkblue! Sarah McLachlan!!

In my first pregnancy, one of my biggest cravings was not for food but for Billy Joel??? I made DP go out and buy his 4-CD best of set which was no small chunk of change, but it was like a physical NEED. So some of that too...?

Beyond that, I might have to crank some raucous ska, lots of CAKE, Brother Ali and my absolutely favorite German hip-hop group Die Fantastischen Vier just to torture my DP because she will have to give in to my music choices for once. Tee hee! (Horrible, aren't I?)
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I'll have my iPod, but we're taking a few cds with us as well should I not want to risk taking my iPod with me in the tub at the birthing center:

Enya (lots of Enya)
Rusted Root
Fiona Apple
African drumming music
Middle-eastern chanting
Ocean and whale songs
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I forgot to add Dropkick Murphy's... strange I know but I love their "kick your *ss" attitude! I think I'll need some inspiration and motivation!
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
Yes, YES!!!!! OMG I am laughing so hard!! Among others, "Alchemy Live" by Dire Straits is coming with us as well as "Brothers in Arms".

Augs I feel like I could hug you right now :
I never thought that someone would agree with me on the dire straits thought. Sweet!!! But I have always loved the song "Sultans of Swing" and I can see that rythym/beat being great as a distractor or way to focus. I also have been thinking maybe some Creedence and some celtic music.
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Im working on music too, and hoping I won't need 12 hours worth this time.

Last time: Sara M.
Willi Nelson native instrumental work
oh there was more but thats what I could think of this morn....

I love when people suggest song titles so I can go listen....so suggest away!
this mama wants an IPOD sooooo bad but it looks like another cd stacker labor for me with the $$$ sitution and baby coming before Christmas!
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ack, another thing i need to do!

um...different playlists, pumped up music, chilled out, etc.

miles davis, india arie, harry connick jr., caliphone, morphine (closest i'm getting to drugs, hehe), charlie parker, jill scott, missy elliot,....dang, i need to get to work!
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