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Pacifier use

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Who's guilty?

I am. . . .

Dd1 never liked it. But dd2 seems to enjoy it.
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I tried to give the baby one . . .

He actually didn't seem to care for it. The way I see it, if there aren't any issues with the nursing and the baby just seems to like to suck, there's really nothing wrong with pacifiers. I know a lot of other people will disagree, though!
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We have to use it in the car. She hates her carseat but will tolerate it if she has a pacifier. The way she sucks on it though it constantly falls out so I have to drive with one arm back holding it in place. Its actually really painful and I need to see my chiropractor for an adjustment.

I hope that like my other kids the carseat gets better once she's in a convertible. I put her in the convertible today in fact to see if she'd fit and the straps are still about 1/2" to high.

The other babies never took a pacifier, well ds did but only for a week.
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DD won't take one, we tried several kinds. I wanted her to be able to have it in the car. She screams bloody murder when she is awake in the car. We moved her from the bucket to a convertible seat. No real change. Sigh...
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We're partially guilty as well. When we came home from the hospital he'd scream bloody murder during diaper changes (and they go a lot!) so we'd plug him up. He's fine with diaper changes now, but he hates riding in his carseat as well. Oh, and if DH has to watch him, I sometimes come home to find DS sucking on his paci. It's just for soothing when I can't nurse him basically. My DS#2 is a thumbsucker and we still can't break him of it, so I don't want DS#3 to get addicted, lol.
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I never wanted to use one-was glad when my eldest didn't want it. Rowan just wants to suck all the time, so it's been a lifesaver. I hate him sucking on a hunk of plastic, but he's happier. The only issue I have is with older kids-like 3 year olds, with them in their mouths all day. Rowan spits it out within a few minutes of falling asleep, so I hope it's just a short phase! He's trying to suck his hands too.
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Actually researchers were surprised to find out that babies that suck pacifiers during sleep had an even lower risk of SIDS. Plus anything that soothes healthily is a good thing! Hugs mamas!
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Originally Posted by luckysam View Post
Actually researchers were surprised to find out that babies that suck pacifiers during sleep had an even lower risk of SIDS. Plus anything that soothes healthily is a good thing! Hugs mamas!
Its not sucking pacifiers but simply sucking that lowers SIDS. Its an important reason we cosleep so that she can nurse all night if she wants.
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I only give it to Kendall is he's fussy or whining or inthe middle of his sleep, sinceI'm not breastfeeding anymore. Other than that, I don'tlet him have it too much.
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I call the pacifier "daddy's nipple." Don't tell DH I call it that, though.

Basically- I never wanted to use it and I pretty much forbade them. I didn't have any in the house and DH really wanted one for some reason. He complained about it to his mom, who bought her some. So now every time I give Evelynn to DH for him to take care of her, she ends up with the pacifier in her mouth. I hated it at first (I felt kind of replaced in a way IYKWIM), but I've gotten used to it.

I give it to her now only right after she nurses if I put her down to sleep because she's really noisy otherwise (not crying- just grunting and sighing a lot). I'd give it to her when she's in her car seat if she need it it but she LOVES her car seat (I even use it just as a place to put her while I'm cooking, etc.) so that's not a problem.

I don't really see a problem with it. It's better than sucking on a hand. It's just that for me, personally, I just don't like being replaced by a plastic nipple.

BTW- I really wish I could co-sleep. I've been trying since she was born but I just can't get used to it.

OK now I'm just rambling...
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We got some as presents from my MIL because ds loved them, but we ended up with some serious nipple confusion issues. So far, dd is pretty darn content in comparison, so I haven't felt desperate enough to bust open that package yet.
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DS won't take one, he loves to suck though, so I'm pretty much nursing him all day! My dd never took one and ended up sucking her thumb until she was 2. My ds1 would take one occasionally, when he felt the need to suck, but gave them up really easily before a year old. So this babe does not like them and has found his thumb a few times, so we'll see if he is a thumb sucker too!
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Third day pp mil told me "he'll take a paci" I told her kindly that that wasn't what he needed, my breast was. A week or so later I purchased one : and he sucked happily on it. It seems to help him sleep better too. :

I was against it's use totally with dd, until much later in her life for a few reasons, but I still feel "bad" even having one in the house or if other people see me try and give it to him, like I'm an out of touch mom or something I guess that what I subconsciously associate them with.
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Crashing in from DEC DD...

I used a paci with my DD and will with every one of my kids. Me personally...I think it is harder to break a thumb than a paci. JMO
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Originally Posted by jenniferadurham View Post
Crashing in from DEC DD...

I used a paci with my DD and will with every one of my kids. Me personally...I think it is harder to break a thumb than a paci. JMO
Eleanor is the first of our four we're using a paci with and it's because of the thumb issue. Two of our older three were extreme thumb-suckers (one of the twins still is, actually). When the new baby went rooting for her thumbs, we decided to give a paci a try instead.
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I was against it at first...had a home birth didn't buy any.

Then after the birth Ben had to go to the NICU and they asked, I still refused but gave in a short while later.

I talked to the Lac Consultant at the hospital later and she stated "It's actually cruel not to allow a NICU baby the comfort of a paci."

I agree with that and see the comfort Ben recieved in being able to suck...since I could not nurse him the first 2 days.

Since then he has hated the hospital paci and we bought a different brand, for the most part he only takes it from dh or dd. He know moms has better stuff so he seldom takes it for me

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What's bad about paci's? I didn't want DS to use one first cause I was afraid of nipple confusion. well, he had one at day two after birth. With DD we gave her the paci from the get go and she don't really care for it but when she is tired, she'll take it and suck on it. No nipple confusion and they seem a lot quiter. I think it is harder to get rid of thumb sucking than a paci. Just my 2 cents.
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I am way too afraid of nipple confusion to do that.

I am however, the pacifier! LOL
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My DS likes to have his pacifier; not all the time, but it definitely soothes him. I am EBF and I have no problem giving babe a paci. It soothes him, he has no nipple confusion, and he spits it out if he doesn't want it. I don't think moms should feel guilty because their babes enjoy the paci, nor should they feel "out of touch" for using one. I consider myself a pretty forward thinking, non "mainstream" mom and I don't feel that allowing a paci is a big deal at all, if your babe finds comfort in it.
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I'm guilty... but actually don't give it to her often. We gave it to her a few times and she wouldn't take it or just spit it right back out. Then DH comes home from deployment and sticks one in her mouth... and she takes it without a problem. *shrug*
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