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F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G out...tmi.....

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Could I be miscarrying? I noticed just like 10 minutes ago that when I wiped- I had a rather noticible light pink spot on the toilet paper. SO when I checked again by sticking toilet paper *in* there a little further than normal- it was pinkish brown. Nothing too different this weekend as far as my actions. We went out of town, we DTD on Friday night which was a little more intense than normal, no spotting after that thought. I took a tylenol on Saturday night because of some intense back pain. I have been nauseous constantly so no change in pregnancy symptoms. I HAVE been stressed today and freaked out over the little stuff a bit more than normal.....

I just don't know....
I know there is nothing I can do but I am just scared. I know bleeding can be normal... I am just racking my brain trying to think what I have done....

Should I call my OB tomorrow or just wait and see...will they even see me??

Anyone have spotting and have everything turn out ok?
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I had light brown and pink spotting after sex with my first pregnancy (I think it may have even been a couple days later), there was nothing to worry about. Your cervix are so sensitive right now that it is usually nothing if you have had any activity down there in the last few days. Problem bleeding is usually more red than pink or brown. If you are still nervous, call your care provider.
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pink, brown, and pink to brown spotting isnt common, but its not uncommon either. i had it with this pregnancy throughout the first tri and it was fine. ask your mw or ob if you have one and you will probably be told what i was - unless its bright red with cramping, youre probably okay.
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I searched the forums which made me feel a bit better about spotting.... I'm going to call the OB tomorrow and see if they can fit me in so I don't obsessively worry...which is what I do...
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My OB always told me a little, light pink or brown is okay. Its just bright red that you need to be concerned about, but I would still call and get their opinion in the morning.
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This same thing just happened to me as well, light pink spotting, and that's what got me here. I hope it's just a normal side effect, and not anything to worry about. I know this doesn't help you any, but maybe knowing that you're not the only one will ease your mind?
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. That has got to be really scary.
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I hope you're feeling better! Did your OB fit you in? I had pink spotting the first several weeks, including more brownish after sex. (I cut my hubby off for the time being. )
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I spotted bright-red blood throughout the first trimester with DD2. Scared me to death, but everything ended up being just fine.

Hugs, mama
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I left a message for my OB this morning so hopefully they will call back and work me in....
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I had the exact same thing happen (tiny bit of spotting and the low back pain) and I was freaked. My OB worked me in and I was able to have an ultrasound and see the heartbeat at 7 w 3 days. I also get to go back in two weeks (next Tuesday at 9 weeks 3) for another ultrasound mainly just to reassure me.
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I spotted with my first two. But so far nothing with this one.

The first was much more brownish and my MW said is was probably old blood from last month cycle. With my second it was more more pinkish/red and lasted a week. I definitely thought I was m/c. I went in to get my hcg tested and the numbers weren't doubling up the way they would have liked, however everything turned out just fine! an early u/s confirmed dates and a healthy bean.
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my midwife told me that about 1 in 3 women spot during the first trimester.

there's a lot going on down there, including a massive increase in blood flow.

from what i've heard, read and experienced (i spotted browinsh a few times a day for about 4 weeks w/ DD) pink and brown are generally ok. i even had some bright red spotting w/ dd once, and even though that's something to worry about, everything was fine.

i'm spotting a few times a day now (just on tp.. nothing is coming out) now (4w4d) and have been for the last few days.
i'm trying not to worry, but it's hard!
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I had several episodes of bright red bleeding when I was PG the first time, in the first trimester. The MW just said the cervix was very sensitive and bleeds more easily. It was still scary though. Good luck - let us know what happens.
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Had my appointment today and there was a itty bitty little baby with a heartbeat in there measuring 8 weeks.
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Great news!
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Its such a relief when you see that, isnt it?

Glad its all good
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Yay! Glad to hear your good news.
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