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Should I try to sell my fine china? - Page 2

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I go back and forth with mine...I think I am going to just start using it every day instead of saving it. It is beautiful and I love it but it has never been used in 6 years because I keep saving it and now I have two little boys

Yes it will probably break but at least I am using something I love.
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As someone who has been gifted too much china -- sell it! I have received since getting married 11 years ago:

* 8 place settings with serving pieces of my grandmothers gold-banded wedding china
* 12 place settings with serving pieces of DH's great-aunt's mother's wedding china (which I LOVE, but is super fragile)
* 6 place settings with no serving pieces of newer china from when we married 11 years ago
* about 8 place settings of everyday dishes that make me happy every time I set the table
* and an unopened box of antique china my dad bought for me just after he and I reunited from 10 yrs of estrangement. How is that for emotional baggage?

Add to this ridiculous list, 1 full and 2 partial sets of crystal and 1.5 sets of sterling silver. Just writing this list down, makes me realize I need to sell it all. No wonder DH always gives me a hard time about china.

I love our everyday dishes. When we have friends over, I love setting a table with it. It is a cool mix and match set that dresses up well. We use it daily.

I need to sell the others, finish picking up the few missing pieces from our everyday set and bank the rest of the $. :
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Originally Posted by PaytonPlace View Post
I still think what if in 10 years when my kids are older, I want to use them for special holiday meals or birthdays or anniversaries.
If, in ten years, it is important to you, then you will find the funds to get new china. I am guessing that it won't be.

That said, our china is also still in the boxes, we've been married seven years.
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Personally, I would never sell it. But I adore china and all I have is some cheap IKEA and Target stuff. I would love to have beautiful elegant place settings.

Hey, I think I'll add this to my treasure map! Thanks for the idea.
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Originally Posted by beka1977 View Post
If, in ten years, it is important to you, then you will find the funds to get new china. I am guessing that it won't be.

That said, our china is also still in the boxes, we've been married seven years.
Yeah, I agree. I'd sell it. It's not an antique, it doesn't seem to have much sentimental value, and you could replace it eventually. And $160/setting?!? That's like $1200, right?
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I did not register for china. It just didn't fit our personality. I also hate hosting, never done more than a couple of family members. I was also told I would receive my mothers and my step-mothers china some day. Though my step-mother no longer talks to me , so maybe that set is out. I don't care about either one. I also know that one of those setting has lead in it. I just can't remember which one because it's been so long since I saw either one of them.
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I also have this dilemma. I have a gorgeous, complete service for 12, set of limited-edition Lenox bone china from my (may she rest in peace) late grandma. It's been in boxes since I inherited it 5 years ago.

It's so lovely, but not practical for me at all. If I had any kind of clue how to sell it (but not ship it myself as the cost would be astronomical) I could probably make a nice little bundle on it. But....

I would feel so guilty. My grandparents were (Holocaust) survivors and this is one luxury they bought, piecemeal, for years until they got the entire set (including service pieces, sugar/creamer, coffee pitcher, teapot w/ lid, etc.).

It just sits though...sigh....
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You can ship china by taking it to UPS and having UPS pack it for you. Replacements will email you a quote for what they will pay for each piece in a set. I have this cute vintage Japanese pattern, which they were not buying last time I asked: http://www.replacements.com/webquote...gbase&1655950&

(I am not really sure why I bought it!)

Some older chinas may have lead in the glaze - especially red colored decorations on some Japan and China plates. You can test for this.

With china, I think you either eat off it once a year or more, or you make it go away. Almost any piece can be replaced if broken.
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A plain but high quality china (I have a lenox pattern) can last a lifetime and be dressed up for Holidays and such with napkins and napkin rings and table setting.

I say high quality because it doesn't chip and doesn't require replacement.

I say plain, because it's easy to dress up, no metals on the rims mean it can be used in the microwave and besides when there is food on your plate you can't see the pretty flowers.

I would sell it.
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I am going to sell my china. I have 6 place settings and its expensive, but I don't really want to spend the money to complete the set, especially given I see myself easily having 12+ for holidays. I think I may sell it, use the money to round out my current everyday set which is a pretty nice white mikasa set with pretty sculpting and use that as my fine china and buy myself a simpler, cheaper every day set that doesn't have the fancy pattern stuff on it, because its a pain to clean.
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I have the same problem, my mother bought me Irish lead crystal wine glasses that she found in a thrift store in London. She was worried that I would never get married and be given nice things from a registry. I am not a lead crystal person, I have only drunk from the glasses once. I have moved these boxes 8 or 10 times and now I have other nice stuff that DH and I got when we got married that we never use (love my Fiestaware ).

I got a quote from Replacements but then chickened out at the last minute because my mother bought them for me. I think if I sold them I would feel guilty. Maybe I will give them to DS when he grows up (he is 12 now) and pass on this obligation.....
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i would sell it.

i prefer to have a set of nice white, diner style dishes so its good for everyday use, and good for company-target has great sets that serve four for about 20 bucks, they are very sturdy and actually very nice looking and you can buy several sets to make up for large crowds without spending a lot!
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I'm new at this so excuse me if I make mistakes. I read the responses to whether or not you should sell your fine china and I want to do just that. Any suggestions on how to go about selling your fine china? Sheeba
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Craigslist. Replacements.com or ebay are good places to start.
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Sell it! If it's just been in a box, better to let it go to someone whose life has a place for it.

Personally, I don't like fine china. It takes up space, is only used once in a while and is pricey. I loooove my basic porcelain Crate and Barrel dinnerware. It's simple yet elegant and fine for daily use or special occassions.

If you don't sell it, use it! Use it for everyday and just put it in the dishwasher. The gold (if it has gold) will slowly wear off, but hey, at least it'll be getting some use.

good luck!
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I have tried to sell china on craigslist and not gotten much bites, ebay worked best for that as there are enough buyers interested in my specific china pattern.
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