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Do you have a life?! - Page 4

Poll Results: How's your social life?

  • 35% (37)
    Inactive!!! It consists of these boards and my kids
  • 49% (51)
    Not too bad,I go out occasionally with family/friends(maybe once a week)
  • 11% (12)
    Get together with family and friends regularly (more then twice a week)
  • 3% (4)
    Woohoo I'm a social butterfly!!!
104 Total Votes  
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MomtoMia let me give you a big kiss. You are no interloper. Git right in here girl.

HEY I went and met in real life a girl from another board I go to today!!! Hee hee hee she was so cool! It ruled. Yay!!!
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Jacque-are you on your drugs again? You seem down right giddy again....
Welcome Mary!!!
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Welcome, Mary!!!

Thrilled to be of service! I try to make it a personal goal to make people laugh at least five or six times a day!!!

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Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I'll be seeing you and your bananas around the boards!
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Hey guys!!! I got a life!!!....at least for a couple of hours last night. Went out to dinner with "the girls" Woo Hoo!!! Felt like a real human being for a change!!!

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Yeah Peggy!!!!! Tell us all about it so I can live through you...What did you do? Where'd you go?
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I'm going for coffe on Sunday with my sister! Does that count?

(just throwing the Bananna in because I don't beleive I've used him yet?)
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Anything in which you step foot outside your house in order to interact with another human being (Adult) counts.
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Cool! I'm a party girl!
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I've been on for an hour and I've posted more than anyone else.

So to answer the question 'do you have a life?' the answer must be....
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I'm sort of in between Inactive and once a week but I voted for once a week...don't get out socially once a week but at least every couple of weeks. Been going through a flurry of activities lately as we are coming close to baby #2 countdown! Trying to get the social life fulfillfed before we turtle for a while with the new babe!

Of course, I get out for work regularly but that's not really part of my social life...!!! I'll have this summer off once I have the baby and we move up north...new job starts September...so I'm unsure how much socializing we'll do then as well!


- Sorry...had to use the dancing banana...it is really cool!
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Jacque-Are you taking my challenge of becoming a senior member by Friday? Get posting party girl!!!

Robyn-NEVER say sorry for using banana man.WE LOVE HIM.(See the garbage thread for more banana man)
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This Friday?

Oh my, I was actually shooting for the end of the Month

I actually like this little guy best (oops almost typed bust). He really defines me....
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Is there a banana-man fan club? Must've missed that thread!!!

Rock on, banana man!!!


p.s. - check out new signature below...I was beginning to feel left out without a signature line!!
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I really don't get why this doesn't count as a part of life. Everyone is so self conscious about how much time they do or do not spend here. I mean, as long as your family is not suffering, or your life is not being neglected... I mean I am home much of the day and lonely and bored sh@tless. Every time I get a break I pop in. We all stay busy, we all love our kids. It is normal, though unfortunate, for the average housewife to be isolated. THis place breaks that up.

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Yea for mamapie! That is an awesome post!
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Oh,my sweet Mamapie,I worded this wrong,didnt I? I should of said an "outside life" as in going places,ect.That's what I was meaning.My word,I get so stircrazy being inside some days I think I would go nuts if it wasnt for these boards!!!! I told my Dh that the majority of my friends are on here!!!! I LOVE YOU!
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You go Miss Pie!!!!
I thought I was going to have join "Posters Anonymous"...but if mamapie says it's OK... than IT'S OK!!!!

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peggy, if you joined, I would have to join too.

saige, I didn't think you worded it wrong. It all depends on how you see it yourself. I think mamapie was ranting about people who think we have no life because we do this without taking into account what else we have going on.
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yes, exactly what sun maid raisin girl said!

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