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double post
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(not everyone can have such an easy name as yours *lol*)

Well I just got some mag. that says "as mag oxide and mag glucunate" 250 mg. i've taken for the past two nights and it really seems to help i take one at night and the first night i took one when i woke up int he middle of the night but last night i didn't wait up from 12 - 5 *YAY!!!!* So i didn't bother taking anymore at 5, i went to sleep fast anyway. so the mag does seem to help me sleep, could it also be affecting ds's sleep too? becuase it was great for him to sleep that long! also i've been making more of an effort to feed him during the day. before naps, after naps, at least every hour or two or so when he's awake and making sure the sessions last for awhile instead of this 5 minute stuff he used to do (then wanting to play) I think that's made a big difference. and he's peacefully napping right now. he goes to sleep without a fuss and takes naps without "complaining" now too. Hopefully he'll keep this up but he did sleep 8-10 hours a night between 1 month and 3 months but then changed to waking every two hours or so. but i'm always thankful that at least i got that little break (when you need it the most in the beginning!) so i'll suffer for awhile through anything because i really appreciated that from him so early.

btw i also just remembered that i had some calcium and mag. that i used to take awhile ago when i thought i had chronic fatigue (or depression) let me find it.... it's "calcium 1000 and mag 400, with zinc and copper""calcium carbonate, mag oxide, zine oxide 15 mg, cupric oxide 1 mg" how would that be to take?
it would be nice if i could take them since i already have it.

Thanks for the tips!

Oh yeah I just realized I’m also taking a prenatal supplement that has 200 mg of calcium and in the list of ingredients it has mag. Stearate. But not sure at what mg.

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you can also google chronic fatigue and magnesium and find some papers and discussions about that. i printed some recently for my grandmother.

your old calcium shd. be fine. you just have to experiment and be observant with regard to dose and timing.

in addition to a diet full of veggies of all colors, especially green (magnesium), eperiment with 400 to 500 mg of magnesium, or more if necessary. and i take 500 or 600 mg of calcium in addition to daily yogurt and leafy greens (not together!)

magnesium helps you absorb the calcium (along with vit D, you may get enough of that from sun, or cod liver oil, or mushrooms, in the winter)

calcium contracts the muscles, magnesium smoothes and relaxes them.

as far as baby getting some of that relaxing magnesium, they say that breastmilk is fairly uniform worldwide, but if thay can react to broccoli or chocolate in the milk, why not magnesium?

if you google magnesium you will find some lists of magnesium rich foods, too. wheat germ and avacado are both very high.

let us know how it goes.

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how is everyone doing?

Well, DS is teething his top two teeth and has not been sleeping well AT ALL.

His naps are all messed up too--I think he's trying to transition from 3 naps a day to 2. Some days he takes his first nap a couple hours after he wakes up and other days he just goes and goes until the batteries run out. Like today he woke up at 5:30 and didn't fall asleep until almost 11! That's a really long time for him.

Switching nights has been working pretty well for us. He sleeps much better for DH now than he used to, so that's good. But on my nights he has gone back to nursing all night long--he wakes up every hour when the nipple falls out of his mouth : It's getting a little old (again). But I know his teeth hurt so as soon as they come in I'll try the 7 hour nightweaning again. At least he is going to sleep easier than he used to. A lot less crawling around on the bed!
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My little guy is teething too. I broke down and gave him so baby motrin as the homeopathic teething drops weren't helping. I hate seeing him in such pain. Nursing seems to help him feel better, so we are doing lots of that. Hang in there sleepymama. I'm glad that it is going better for dh.
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Rebekah, how is your sleep plan going? I am about to start mine today. DD has cut her first 8 teeth so teething should be over for awhile here. She is also healthy (no cold, etc.) so I'm hoping now is a good time to start. I will admit that I let her cry (in my arms) two nights ago. I was just so sick and tired of nursing...we'd done it about 8 times that night already. She cried and fussed in my arms for 20 minutes, then went to sleep. I really don't want to do that again.

So, starting today I am going to try to get her on a consistent schedule. She woke up around 8 a.m., went for a nap from 10:15 to 12 and is now having lunch. We'll try to get her down for her second nap around 3. I think I've been letting her stay up too long between her morning and afternoon nap, then she naps too late and then she doesn't get to sleep until after 9.

I'd like to get to a routine of waking up at around 7:30, napping at 10:00 and 3:00, then to bed around 8 p.m. Does that seem reasonable? Or should I try getting her to bed even earlier? It seems alot of sleep books recommend a 6:30 or 7 p.m. bedtime.
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Well that sounds pretty much like our routine. DS wakes up between 5-6am, then usually naps around 8am, noon, and 4ish. Then asleep at 8. But he's transitioning to 2 naps at 10 and 3ish and still to bed at 8.

If he would only sleep in until 7! Or at least 6. Most days he's up before 6. It kills me! We've tried earlier bedtimes, later bedtimes, more naps, fewer naps, different naps, and he still wakes up between 5-6. I will light a candle for the wonderful individuals who figured out how to make

Good luck with the plan! I wish DS would just cut the 6 or so teeth I can see waiting and get it over with!
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I am sending the tape back as it really messed up her actual bedtime. She ended up going to bed around 10:10:30 for almost a week and then her naps were all wrong b/c she was waking up so late. She still woke up through the night. : So the other day I let her skip her afternoon nap and got her to bed at a reasonable hour 8pm. Tonight I am going to give her a cup of EBM instead of her nursing so we will see how that goes over. I am going to then switch it to water in a couple days. Just another technique I've heard about. So at least now she is going to bed at a proper time.
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