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Chicken Pox - St. Louis

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I think we have real, live, (wild), chickpox. Today ds has some spots. I am not positive but I did expose them to a confirmed case last week. I am taking him in tomorrow to be cultured.
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Hi. Would you be willing to infect some lollypops and send them to me? I would be willing to pay you for your trouble and shipping too. I am desperately trying to get my daughter infected. Thanks and good luck!
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oh man! I would love to get in on this, but we are going out of town to visit our new nephew in 2 weeks
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Sorry, folks. I canceled my appointment today because he already scabbed over. He only had 5 or 6 pox and it never spread more than than. Then today, they were looking pretty crusted so I am still convinced it was the CP but I think it was an extremely mild case and my dd didn't have any at all. I will update if dd "catches" it or ds breaks out again. Sorry to get your hopes up!
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Most of my 6kids had CP cases that mild--5-10 or so pox. The others might have had 30-40 pox, still waaaaayyyy less than most of the cases I saw among friends' kids, who all got hundreds of pox....in the mouth, up the yin yang, everywhere and thick (this was in the Dark Ages, 1980s, before the vax). HEalthy kids just don't get as sick! so that is a good thing. It does make it harder to spread around to those who want some, tho!
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