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Water broke last night at 2:30

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My wife Amy's water broke last night around 2:30am. Contractions havn't really started yet, except for a few mild one's here and there.

Midwife said to try the breastpump for about 10 minutes. She did it for 5, and will try again in an hour or so.

Keep us in your thoughs and prayers that everything goes smoothly.

She is 38 weeks and 1 day with our first.
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Keep us updated.
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OOOH, how exciting! I'll be thinking of you and sending lots and lots of good labor vibes!!!
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good luck I hope her contractions start coming on more regularily soon. I found with my clients that manuel stimulation works much better then the pump....
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How exciting! Thinking good thoughts for you!
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Get lots of rest and go for a long walk! :
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Thinking about you! Update when you can and give lots of love to your fantastic wife during this amazing process!
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Oh how exciting! If you need any other suggestions about getting things going let us know...but luckily most women go into labour on their own with 24 hours (and up to 96 hours) after having their waters break!

Keep us updated and let her know we are thinking of her!:
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Oh boy! That's exciting. I'm sending lots of easy labor vibes to your DW. I'm sure you'll take good care of her.

We're all looking forward to hearing from you, when you can, after baby is born!
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Lots of ~*gentle, easy, labor vibes*~ headed her way!!:
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How exciting!! Sending smooth and easy labor vibes your way!!
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I just went through this at 38 wks 6 days with ds2. It was 36 hours before labor started (with the help of acupuncture induction and a castor oil-verbena-almond butter-apricot juice cocktail my midwife prescribed). Labor was quick once it started (4.5 hrs.). Don't get discouraged if things don't get rolling right away - amniotic fluid continuously replenishes itself if your wife stays hydrated!
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How exciting! Sending easy labor vibes to your wife, and calm daddy vibes to you. Be sure to keep us posted when you can, and don't leave out those newborn pics!
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Keep walking or try a birth( yoga) ball. Keep up the breast pump too. If you go past 24hrs just monitor for fever doenst happen often but can.
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I hope everything works out well! Keep us updated!
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Wow! I'm wishing her a swift, safe, and joyful birth!:
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Yay! Good luck! ELV!!!
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OMGoodness! Yay! How exciting. I am sure things will pick up for her very shortly. Gentle labor vibes!!!!!
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Sending "easy and gentle" birth vibes!!!
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Hoping labor starts soon for your DW!!!!! Sending lots of good, easy, beautiful labor :
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