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Anti-circ bumperstickers/windowclings?

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Anyone have any links for ordering anti-circ bumperstickers, or, even better, window clings (that you put on the inside of your rear window and that peel off)? I've just adorned my car with breastfeeding and cloth diapering windowclings (even put a breastfeeding windowcling in dh's car ) and I'd love to have an anti-circ one to add.

If there's enough interest, we could also do a co-op for our own slogan, which is how I got the ones I have now - another MDC mom organized a windowcling coop and I could get the information from her. I have no brilliant ideas for pithy sayings, though.

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you know, i like the saying that someone has as their sig.
if men were supposed to have foreskins they would have been born with them
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I'd like a bumpersticker that states, "Take your WHOLE son home--don't circumcise him."
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some more slogans:


(And I just noticed that *MY* sig is already on this "wall." Things that make you go hmmmm........)
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Those are awesome!
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I'd love to go in on a co-op for window clings!

How about:
Give your son the choice you never had- say no to circumcision.

Or for home birthing:
Say no to drugs, from birth and beyond. (or beginning at birth)

Momma to Madison (4) and Tye (4 months)
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I saw this on a tee shirt:


I also saw one that said:

I'm a Grower,not a Show-er
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My favorites

The more you know, the worse it is.

Any way you slice it, it's mutilation

Teach hygiene,
not mutilation.
Stop circumcision!
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Someone mentioned this on another intactivist group of mine --

The Natural Child Project (a really great child advocacy website) has some really nice bumperstickers, and has an option to create your own custom bumper sticker for $5. If they add your sticker to their regular collection, they'll send you an extra sticker free.


Click on the "Our Shop" link on the left, and go a little ways down
until you reach the bumper stickers link.
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Here's another offer that might be of interest:

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I love The Natural Child Project.

But why do they have absolutely NO articles on leaving children whole and Natural?

I wish they did, because then it would cover--in one link--all the important topics expectant parents should be familiar with.

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Oh, thanks mamajulie!
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