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Pediatricians in Central Austin?

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Hi. I'm looking for a pediatrician in the central austin are that does the alternative immunization schedule. Honestly, I don't know the proper terminology for this, so I hope I'm calling it the right thing. We are due in mid November and we're having a home birth. I know I need to ask my midwife but I've only just started to plan for the pediatrician.
Any advice?
Thank you so much!
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I have no pedi advice. Mine sucked, I'd like to find a new one but in Pville anyway...

I just wanted to say, I see you!!! How funny, I saw your username and thought I knew you... a search of your previous posts confirms my suspicion. Nice to see you at MDC. I am not surprised.

ETA: Sorry, my name is not in my sig - this is Lynda if you couldn't guess...
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Were you the one who asked this question on LJ?

If not, we got to Central Family Practice and they have no problem with us delaying vaxes.
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I too would love a doc who doesn't hassle me about no vax in Pflugerville.

We currently go to Dr. Christine Eady in RR and she doesn't look at me crazy when I tell her we are not doing shots. She just say's ok.
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Dr. Lisa Hutchens at Schoolhouse pediatrics on Bee Caves. Fairly central. I've had numerous lengthy discussions with her on the topic. She is respectful of my thinking and never condesends. Very cool, very open minded Dr.
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Thank you all so much for your replies. I have an appt to interview Dr. Anna Bell on 38th st. I will let everyone how it goes.
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We go to Pediatric Associates on W. 38th. There are around 7 doctors there, and I imagine some are less supportive than others of a delayed schedule, but the practice has a statement about respecting parents wishes in that realm. My 2 year old has had no vaccines at all, and our decision has been respected. Sheila Boes is our doctor. She has never once been condescending about it, and in fact has not even mentioned vaccines since DD was a few months old. The practice as a whole is fairly mainstream, but they don't seem to push antibiotics, etc. They also have a nurse on call for phone support 24 hours a day and on holidays, and have some weekend and after hours care in office, which is rare. They have their own lab, too.
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I'm definitely going to check them out. thank you. I did have my appt with Dr. Anna Bell. It's a very small clinic, she's the only Ped. And she's young, which I like. So there are pros and cons. no extras, but she does spend additional time with each client and it feels like she really gets to know each child and the parents. and fewer sick children in the waiting room. but alas no lab, no afterhour clinic, etc. Though she does work with 3 other doctors to man a rotating afterhours phone line and a saturday clinic. She does recommend vacs but she also said she works with parents, however they want. delayed. alternative schedule, none. etc. She is definitely not pro antibiotics, which is great. She even talked about the over prescription of antibiotics and the problems that have been created as a result.
But I'm going to check out the Ped. Assoc. on 38th. Yay for Peds in central Austin. Thank you.
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