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Making a back to back post here so that my response to the OP question doesn't get lost in my ramblings about celery and genes.

My friend and I know someone with a beautiful little girl. She is delightful, however we are concerned. She has some facial and cranial features we have been conerned about since birth. The back of her head is very very flat and her eyes are slightly reminiscient of Down's almond shaped. She is does have a significant speech and social delay. The problem is that the mom doesn't seem to see any problems however we are concerned. We have not said anything as we know it is not our place but we have done some research and believe that if nothing else, early childhood intervention could really help this little girl. We have no idea if we are warranted in thinking it could be a mild case of Down's but I do think we need to consider help for her speech and social delays....any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help and understanding. I have no experience in this but am eager to learn and understand....
I highlighted the points that pop out to me in your post... the blue bolded part is my only concern... if you think it's truly a "problem" in a condescending way that this mom is not seeing these things with her child then back off, don't say anything... if you mean to say that you don't think this mom is seeing these things in her child because she's too close to the situation... "inside the box" then do say something.

It doesn't sound like you are close friends to this person with the child so I would be hesitant to "diagnosis" her child's condition as your opening statement. Because you are "outside the box looking in" and see some things like he speech and social delays going on that are raising red flags I do think it would be okay and appropriate to (point things out)... that's not exactly how you should approach the subject either, stay away from POINTING if that makes any sense. Think about it, put yourself in this other mom's shoes... how would you feel if someone came up to you, even if it was someone extra close to you and said "hey I think your kid isn't like everyone else.... isn't up to par with their peers...." It hurts, it hurts the heart, even if you know deep down that your child isn't doing whatever to have someone actually say it out loud can hurt. I guess I'm saying just be careful how you go about it. ....

Early Intervention..... do you mean the state based program... well it's a good thing for some people but an awful "program" for others. I would get contact info to the state based EI program for this mom but also check around your area and see what other types of "intervention" services are available... is there a speech therapist, a developmental center... ot... pt... in your area? Get that contact info too and give it to her also.

If this lady has other children and you are able/willing, offer to watch/help with her other children if she decides to pursue intervention. If you physically just can't help then offer to help in her search for childcare for her other children.

Don't dump all this on the lady in one conversation, well you might, see how she reacts to the initial.... "I've been seeing these things your child is doing and it just isn't...."

See even I'm having a difficult time and beating around the bush on how to actually SAY something.... I don't know... I would mention the things like the speech, the social delays, the actual things that you are seeing, possibly, but not necessarily, the facial/head features you are seeing.
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I agree with lightheart -- If you don't know this person well then you must exercise extreme caution....

... your brief description could also fit with fetal alcohol syndrome....there are just so many things it could be and likewise, so many thngs it could not be.

Get to know this family better if you truly like them, but tread lightly.
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There is a disorder called Angelman's which you might want to look into.

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