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Tip of foreskin is red?

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My boy is almost three years old. For maybe the past two months, the tip of his foreskin has been reddish in color. And maybe a little bit swollen. I feel bad for having ignored it, but I suppose I thought that it would pass. He has no problems urinating. It never seems to bother him, but when I ask him if it hurts, he just tells me very cheerfully, "Boo-boo!" As if he thinks it looks injured (he's even mentioned that it's red in color) but he doesn't seem bothered by it. Does anyone know if this is normal? Or if not, what could it be? I can only assume that a trip to the doctor would put him at risk for retraction... which makes me nervous. Help?
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This could be one of several things.

It could be that it's just his normal coloration. Many boys have a naturally pinkish/reddish foreskin tip, especially fair complected boys.

It could be that he's been paying a little bit too much "attention" to it if you know what I mean and he has irritated it.

It could also be that he has a low grade infection that his immune system is fighting. Eventually if this is the case, something will happen. Either his immune system will gain control of it or something will happen to temporarily diminish his immune system and the infectious agent will flourish and the symptoms will become quite noticeable. If you suspect an infection, you can try to give his immune system a boost by applying plain unsweetened yogurt several times a day for a week or 10 days. The active cultures in yogurt are the same protective bacteria that protect the preputial space.

Unfortunately, over the internet we can not diagnose the problem and ultimately, you may have to seek competent medical care. Just make it very clear from the very begining that he is not to be retracted to any degree and stand close by ready to take physical action just in case. If you see any indication the doctor might be ready to retract, grab his/her hand and stop it right there. The other option is to tell the doctor not to touch his penis and you move it around as necessary for the doctor to examine it and take samples for a culture.

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My son had some redness and swelling at the end of his foreskin for about 6 weeks when he was around two. It never bothered him and after a while it went away. I think it was because the foreskin was starting to separate from the glans. It really wasn't a problem.
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My son is always red. When separation starts this can be totally normal. Chances are you are just seeing more of foreskin from the inside. My son's comes out a little when he pees. The inner side is normally redder like the inside of lips. I freaked out when I started seeing it too. As long as he is comfortable and there is no green junk or swelling you are fine. If it is an infection it will get worse and worse. If you see white bumps then it could be yeast. I'd say that from what you described it is just normal separation. Can someone bump the thread that talks about this?
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DS's does this because he likes playing with it. If you notice it more after he has had diaper free time then I bet that is what is going on.
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Well, he's in undies, so he takes them on and off as he pleases... and then he does like to play with himself, and I do notice it is red right after. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it starts bothering him. If so I'll try the yogurt. Good to know that mine is not the only ds who has/had this. Thank you! :
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My son's gets reddened occasionally if he's just peed or pooped and also if he's been in his diaper a lot, like overnight.

Just recently he had a yeast infection. 10 days of OTC clotrimazole (sp?) cream cleared it right up. He never acted like it was bothering him either.

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