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Hello all you wise mamas and mamas to be,

Zinnia is just recovering from a week of high temps. 104-105 without fever reducing medicine. Just a nasty virus so far but I need some tips...

I gave her a lot of tylenol and motrin because it kept her from vomiting and becoming listless and unresponsive. How do I clean her out? How do I get her back up to top health so she can handle the next one? What are the best healing foods for this? Someone said nettle tea would help her liver deal with the meds. Is it really best to just let the fever rise and not use anything?
I hated giving her the medicine but I felt like it was what I needed to do. Now that she's on the mend I need help to figure out what to do next. Do any of you do Emergen-C or other immune system boosters with your kids?



Rachel--I hope you're doing ok. I am thinking of you and hoping you and your family find peace.
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Hi Shasta,

We do Emergen-C here. I add the "lite" (= less sugar) version to watered down orange juice. We have this nearly every day half a packet each kid. Since we don't drink milk they get fortified OJ anyway.

If they have been exposed or are starting to show signes of a cold I will give them Hyland's C-Plus Cold Tablets. I have taken these myself when I have had a cold and although mild they work for a sore throat too. If they have flu like symptoms We use Hyland's Complete Flu Care for Kids. They make an adult version that works great too.

Emergen-C is on sale at Frontier for $8.53 and Hyland's C-Plus Cold is $3.73, Hylands Complete Flu Care for kids is $4.04. If you need to buy these things right away, Super Supplement is generally the cheaper place to find Emergen-C and Valley Pharmacy, across from the co-op has the best prices on Hylands. If you want to add onto the Frontier order let me know.

If the kids have a fever but seem generally ok, just tired I just let it run it's course figuring the fever has a job to do. When Robin had his first fever I took him to the Naturalpath and she said that you don't need to give them anything because fevers do serve a purpose. She also mentioned that kids don't get brain damaged from fever induced seizure but that it's scary so you might as well give them something before that! I agree and we do homeopathic remedies if the fever is above 102 I give belladonna 30c.

About Frontier, I need to get the order in so if your adding anything else please send me your final order. YummyEarth candy is on sale too. If you aren't familiar with it, they contain no corn syrup or artificial colors. A small pack of 15 suckers is $1.31 and if you have a lot of trick or treaters you could get a 70 lollipops ($3.94) or 150 count pack ($11.81) They also sell individually wrapped hard candies and vitamin C lollipops. I'm excited, I love a sale and with our food allergies is seems all treats are off limits now. You can buy some at the co-op to try first, they have suckers at the check out, I think the are $0.25 each.
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Do we have an azure order? I placed an order last week and haven't heard anything...
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How did the meet up and Common Ground go? I actually went last night but the place looked packed and there wasn't any parking up front. I had the kids and since it was so busy inside and you really wanted to have a mom's night out I figured there were many signs point to "just go to the gym" so I chickened out and went to the gym instead. I just can't find a way to go without the kids.
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There were a bunch of kids in there last night...I think it was because of bible study night. Sorry we missed you. Randi and I had a good chat and the kiddos are always welcome just so you know. We may meet somewhere else or on a different day next month. Any suggestions?
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Mama's Night Out at Commonground

I am bummed to see that we possibly missed 2 Mama's last night for the gathering....... I had always planned the night out for knitting on Tuesdays because Wednesday's are commonly Church nights.......(youth group) which it was......so yeah it was a bit crazy - but still OK - just not as relaxing.

We'll find a place to have some mama's get together who can bring kids (Misty, totally understand not wanting to go without the kids) and the others that we missed because of the time..... BIG bummer.

Any suggestions as to where we could go? Misty had suggested the Children's Museum? or do we want to try to do just a Mama thing with just little wee ones?

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Originally Posted by QTRANDI View Post
Misty, totally understand not wanting to go without the kids
You don't have to change anything for me. Dh works in Seattle and doesn't get home until 7 most nights. I don't have any family involved in my kids lives so they are always with me. Doesn't it feel like everwhere closes just a couple hours too early? It does to me!

I'm so sorry I didn't get the time listed in that first post.

Ok here's an idea...the Day Creek fire hall is available for use and is free. We would need to bring our own entertainment but there is a kitchen and tables for crafting. I wouldn't call the place cozy exactly but it's here. We just have to clean up when done. I'm sure other places like this exist if you wanted to check into it.
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My name is Amy and I am a tea snob.

Here's a question for you ladies!

I like tea! TEA! Not your usual run-of-the-mill bagged tea from the grocery store, but fresh loose leaf full-flavor tea.

I have a GREAT tea resource in Seattle (http://perennialtearoom.com). I've been getting my tea there for 20 years, and they offer a fabulous selection and variety. They are, however, in Seattle and at Pike Place Market so travel down there + parking + toddler = nightmare.

There's a tea shop in LaConner that has... OK... tea available. They're close and I've gone there in a pinch.

Does anyone know of a tea shop in town? Is there some secret little alcove I've missed? I would like to find something local but I know it's a long shot.

If I have to I can go back to ordering from perennial over the phone and having my tea shipped. In any event, I'm down to the last crumbs of my smokey caravan tea and with fall upon us I need to replenish!
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don't have a tea source for you Amy....but your post made me think of my tea obsession, this TEA is wonderful, and not just for preggo mamas check it out everyone! Our whole family drinks it, hot or cold, and I think they are healthier for it! And ya'd think I was getting kick backs the way I go on!
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Originally Posted by aimlesslu View Post
My name is Amy and I am a tea snob.
LOL, I'm a little bit of a tea snob myself. I like to buy bulk bags from Frontier or from the loose leaf bins and either whole foods or central market because I know they have a high turn over on them so they stay fresh then I mix my own at home. I have bought a couple from market spice in the past. It's one of my stops on Museum Thursday. I often go to the Aquarium, then
Pike Place for a snack then over to the SAM after Doug gets off work. It's a fun time! It's next to Lark In The Morning isn't it? It looks really neat and I always wish I could go in as I'm draggin the kids past the window.

Do you have a Tea Spot mug or are you a purest who only pours from a steeped pot? I ordered mine from Frontier almost a year ago now and couldn't live without it. I had never seen one in person, it is a lot cleaner than straining tea IMO. It's could be my favorite dish in the house.

We should have a tea party sometime. Wouldn't that be something to see, a tea party at the mall... fancy hats, gloves and all, lol.
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I use a gold tea filter, it's lovely and reusable and fits in all my tea pots and cups - versitile! Since my husband is a coffee drinker and I don't drink more than one or two cups a day I generally save pots for when friends are over.

YES! A tea party would be so much fun!
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It looks like there'll be a meet the doula event in the mezzanine at the Co Op December 11th. I'll confirm shortly if anyone is interested.
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I used to live in Bellingham and there is a great little tea shop, Wonderland Teas, on Railroad in downtown Bellingham. Now, I can't speak much for the black and green teas, but her herbal section is wonderful, and she has many black teas. She grows a lot of the herbs herself and is a wonderful wise woman.
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I am a budding tea snob. Actually I grew up in a teeny tiny town in the middle of no where in Manitoba so there wasn't even any such thing as loose leaf tea within hours of me...but I am trying to learn about it. And have you checked out that moon tonight. BEAUTIFUL! I am looking out my front window and it is just peeking over the mountain. So serene... It reminds me of my birth 2 months ago when it was almost a full moon. Yes, little Owen is 2 months old today!

We got our occupancy permit for our new house today so we can officially move in!:::

Now just to rent or sell this place and my stress level will decrease significantly :
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Yaaaay Cheryl! That's great news on the occupancy certificate!

Wonderland Teas is a great resource!
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Hi Ladies,
In the mail today I received a letter from Puget Sound Energy. It was rather a promotional jargon type thing, I admit my eyes glazed over until I noticed, or Dh did actually, through October 30th PSE is hosting free Experience Baker Dam tours that include bus transportation and lunch. It sounded like a fun field trip to me, anyone want to join me?
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that sounds like a great economical outing, what times/dates are they doing the tours? If we can do it we will!
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How's your doula business coming along?
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My fil told me about those tours a week or so ago. We were going to try and make a trip out of it too...don't know when though. I will just have to ignore the political jargon though. I am sure it will be pretty one sided...
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Originally Posted by nurnur View Post
that sounds like a great economical outing, what times/dates are they doing the tours? If we can do it we will!
They gave a phone number to call. I will have to look it up.
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