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Sending sticky baby vibes your way... :
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oh no...i hope you hear some good news soon.
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: Oh Cat....I'm hoping for the best for you and the babe.
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Hang in there Cat... I had lots of spotting - like weeks on end - and everything turned out OK. I hope it works out for you. Just hang in there and don't give up yet.
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i'm trying to stay positive. i can't get in for an u/s unless i want to pay out of pocket first...which we cannot do...because my medicaid card hasn't arrived yet and my case worker is on vacation.. so my only option is the ER which i just can't do mentally. i had a couple gushes of bright red with 2 teeny clots, so i'm pretty scared. but since then things are tapering off and there is almost nothing. nothing has even gotten on the pad either. no real cramping that i can tell either. i don't know what to think...if it stays away then i'll see my midwife on friday and hopefully we can hear something with a doppler. if it picks up again and cramping starts, then we'll know what is up and that will be that...

i'm pretty numb right now and nervous all at once...this totally sucks.. i thought we were out of the woods. dh is telling me not to give up yet, but i don't even know how i'm suppose to feel. i was just really allowing myself to get excited about this pregnancy. i thought it was safe to feel totally happy and start planning...

our youngest dd's 3rd birthday is saturday and we are having a bbq for her. she is so excited about her party, i told dh we are not canceling it even if the worse does come true..
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Oh no Cat, it's so unfair I'm so sorry you're going through this, again.... oh I really hope you have a happy ending

Much love to you mama
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i am so sorry ill be thinking about you.
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. The waiting must be so hard. Sorry
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i'm pretty sure we are m/cing. the bleeding has picked up and more clots this morning. no real cramping yet, but i have to wear a pad now. i'm really sad..and mad and confused. thanks for being there for me ladies. i'm cancelling my midwife appointment, and just riding this out with my ND friend and dh. as i type this, i am feeling the first cramps to be honest. i can't believe this is happening again... i hope you all have a wonderful next few months and i'll look back from time to time to make sure you are all healthy and happy...

thanks for being a support system...love and light to you all....
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Oh, Cat. I'm so sorry for you. Love and light to you, too, mama.
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Cat I'm so sorry. Love and light to you and your family too
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If you have been approved for medicaid but haven't gotten your card, just call Social Services tell them you need to go to the DR. and have one of the elidgibility workers look up your number. The DR. should just take the number and not need to see the card.

Hope all is well.....
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Oh, mama, I'm so sorry...
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So sorry this is happening...
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so sorry.....
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I'm praying that the spotting is normal and everything is fine with you and the baby!!!!!
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Cat I am so sorry. .
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I'm so sorry, mama! You and your loved ones are in my thoughts!
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Oh damn damn damn damn damn...

I'm so sorry!
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